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    Mars reacted to TessTurbo in My new favorite sweet potato dish   
    Just threw together an I-really-should-eat-something-before-I-go meal. Grated a large sweet potato, a little diced onion, and an egg. Sautéed in ghee, then seasoned to taste. Gotta make sure to leave it alone long enough to get some browning on it.
    Wow, even better than any hash browns I remember.
    Next time, will try it with zucchini...
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    Mars reacted to SharynF in Doing my 1st Whole 30 for Lent, any others in Southwest UK?   
    I just made a sauce with onions and garlic softened in OO, added a chopped leek, a can of chopped tomatoes and some tomato puree, some mixed herbs and a little home made veg stock ( I save all suitable peelings for stock). Simmered it for about an hour until it was fabulous then blitzed it with my Bamix stick blender.  Voilá 
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    Mars got a reaction from SharynF in Doing my 1st Whole 30 for Lent, any others in Southwest UK?   
    Well I survived my biggest test to date.  On Friday, my eldest son ordered a Thai takeout.  I love that food.  However, when it arrived my stomach started gurgling like crazy and then he opened the boxes and I felt ill.  So that's a good sign.  I was able to tuck into my chicken wings and sweet potato chips without wishing I was sharing his meal. 
    I've bought anchovies to add salt as I don't think I can increase my budget to coconut amnios etc.  Glad to see a BBQ sauce recipe as I was thinking about that today (what with the glorious sun shining down).  Will go and read that linked thread for alternatives.
    I know what you mean about the American/English translations.  I googled Cilantro and laughed when I discovered they mean Coriander.
    My gorgeous Exeter friend is the one who introduced me to the paleo way.  It's been her lifestyle for the longest time.  I'm just late to the party. lol
    Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! 
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    Mars reacted to Kirsteen in CALLING ALL UK Whole30/Post-Whole30-ers!   
    Yes the first time I asked a farmer at the farmer's market what his cows were fed, he looked at me as though I was a sandwich short the picnic and said "Grass - what do you think cows are fed?" I persevered and discovered they get nothing but grass in summer and in the winter when the weather's bad it's topped up with silage which is basically compacted, fermented grass. They get antibiotics if they're ill but he thought the practice of routinely giving ABs was ludicrous, who on earth would waste money on that. Apparantly because they're all outdoor reared it's never done here.
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    Mars reacted to kb0426 in Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland   
    Aw man, I thought you were going to list your address and tell us what is for dinner!