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  1. Glory317

    Any other Australians?

    Pre=prepared hard boiled eggs are my lifesaver!! Today is a great example - rostered on to start at 11, planning a leisurely breakfast at the market and a spot of shopping before heading in. Get a phone call at 6.45 to say I need to start at 7.30, someone is sick. I need to walk my dog, iron my uniform, shower and drive the 30 mins to work Hard boiled eggs to the rescue!!! - grabbed three of them, a tub of cooked vegies and a frozen container of leftover chicken curry and left in a hurry. So ended up with a yummy breakfast on the fly and made it through my 12hrs.
  2. Hey Marcia, Wow - i just had a look at your novel on Goodreads, it sounds amazing!! Added to the reading list I read Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson, its a long awaited sequel to a new fantasy series and I had really enjoyed the first one. I've always got at least one book on the go and love reading different stories regardless of the genre, i like them all! It's actually been a bit blustery here the last few days though the afternoons have still had some nice sunshine and warmth to them, though I suppose I shouldn't complain when I look at your weather lately!! Soooo cold! How did your roast chicken turn out? Ive just made a green curry with chicken and loads of veg and I must say it was pretty delicious - already looking forward to polishing off those leftovers. Ive been making a couple of things in bulk (well 4 serves for 1 of me) so I've always got something to hand and then when I have the time just grilling some chicken or steak and cooking some vegies and so far so good. I think that while Im still feeling tired at the end of the day my energy levels are much better through the day. We had a ridiculous amount of stuff to do at work today and everything that could go wrong did - and yet I really felt like I kept my cool and wasn't overwhelmed or exhausted and I put in some epic hours with lots of physical work. That's probably the area I see the biggest change so far, just that constant energy level and clear mindedness. I don't mind that I'm tired at the end of the day because I know I'm going to sleep well. I bought a cashew butter the other day thinking to use it to make a satay, so far Ive just eaten a few spoons How are you finding your motivation is holding up? I hope that warm weather rolls in for you soon - Spring is my favourite season.
  3. Glory317

    Starting Monday March 10, 2014

    Ive been making a couple of easy to freeze/reheat meals that serve 4 once a week so Ive always got something in the fridge/freezer that's ready to go for either work lunches or dinners when I cant be bothered or am starving Most of my recipes for those have come from the Nom Nom Paleo app and Then I just alternate between those and some fresh cooked/grilled meat and veg. Been feeling pretty good about the food so far and not doing too bad with hunger levels - though i did eat half a cooked cold chicken breast when I got home from work the other day
  4. Glory317

    Breakfast, do I need it?

    I struggled with the template breakfast the first few mornings - pre-Whole30 breakfast would be yoghurt and fruit with a soy latte when I'd get to work. My first breaky omelette with greens and avocado was so hard to eat, I could have done with a quater of it but I pushed through. Since probably Day 3 I've woken up hungry and needed to eat within that first hour I've even had leftover Tandoori Chicken and mashed veg for breakfast and it was the bomb!
  5. Glory317

    Any other Australians?

    Ooohhh...will check out the recipe! Thanks I found compliant fish sauce on my third asian grocer visit - i really dont think ive ever looked at so many labels but man are condiments full of crap! Axel was delicious!! A friend and I both just ordered sides (she's cutting out gluten and didnt want the bread) so breakfast was a poached egg, pulled ham hock, mushrooms and spinach. Also had their filtered coffee black which was quite good. I dont think I could do espresso without milk but im not a coffee addict so im going okay. I think its probably the easiest meal to have out without too many concerns
  6. Congratulations Marcia!! How was your dinner out? My weekend was pretty stress free really, which I was relieved about I had a bit of a lay in on my first day off and then breakfast at home before heading out to so some errands. They took longer than expected so I wasnt able to get home to lunch til about 3 and I was okay. Had a brunch out with friends on the second which was delicious - one of my friends is cutting back her gluten so we both ordered off the sides menu to have eggs, pulled ham hock, mushrooms and avocado. Sooooo good!! I also had my first filtered black coffee (was out with two Americans) which was pretty tasty. Bought a new book and had to remind myself to stop for dinner so definitely not feeling hungry or those pesky cravings which is such a quick change. It's crazy how much "stuff" is in the simplest packed foods isnt it?!
  7. Glory317

    Starting Monday March 10, 2014

    Just had breakfast out with friends to start my Day 6. Had no trouble ordering as the cafe we go to have a breakfast menu and then an idividual sides selection as well. Poached egg, pulled ham hock, mushrooms, spinach and avocado with black filtered coffee - delicious!! One of my friends ordered similarly as she is cutting back on gluten in her diet since her father was recently diagnosed with Celiac and she thinks she might have GS. Everyone was very supportive and interested in the Whole30 and I dont have to worry about missing out on socialising when its organised around food. Feeling pretty great today
  8. Glory317

    Any other Australians?

    Thanks praxisproject!! I was a bit concerned about finding some pantry items that were allowed but so far so good. Who knew Fish Sauce has so much stuff that isnt fish in it?!! I'm just finishing Day 5 today and so far so good - sleeping GREAT though have been lacking energy the last couple of days, moods and hunger seem pretty good too which is nice. How is everyone doing with their challenge? Im having my first meal out tomorrow morning - breakfast with friends at Axel, looking forward to it. Has anyone found a compliant Almond Milk around Melbourne?
  9. Glory317

    Can We Discuss #1??

    Thanks for the advice ladies!! I didnt think about the excess I would have already been holding in my system.....i dont mind the midnight bathroom call really, not when compared to how well I am sleeping (9 hours last night!!).
  10. Glory317

    Silk pure almond milk

    Thanks!! I dont normally have milk of any kind except for soy or almond in a coffee when out - im reading about all of these milk substitutes and I forget that other people actually enjoy milk
  11. Glory317

    Silk pure almond milk

    Are you guys putting almond milk in coffee or using it as a fat in recipes?
  12. Two of my best friends in Oz are from Minneapolis!!! You guys are everywhere Ive got a friend here who has done it before and she is a good source or support and advice but otherwise im doing the Whole30 solo so i'd love a buddy - and I already know you Minnesotans are a cool bunch! Day four is just starting for me and then Ive got my days off work - thats going to be interesting since I used to do a lot of boredom eating. Let me know how your day goes - hope those headaches clear up soon.
  13. Glory317

    Starting March 10th

    Really?! How do you normally take your coffee? All these posts about coffee with ghee, coconut butter etc have me curious
  14. Good stuff!! That's my start date too - though I'm in Oz so it's just before bed on day 3 for me. How are you going? I'm loving the nom nom paleo app - it's got some great recipes and ideas, and the templates in the book are brilliant. I think understanding the reasons why things have been eliminated make it easier to stick with it - that was my take away from the book
  15. Glory317

    Starting Monday March 10, 2014

    This was my day three and I really struggled with energy and tiredness despite another good nights sleep. Felt fine with regards to mood and hunger but oh so tired!! Made a delicious mash with pumpkin, carrot, coriander, coconut flakes and ghee to go with my tandoori chicken (from nom nom paleo -so good) and am thinking mashed veg is gonna be a good way to go for breakfasts too. How's everyone's day coming along?