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  1. So this is a little tough love... you simply need to NOT eat the food you are feeding him. Making sure your meal times and his meal times are separate might help. When he eats, you just don't As the mom of a 2 year old, I can tell you that it IS possible to not eat your child's food if you don't want to. But, him eating only w30 food would also be totally fine. Despite a random internet stranger telling your son needs dairy and grains. There are truly no nutrients in dairy and grains that can ONLY be obtained from dairy or grains. Do you have a dog? Dogs are good at eating baby leftovers.
  2. We snowshoed ~4.5 miles with 2k of elevation this AM. I ate 2 HB eggs with a little mayo before we left. And some coffee with Nutpods. I'd agree that for <3hrs you don't "need" anything. Those might be the good ones for pushing fat adaptation because if you bonk, well, you don't have 9 more hours to go I did a Spartan Super a few years ago on 3 HB eggs with mayo (this sits well for me - I DO have GI issues so I play it safe a lot) before the race and then brought dates in a baggy with a ton of sea salt mixed in the bag. Salt is a BIGGY for long efforts for me. 9 miles, 5-6k elevation and all the obstacles and I was good. But I think I'm better than a lot of people for not needing much fuel during high intensity efforts. If you need cognitive/technical skills (which I'd assume you do for mountaineering) then making sure you have enough with you seems important. If it were me, I'd try to go lower carb but have the carbs with me just in case my brain turned to mush as I was trying to make important decisions. And PS - so jealous of your home town! We vacationed there 2 years ago - amazing! Enjoy your training playground!
  3. littleg

    Explaining Whole30 to kids

    I think a good strategy is always about foods that make you feel good and let you do the things you enjoy doing. We have a 2 year old so he isn't asking yet why we eat the foods we do but we already talk to him about eating food for energy to play and foods that make your belly feel good. For older kids I think it is important to spin the positive - so more about the foods you are including (vs excluding). I'm eating meats and vegetables to help me get stronger. I'm eating fruits and vegetables to get important vitamins and minerals... things like that.
  4. littleg

    Fueling high carb and Whole 30

    @Endurance Steve - I was a little said when you went away - I wanted to hear how your higher carb W30 went. Did it end up happening or was it tabled for January? I just read an interview with Marcus Filly - have you heard of him? Former CrossFit games athlete who started up "Functional Bodybuilding". He talked about how he sees so many people (in the CF world, but I imagine in competitive cycling it's the same) take the mindset you mentioned above... Low carb is good. No carb must be better. Training is good. All the training must be better... and then poof, nothing is working and they wonder why. Here is the link. If you think the sugar cravings are just cravings (vs being driven by too low carb of a diet/too much daily restriction) maybe some work on habits/mindful eating/self hypnosis (or real hypnosis) is a better place to start. For me, W30 has not helped with binge eating. For me, it was too restrictive. Eating chocolate every night has helped with binge eating But everyone is different - for some people removing sugar makes the urge for sugar go away - for me it makes it worse. But it took many W30s to figure this out. Anyway, whatever you decide to do I'm interested to hear how it goes for you!
  5. littleg

    Women's NSVs!

    That sounds like good food for the win
  6. I agree with the muffin tin issue. PIA! Like @ShannonM816 we've been making our casseroles in glass casserole dishes for years with minimal sticking. Pan fried sausage always goes on the bottom - I'm not sure if that helps or not I'm also a BF mom (of a toddler at this point) and I *still* have trouble with mornings getting away from me - its amazing! Even just some HB eggs with mayo as a mini meal before the walk and then sit down when you can. Or how about a batch of waldorf salad or something so you get some carbs in? And I'll make one plug for parenting tips Janet Lansbury. She'll teach you that *your* needs matter too - not always the baby's or the dog's or your spouse's... you get to come first sometimes too! I've eaten quite a few (quick) meals while saying "I hear you bud, you want X right now, I'm eating, I'll help you in a few minutes". Sometimes I say it to the baby too
  7. littleg

    I can't live without Splenda

    You can do pretty much anything for 30 days. You could also drink: water, seltzer, kombucha, herbal teas... I think many people start a W30 thinking "I can NEVER ----- for 30 days" and then, poof, they do
  8. littleg

    Fueling high carb and Whole 30

    It was fine. I actually felt better gut wise... but I've always been a big volume eater and so I think 4 lbs a day of veggies may not have been appreciated by my intestines. I tried to keep IIFYM as "whole foods" based as possible so the carbs I added in were: oatmeal and rice (puffed rice cereal, plain rice cakes and cooked white rice). No gluten. I cut down on veggies a lot since the program I was following wanted sugars low (which meant lots of veggies were out and starch was in). Over the years I've been paleo/W30 for over 7 years now) I've learned what foods are really not great for me: sweet potatoes make my gut unhappy, white potatoes make my joints unhappy, delicata squash means I can't leave the house... I've never been "higher" carb in these 7 years. But clearly my body could handle it and it may have even helped... I've made some strength gains in 10 weeks that have brought me back from quite deconditioned (traumatic birth 2 years ago) to pretty much where I was in terms of strength after years of CrossFit. 10 WEEKS. Have you looked through the literature at all for diet modifications for endurance athletes? I've been reading some of the bodybuilding literature and its pretty clear that protein and carbs help and fat not so much. Of course the means from all of the studies mean nothing compared to your n=1 but that is what W30 is all about to me... remove the irritants and assess. Some "good" things might get removed too - like carbs for you - so reassess that too. If low carb isn't some magic bullet for you after 3-4 months I think you can say you need carbs. There has also been some reports in the literature from the keto world that many keto attempts are too high fat and too low protein and many feel better and see improved biomarkers after increasing protein. Protein may kick you out of ketosis for a bit or drop blood ketones but the point of ketosis (to me) is again the metabolic flexibility and enhanced health it may offer. So if your body does better with a higher protein load - who cares if your ketones are 0.6 instead of 1.3. I guess I'm still not clear on your goals though... Do you have lab data indicating there is something unhealthy about your current food intake? Do you just want to kick sugar cravings? Are you a professional athlete or "just" winning your AG and stuff? Can your performance take a back seat while you figure out nutrition? And, if food extremism is your issue (I can join you in this camp for sure) maybe you need to just get off the darn internet
  9. littleg

    Fueling high carb and Whole 30

    @Endurance Steve I'm interested to hear how this goes for you. I'm in a sort of similar situation in that I've been off W30 for a while doing some more intense weight lifting than I've ever done. I've leaned out and put on muscle and am pleased. But, I've been doing IIFYM and am not happy with living like that forever. Paleo/W30 has always been low-ish carb for me and I'm back right now dabbling with higher carb/mostly paleo eating. I'm interested to see how I do trying to do an almost-W30 with more carbs but just a little less free-for-all in the fat department in terms of keeping off the fat I've lost. Unlike you keeping weight ON is not my problem Wish it was! As a side note, though I was never at the level it seems you are for endurance sports, I was a triathlete/runner when I first went paleo. I felt like total and complete $hit trying to run for maybe 3-4 weeks. However, ever since then, my ability to perform at a mod/high level (for me) fasted/low carb has *never* been an issue. Which is great.
  10. littleg

    Fueling high carb and Whole 30

    Have you tried a middle ground for carb intake? LCHF and keto are both super low. And your current diet is super high. Maybe somewhere in the middle could work for you? So that way you'd only have to eat 2 lbs of sweet potatoes a day I just put 200 g (which is only 7 oz) of boiled green plantains into Cronometer. That is 62g of carbs. Fry those suckers up in some coconut oil and if you have some metabolic flexibility perhaps you'd find that meals with mod/high carb and fat like that would manage to keep you out of feeling-like-crap land but also help you reach your health goals?
  11. littleg

    Thickening Agents

    I just cook everything down more If I make a stew or recipe with meat, once the meat is cooked through I take it out and just cook down the sauce. Things are only runny because of excess water - so cook off the water.
  12. littleg

    coming back to whole30 after miscarriage :(

    Hi Katie. I went through something similar (and logged on here about it if you feel like reading it - lots of Day 1s because the pull to heal vs the pull to binge were both very strong and real!). Miscarriages are so so so hard. But, the grief does pass. Even after getting our rainbow baby, thinking back to the day I found out about our loss via ultrasound still brings tears to my eyes. I hope that the focus on nourishing your body has helped you through this time.
  13. So I'm on day 13 of my W30 which is not much different then my usual diet except I've cut out intermittently eating crappy processed foods (which I ate in addition to a largely W30 diet). Since doing so I have had multiple clogs I used to get a clog once a week, maybe once every 2 weeks. I can usually clear them with some heat and forcefully pressing above the clog and almost popping it like a zit. But multiple clogs a day is new and a little crazy. Has anyone else noticed this? The only thing that is really different is I've been eating more coconut milk - I'm wondering if there is some truth to the suggestions out there on breastfeeding sites to not eat too much saturated fat...? I'm going to try cutting it out for a few days and see what happens.
  14. Sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience... Since you seem to be open to learning about the foods your body does better/worse on - how was W30 different than your pre-W30 diet? It always seems to strange to me when people say W30 doesn't work for them because W30 is nothing but food. Real food. So adding in processed food and feeling improvement seems a little counter-intuitive to me. BUT some people have unknown sensitivities to eggs, FODMAPS, nightshades, etc and because suddenly people eat a lot more eggs and veggies during a W30 (which should NOT make you sicker in principle) they suddenly don't feel well. You also ate very low carb (according to the day you posted) which if you are coming from a very high carb diet can take weeks to adjust to. Fatigue and headaches are totally normal for a transition to very low carb diet. And one other thing - you said you were drinking water as an appetite suppressant between meals - between the drop in sodium (often happens when people transition to a whole foods diet) and the increased water intake, you may have messed up your electrolyte balance a bit (again, headaches and fatigue would be a normal presentation of this). I sure hope a bunch of salted bone broth wouldn't have been all you needed to feel better!
  15. littleg

    Achieving is believing

    What a great thread! So empowering to take control of your health!
  16. littleg

    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer That is an interesting idea. I've got the same issue... sometimes I keep binge eating just because I started... not because I really want to keep going! How stupid is that?! But the "oh, I'll be good tomorrow" means I have to cram it all in. Let us know how it goes. @hmg1993 Sounds like you've got a good plan in place. Life is just easier with wine and cheese I've been finding that it is easier lately to say no to the stuff I really don't agree with (mostly processed foods) because I truly think they are not compatible with health. But it really isn't a good way to live to say no to the entire W30 list all the time. I think coming up with rules that really matter to us are the key in the long run. Like "I don't eat food coloring" or "refined sugar" or "nuts" or whatever.
  17. littleg

    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Made it Enjoyed a pretty big glass of wine (the "small plate" thing is my go to for alcohol too... and it doesn't work - too many refills So yesterday I got a big glass, filled it 75% of the way (probably 6-8 oz) and drank that). Played with the kiddos and just avoided the food. Got some snarky comments for saying no to giving the baby jello jigglers in the shape of eggs (WHY DO PEOPLE THINK 15 MONTH OLDS NEED RED #40, BLUE # 1, YELLOW #6 AND SUGAR?!) but besides that it was a lovely Easter dinner. Well that isn't entirely true - I was pretty pissed off about the snarky comments so maybe I ended up in a little bit of a bad mood... I hope both of you find some success with some weight loss - I've always found that just really sticking to the W30 is what does it - not just the "rules" but the recommendations - meal 1 early and substantial, no snacking, no after dinner "oh its mango and coconut milk and raisins" shit... then the weight comes off. Never much, but I do usually find myself happy with the results because the body shape changes always seem more substantial than the number on the scale. I think this is it for candy focused holidays for a while right...? I can't even imagine what the stores will put into the seasonal aisle now? Marshmallows I guess for smores?
  18. littleg

    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer Hope you've found your grove again! @hmg1993 Haven't heard much from you lately - hope things are going ok Just popping in. Things are going ok. I'm a little nervous for tomorrow. All the food at family gathering... bowls of jelly beans, chocolates, etc just sitting around waiting to be eaten - not to mention all the baked goods, chips, dips, etc. I wish I had a family where they were like "hey, its a big holiday - lets go hiking! skiing! play flag football!". Do those families exist?
  19. littleg

    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    20 pushups! Wow! And don't know even just one pull up - they are hard! I used to be able to do 5 strict in a row but not anymore I'm working my way back. I'm using a band and can do 5 with a less supportive band than I started with. By the end of the summer I'd like to back to a few strict ones! What kind of handstand are you working towards? Just a static one - like a yoga one? Bummer about the fruit binge last night. I get crazy leg cramps too when I overdo sugar - even natural sugar - like grapes for dinner (you know, 2 lbs of grapes...). I never knew why. Any ideas? And I get them in weird places - like my peroneus which doesn't actually allow you to stretch it because it pretty much runs along your fibula and doesn't really cross a joint with much movement potential (it everts the foot)... and MAN does that hurt.
  20. littleg

    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Yeah. But what I'm most curious about are the pushups! I'm working on getting back to strict ones too! I'm up to 3 in a row. 27 more to go! About the eggs though - you know what, I don't really want ONE egg. I want the binge. So I'm going to just try not to do it... Also, do you have a good ketchup recipe? I've been making my own that I actually think is really good (though not W30...). But maybe for down the road? 1 6 oz can tomato paste, 1 can's worth of water, 1 tbsp maple syrup, 1 tbsp cider vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, allspice, salt. I don't measure the spices... maybe 1/4-1/2 tsp of onion and garlic and 1/8 allspice? Simmer for a few minutes then jar. Super easy and I think quite tasty! We had some TJ ketchup around so I'll just put that out on Sunday. But its the principle of it. You get it, but not too many people do
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    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Just checking in Things here are ok! I'm getting a little nervous about Easter... I'm not going to lie - I do love Cadbury Cream Eggs. Which really means I love 12 eggs all at once chased by a family size bag of the mini crunchy eggs... so we'll see. I can't do just one like Melissa We are hosting a Sunday dinner this week and it is sort of funny to me. I feel like I have to make all these alterations to the food to get people to eat it. We always make this coleslaw and I love it. But I realized I'll have to add a cup of sugar for the rest of the family to actually eat it... And burgers on the grill... well clearly we must have buns around too then. And no paleo ketchup - gotta go out and buy a bottle of Heinz. Uy yuy yuy.
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    Pork tenderloin recipes?

    We are hosting Sunday dinner this week and I was going to make pulled pork. But hubs bought a pork tenderloin instead of a pork shoulder... 3 lbs and if it is a flop the 20+ people over will be down a dinner option (we are also doing burgers). Any really good pork tenderloin recipes? It doesn't even need to be W30 - I just don't want to try a new (to me) recipe for the first time! Thanks
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    LDL Cholesterol Sky-rocketed

    I do believe active weight loss can transiently increase LDL - that may have been what you've seen. Cholesterol tests (especially for LDL) have also advanced in recent years so that LDL alone is no longer considered the best marker. I don't remember the details but try googling "fluffy" LDL and you may find some information in more detail than I can provide!
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    Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer Go you! So happy to read such an upbeat post! Sounds like you've got a great plan for the next 100 days! And you are going to have some kick ass triceps to boot I hope you send us some wedding pictures in a few months! @hmg1993 I totally agree about the things it turns out we don't "need"... I used to eat chocolate every.single.night (it was actually what prompted me to do a W30 a few years ago - doing "paleo" I was eating an 85% Lindt bar every night after dinner... not good). But I thought I couldn't live without it. I can't tell you the last time I had chocolate at night. I posted on here a while ago about eating it again and that lasted a week or so - turns out I don't really enjoy eating on a daily basis. Things here are ok. Humming along. Fruit munchies after dinner need a little reigning in from time to time but besides that all is good! Time change has finally gotten dinner time to have a distinct end because little guy has his bath and then nurses because he goes to bed at 7 instead of 6 and it is really helping! Just by getting away from the darn kitchen I can shut off the "must keep eating" feelings. Interestingly, now I can even come back down after his bath and stuff and sit at the dining room table and have my cup of magnesium and not feel compelled to shove more food in my pie hole. Crazy.
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    We make this and love it. (We just use a 16 oz bag of coleslaw and skip her steps to shred/salt your own). The other day in a restaurant I got a side of very traditional (SUGAR!) coleslaw. Blch. So I can see how if you are used to sugar in your coleslaw you might say the same about the no-sugar recipes