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  1. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer Go you! So happy to read such an upbeat post! Sounds like you've got a great plan for the next 100 days! And you are going to have some kick ass triceps to boot I hope you send us some wedding pictures in a few months! @hmg1993 I totally agree about the things it turns out we don't "need"... I used to eat chocolate every.single.night (it was actually what prompted me to do a W30 a few years ago - doing "paleo" I was eating an 85% Lindt bar every night after dinner... not good). But I thought I couldn't live without it. I can't tell you the last time I had chocolate at night. I posted on here a while ago about eating it again and that lasted a week or so - turns out I don't really enjoy eating on a daily basis. Things here are ok. Humming along. Fruit munchies after dinner need a little reigning in from time to time but besides that all is good! Time change has finally gotten dinner time to have a distinct end because little guy has his bath and then nurses because he goes to bed at 7 instead of 6 and it is really helping! Just by getting away from the darn kitchen I can shut off the "must keep eating" feelings. Interestingly, now I can even come back down after his bath and stuff and sit at the dining room table and have my cup of magnesium and not feel compelled to shove more food in my pie hole. Crazy.
  2. Coleslaw

    We make this and love it. (We just use a 16 oz bag of coleslaw and skip her steps to shred/salt your own). The other day in a restaurant I got a side of very traditional (SUGAR!) coleslaw. Blch. So I can see how if you are used to sugar in your coleslaw you might say the same about the no-sugar recipes
  3. Am I doing something wrong?

    I hope it works for you! I've looked at some of those meal plans and for me I know *I* would need more food. I probably eat on the high end of the spectrum though Just be careful with the nuts... super easy to over eat. I personally *could* overeat mayo but most people can't! They are also high in Omega-6s which aren't bad per se, but the American diet is so skewed towards too much O6 anyway that there are better ways to add fat - like the ranch and mayo or avocado or ghee or pesto... Good luck and I hope in 2 weeks you post saying you are glad you stuck it out!
  4. So I'm on day 13 of my W30 which is not much different then my usual diet except I've cut out intermittently eating crappy processed foods (which I ate in addition to a largely W30 diet). Since doing so I have had multiple clogs I used to get a clog once a week, maybe once every 2 weeks. I can usually clear them with some heat and forcefully pressing above the clog and almost popping it like a zit. But multiple clogs a day is new and a little crazy. Has anyone else noticed this? The only thing that is really different is I've been eating more coconut milk - I'm wondering if there is some truth to the suggestions out there on breastfeeding sites to not eat too much saturated fat...? I'm going to try cutting it out for a few days and see what happens.
  5. Am I doing something wrong?

    I'd maybe try eating a little more too... I know it seems counterintuitive but often it helps. And maybe make some tweaks... Are you eating 3-4 eggs? Do you have added fat at breakfast - scrambled egg option doesn't mention it and unless that is a GIANT avocado - 1/2 would probably be the smallest serving to make a difference in terms of added fat. Try ditching the fruit and breakfast too and see if that helps - but definitely add the fat - that is what helps to keep you full. I don't see any added fat for lunch. Dump ranch? Mayo? Pesto? Any of those sound good? Do the same for dinner and try eating those carbs from earlier in the day at dinner instead - maybe try in the form of starch instead of fruit and see if it helps - oh, and no plain fruit for a snack too - if you are dealing with insulin resistance fruit alone won't do you favors for a snack Hard boiled eggs, a salmon cake, veggies with dump ranch, can of tuna with mayo - those will be better for a between meal snack if you really need one - protein and fat is what you want. And lastly... if you aren't hating this way of eating I'd stick it out for a 1-2 weeks and see if you maybe things are finally starting to fall into place. Hopefully they are!
  6. @ladyshanny Yeah, it was a good video - I had never seen it either! It did bring up another question for me though... slow roll, she talks about waiting until mom bakes cookies and then you decide, ok, today I'm going to try a cookie. When you do slow roll are you introducing entire recipes you like (so a cookie, which may have gluten and dairy) vs food genres (gluten, dairy, etc)? Thanks!
  7. Am I doing something wrong?

    Are you hungry? Do you get 4-5 hours between meals? I'd use that as a guide. Can you list some meals? Also, with PCOS and NASH I'm *assuming* you have some metabolic "tuning up" to do and it may take you longer to see results than someone who just had to stop eating SAD to see some fast results.
  8. She says "you reintroduce these foods... in an order that we've outlined for you... least problematic to most problematic". So I guess I don't see that as "you can reintroduce foods however you want but we suggest x,y,z" - her words make it seem more like a "rule".
  9. @ladyshanny Oops! Sorry, I thought I posted this in a different thread (the one that referenced the video). Here is the link: 5:08-7:42 is the time where she talks about it.
  10. The video seems to say the opposite of this. Was there a point in time where the reintro order because a suggestion rather than not quite a rule but more than a suggestion? Thanks for the link to the video, btw, I'd never seen that before!
  11. Second time - Different

    I've only popped out one little but I've heard from lots of friends who got below pre-preggo weight without trying after kid #1 that the same didn't happen with kid #2... no idea why but I've heard it enough to think there may be something to it. Also, my husband had a pretty similar experience. 25 (!!) pounds his first W30 (about all he had to lose - all beer belly). 2 W30s in the last few years have never come close - 10-12 lbs and he has more to lose these days. Just like you I posted about it wondering why. I guess we will never know! Have you gotten your period back? Have you had labs recently? Thyroid can be disrupted peri-pregnancy. But as the moderators said, W30 isn't really about weight loss - it is about learning about how food effects your body (and your mind) and changing your relationship with food - not just a 30 day diet.
  12. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Have you guys looked at the other thread on here about struggling post W30 - @ladyshanny had some good ideas in there about "rules" for FFF... Since finishing our W30 a month ago I've stuck with W30 food choices 99% of the time but I'm definitely slipping back into old habits... first meal of the day at 11,12, 1 o'clock, back and forth to the fridge after dinner for fruit, eating crappy cheese at my in-laws just because it is there - stupid shit. So, reading over that other thread I think that having some "rules" going forward are a good idea. I don't know why it seems different to me this time - I think because in the past I always thought the idea of a WholeLittleg was what foods were compliant - much like the real W30, instead of looking more at their recommendations for the W30 as the things I needed to be rules. I already know my food sensitivities and there really aren't any food groups (besides nuts) that I really need to be careful of. But what makes me *feel* better are sticking to the recommendations - early breakfast and not munching after dinner. So, I'm going to give that a try for a bit. A WLittleg that has two rules - eat meal 1 early, don't eat before (this means specifically don't eat a bag of baby carrots...) or after dinner, kitchen is closed after dinner. We are changing around baby's bedtime with the time change. Currently he goes to sleep before we eat dinner. We are going to start eating with him and then putting him down after dinner. I'm really hoping that getting up from the table and being distracted will help a bit with the post dinner munching. Last night we ended up doing this and it was easy - but it is always easy the first time you try it Dinner was *not* relaxing though - I'll say that much Which maybe is good - it takes a little of the "reward for making it through the day" out of dinner. I also ate breakfast at 6:45 AM this morning - about 4 hours earlier than normal! Plan is to eat lunch around 12 and then dinner with the little guy around 5:30. So shifting everything up a bit. I may spend a ton of money on kombucha as a crutch for this transition but if it works it will be worth it! Anyway, those are my ramblings for this morning. @hmg1993 I assume you are shoveling out as well this morning...? I think the snow depth is higher than the little guy at this point! @Dragonslayer What have you decided on the nuts, taters and fruit?
  13. Tired of saying "moderation won't work for me"

    I don't know who published it but there is research to believe that there are "abstainers" and "moderators" (as mentioned above). Both will generally do poorly if they chose the opposite method (which is why roomie won't do a W30 again). I don't have a difficult roomie with an ongoing issue like this but I think the answer to "how I can get this subject dropped once and for all?" is to say to her - hey, I'm an adult, your way won't work for me, so drop it, ok? The other thing to keep in mind is that the W30 isn't meant to be a revolution with a totally obvious short-term physical transformation... it is about changing the way you view food. Sometimes including where it comes from, how it was raised, etc. A lot of mindfulness that I think often gets lost in trying to lose weight in 30 days. And, in my - totally-bought-in-to-W30 view of the world - *not* eating Lean Cuisines is a heck of a lot more important for lifelong health than not matching her trajectory for weight loss. I am a binge eater and may be one forever. But that does not diminish the "right-ness" of W30 - it has more to do with neural changes in my brain that I think are just very hard to undo... There is TONS of research out there on addictive brains and how they are different from non-addictive brains. You could look up some of that stuff. Here is one I saw recently in a waiting room
  14. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer Yeah, I'd tend to think they need to go. My nemesis is dried fruit - and I just can't keep it around. If I'm not in full blown binge mode and think I can have just a handful... I really can't. So, no dried fruit. Alcoholics rarely do well with just one drink and I think for us, some of these foods really fall into the same category. Are you eating enough in general? I know my binges get worse when I undereat. My urges also decrease the most when I eat a big breakfast. The safety net of "oh, I haven't eaten much today" goes away. Are you eating enough early in the day? Even if you think you are could you try eating a little more in the morning and see if that helps? My last thought would be to get back into that pattern work you were doing early on. With all the stress for you the last few months I am sure that the [stress-->eat] neuronal pathway in your brain has been on ALL.THE.TIME. Understandably. It may be time to remind your brain it has other options for feeling good and the first way to do that is to consciously not give into the urge. Maybe do 30 burpees before you decide to eat nuts, potatoes or fruit when it isn't part of a meal
  15. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Lemon zest on roasted broccoli. It may change your life. If you are doing cheese, some really good grated parmesan might just make you never eat anything again. I wish I hadn't waited... um, well, a few more than 30 years to eat this
  16. I have some lecithin in the pantry - I'd take it if I couldn't clear it on my own with heat/massage/dangle feeding. Usually it cleared right after I took it. And I think it was just some weird phase - sooooo many clogs and then poof, back to my normal of one every week or so. Weird. Little guy is getting old(er) for nursing, he is 14m now, I'm wondering if it was a transition to a fattier milk for him or something that caused those few weeks of issues...? Who knows
  17. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Hi guys! Glad to see some posts Sounds like we are all just sort of humming along - doing our best. I've been legit-binge free since Christmas. I've had a few days of way too much dried fruit - but no drive from store to store type events in 2 months now. I've been feeling more urge-y lately though in the evenings - not sure why. I'm eating lots of clementines but that is way better than what I could be eating after dinner! That recipe looks good @hmg1993 - we'll have to try it! @Dragonslayer Yes, we use MCT oil. I use it for mayo because it is totally neutral tasting. No BPC for me. I've been into Nutpods lately for my coffee! Vitacost has the best price around that I've found - cheaper than Thrive even. I think I have 4 jars in the pantry right now...
  18. Weekly In-Law Dinner

    I've got a Sunday Dinner issue too I could have (sort of) written this post - my in laws also did the W30 but never really got into the spirit of it - it was a 30 day diet. My in laws are wonderful so I've never felt that (a) I couldn't eat - though that is awkward sometimes but they understand or (b) that I couldn't bring a compliant dish to share. Are you sure that if you brought a huge delicious salad (that no one else would eat, thus you'd have lots of veggies for yourself) that she would really be offended? Salads seem sort of benign - its not like its competition for her food. Just preface it with - I LOVE SALAD so I'm bringing a great one to share. Have you tried "having the talk" with them? You are all adults, you've made a decision for yourself as an adult - some foods make me feel good, others make me feel bad, so as an adult I'm going to eat the ones that make me feel good which means that sometimes I'll choose not to eat what you've made. If they judge, meh, whatever, do you have kids yet? - that'll be a whole new level of judging Also, the template is just that, a template, if you don't follow it but eat nutritious food that makes you feel good 1 out of 21 meals a week that would be ok. That paragraph makes it sound like you are struggling with this meal in a FFF way than a W30 way - you may eat too little, too much, not to template - and all of those things are ok in a FFF way if YOU are ok with it. My Sunday dinners are very informal - they are so big that we aren't all sitting at a table together - people eat on sofas and on end tables and stuff so it is easier to not eat. What I've found helps me blend in the most for totally non-W30 option nights is to drink wine - then no one feels the need to ask why I'm not eating Sounds like yours might not be that easy. Good luck navigating this!
  19. Reducing Inflammatory Foods

    That is the thing about research. You can find whatever data you want to support your theory. Or be a corrupt scientist and do the same You sound like you are pretty convinced of this link between meat and inflammation so don't push it. Don't eat meat. If you don't enjoy eating it and have a religious , ethical or scientific inkling that isn't good for you - so be it. But unless you also find you don't need much protein I suspect you can find lots of articles about the detrimental effects of unsprouted legumes and soy and other sources of vegetarian protein. In my background with human subject research (vs mouse or in vitro models) I've seen data of hundreds, if not thousands, of meat eaters with very low CRP levels.
  20. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer Glad to hear you are settling back into life a bit. Hope you feel better soon - that soup sounds like its got to make you feel better! Have you tried roasting beets? Its the only way I really like them. House is good! Little guy seems unphased But I think when he is bigger he'll like it much more! I'm enjoying it more than I thought too - I was really afraid of leaving the city and its walk-ability but I've just been putting little man in his carrier and walking the rural roads (vs the stroller in the city) - I was afraid of the back pain with the carrier but (knock on wood) my pain has been *much* better lately so it has been going fine! We do 2 miles each morning And I'm splitting wood and carrying wood into the house, walking the 1/4 round trip driveway, lots of shoveling... definitely moving more here than in the city! And the huge garage with the gym in it means I can work out while he sleeps and make noise! I've been doing some Bret Contreras stuff - check out his blog if you haven't heard of him! @hmg1993 Hope things are going ok!
  21. Help me make softer meatballs!

    We have a 1 year old who loooooves Grammy's meatballs. You know with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. I'm fine with him having some grassfed/raw parm in there but I'd rather drop the breadcrumbs. However, my MIL's meatballs are really soft and anytime I try making meatballs for the little guy they come out pretty dense. For example, even straight out of the fridge you can break a piece off of her meatballs with your fingers and mine need a knife... Any tips for getting a softer meatball? I can't eat almonds so I can't use almond flour.
  22. Reducing Inflammatory Foods

    My own personal bias is that the big population based studies showing a link between inflammation and meat consumption are not trying (nor able) to control well for meat *quality*. If Joe Schmoe eats Burking King everyday for lunch his red meat consumption is pretty high... but so are his intakes of processed seed oils, sugar, preservatives, etc - thus it is impossible to say if his inflammation is really due to eating more meat than Jane next door who eats veggie subs... I did a quick pubmed search and found this article which tries to address the issue of meat quality. And what do you know - more meat --> lower inflammatory markers. If you take the time to read through some of this article's citations you might find other articles addressing the topic. At the end of the day this way of eating is a big personal 30 day experiment. If you care to, get some labs done before you start and then once you are done. If you drastically increase meat consumption and end up more inflamed while following the rest of the W30s recommendations then maybe more meat isn't best for your current gut/hormones/DNA... only one way to find out
  23. Another vote for salsa chicken - can't get easier than that! We don't even add extra spices I do mine in a dutch oven but all I do is sautee up one onion in some fat. Put raw (or frozen) chicken on top - usually skinless/boneless thighs but sometimes I use drumsticks that I take the skin off of first - then I dump in a jar of compliant salsa. In my dutch oven I put it in the oven for 2-3 hours at 250 - in a slow cooker I guess I'd do 4-6 hours on low. Shred the chicken once it has cooked and mix it all back up together. Sometimes I'll get crazy and slice up a raw pepper or two and add that when we reheat it so they stay crunchy. We eat it with some fresh cilantro and avocado usually. I usually do ~2lbs of meat just because it is so easy and makes great leftovers.
  24. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer There aren't really any words for these times. I'm so glad you got to spend this last week with your mom and that she was able to see that commitment ceremony. I'm sure that meant so much to her to know she was leaving you in the hands of someone you love. I hope you have lots of great memories of your mom to think about during this time. And gosh, your face too... the universe owes you a break! Hugs.
  25. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Hi guys Been a while so I thought I'd check in. @Dragonslayer I'm thinking of you. @hmg1993 hope the funk cloud has lifted! Things here are doing ok. I ended up doing a W35 with hubs and then reintroduced dairy and rice (via rice cakes). Did ok with 1 decent sized serving of dairy 2 days in a row (butter on rice cakes, maybe 2 tbsp on day 1 and about 2 oz raw parmesan on spaghetti sauce on day 2). On day 3 I had too much cheese at a Super Bowl gathering and woke up with a stuffy nose and a coated throat. So maybe less than 8oz of cheese is my sweet spot I of course also had too much dried fruit but this is almost 40 days now with ZERO processed crap and I'm happy about that. Though I'm struggling a little with a WLittleg... I *get* W30 isn't meant for life but my binge urges are so much less frequent and severe when I eat this way. And I honestly don't know if it is the "I must obey the rules" or "when I don't eat sugar and dairy I don't want sugar and dairy"... hard to tell. My husband is extending his out another 30 days so I'll join him and then reconsider after 60 days I guess...? Miss hearing from you guys!