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  1. sweetcee

    Trader Joe’s pesto?

    Thanks so much! I also love that pesto. I read that line as well and wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate given the home vs restaurant part. The convenience of having a premade pesto is so helpful for when you’ve planned poorly, unexpectedly on the go, have a tiny kitchen, hate dishes, etc! I’d like to try to recreate this myself eventually and would use EVOO. But good to know it’s an option.
  2. sweetcee

    Trader Joe’s pesto?

    I tried googling and checking the forum for this and didn’t see Trader Joe’s pesto mentioned. Specifically wanted to double check the sunflower / safflower oil as I know it’s recommended to limit it. ingredients for TJ’s vegan kale, cashew & basil pesto: kale, olive oil blend (olive oil, extra virgin olive oil); water, basil, cashew butter (dry roasted cashews, safflower or sunflower oil); garlic, lemon juice, sea salt, black pepper. I know I can make pesto and have before, but this is good to know just in case! thanks
  3. sweetcee

    Cramps are worse

    Yeah- my second cycle (during reintros) was painless but was 10 days of barely any bleeding. Too light for the cup but still needed something. Crazy how the hormones change things! Hope the heat helped.
  4. sweetcee

    First Reintroduction Food = Ah!

    I haven’t tried rice yet, but when I reintroduced hummus, I felt an upset stomach 30min - 1 hour after eating.
  5. sweetcee

    Cheese vs other dairy?

    Thank you! I did yogurt nearly 2 weeks ago, didn’t get around to the cheese on that day. I feel much better and was able to finish my breakfast after that episode. I was afraid of this... I’m going to hope that other cheeses go better, but good to know this to start.
  6. I browsed some topics on this via googling but didn’t quite see what I was looking for. (Full disclosure looking quickly as I’m at work praying I don’t need to go home!) I reintroduced cheese last night in the form of grass fed cheddar. 12 hours later, I am having stomach pain and diarrhea. I didn’t react this way to Greek yogurt (plain grass fed) or half and half in coffee. I understand that cheese may be a stronger reaction - is it this? And is this timeframe what I should be expecting? In all my other reintros so far, I haven’t experienced this kind of upset. I’m so sad but also hoping it’ll pass because teaching 5 straight hours like this is going to be rough!
  7. sweetcee

    Breakfast struggles

    I had the golden cauliflower soup on my “to make” list and finally got around to it. THANK YOU, @laura_juggles, for reminding me! It is easy, delicious and seriously the only thing that’s hit the spot over the past few days. I need to go get supplies for another batch!
  8. If you don’t sleep well, you may still feel tired. It took until the last few days of my w30 to sleep really, truly well. Fats! Ok, I can help here; I’m allergic to avo and don’t love mayo. Do you like olives? I will eat olives at anytime of day. I drizzle ghee on veg after cooking (not a lot, but enough that I taste it). There are w30 approved dressings you can use on salads or as dips. I will sprinkle shredded or flakes coconut on things like soup or veg or eat a handful with a meal. I found that even if things didn’t “go” together, I could eat olives after my lunch “entree” so to speak. You could make a chimichurri or pesto to eat with meals as well. Snacking is discouraged, a template meal should keep you full, but I believe it’s protein and fat if you need a snack. It could be anything you would have at a meal, it doesn’t have to be “snacky.”
  9. sweetcee

    Reintroduction during period

    I did part of my reintroductions (still ongoing) during my period and it worked out for me. I happened to reintro some dairy before my period - not intentionally, but it worked out as I believe dairy makes everything worse during my period. I am definitely not an expert by any means, but I would start reintroductions. Some of my reactions to foods were not at all like PMS/period symptoms so I was able to distinguish a bad chickpea reaction from woman issues. (As a side note, my post-w30 period was lighter and significantly less painful than usual which also helped for sussing out what’s what.)
  10. sweetcee

    GF grain reintro questions

    Interesting! I had bad bloating with hummus within 1/2 hour of eating (like my pants were uncomfortably tight in no time) and had an bad overly stuffed feeling, but I haven’t noticed that with the corn or quinoa. In any case, I don’t like the loss of appetite or the grains taking up tummy space meant for my spinach and cauliflower, so I’ll wait until I feel better to try out gluten. Thank you!
  11. I’ve done some googling and looking within the forum, sorry if this has been covered but I couldn’t find it. I have done the legumes I want to reintroduce, some dairy, and am now onto GF grains. I haven’t noticed poor digestion or sleep (corn tortillas with dinner, quinoa with breakfast and lunch) but I have noticed a real decrease in my appetite and desire for veggies with both corn and quinoa. Last night I couldn’t finish my veg at dinner. It was a struggle to eat to the small end of the template at breakfast. Then I couldn’t finish my lunch. This is not an issue I had on the actual whole30. Is this typical? I get that grains could be pushing veg off my plate and causing that feeling of being “done” eating. It just seems particularly bad. And I like the veg I’m trying to eat!
  12. sweetcee

    Not a fan of Avocado or Coconut

    My first whole30, a few years ago, I was starving - I was testing allergic to a lot of foods, all of them produce, so it was a super restrictive time for me. Out of desperation (and being tired of coconut!) I tried olives again... turns out, I loooove GOOD olives. Not the crap my family ate. The Whole Foods olive bar saved my life that day. Your taste buds may change during w30! I add coconut cream to soups as well for added fat, the solid part in a can of coconut milk. Depending on the recipe, it may not have a coconut taste. I don’t mind it, but I know others are more sensitive to the taste. Maybe worth a shot? Or, perhaps a drizzle of a good EVOO or ghee in a soup as an alternative? I don’t think the veg gets too greasy. Start with a little and see how you feel.
  13. sweetcee

    Not a fan of Avocado or Coconut

    Another vote for adding ghee to your veggies after you cook them! I eat a lot of olives (avocado allergy, and I don’t like mayo). For breakfast I’d just eat alongside whatever else I was eating. If you make soups, I bet you could blend in an avocado to a puréed soup to “hide” it but still get the fat. But I don’t think you should force yourself to eat things you dislike.
  14. sweetcee

    Lynn's Reintroducing!

    Awesome! I’m jealous - I discovered hummus is a no for me. But I have enjoyed reintros and w30 has made me confident in my choices. Spiralizing is so fun! I have done zucchini, summer squash and sweet potato and want to find more ideas.
  15. I had serious egg aversion during my w30. For whatever reason I couldn’t stomach them at breakfast, but could later in the day. As long as I was eating compliant, template based meals, I decided to listen to my aversions. After two weeks of no eggs, I NEEDED deviled eggs and they were fine Nuts can cause digestive issues, so hopefully cutting those things out help! Ginger tea and detox tea (compliant of course) were soothing for me as well. Good luck.