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    Carlaccini got a reaction from DaniC67 in Sugar cravings worse after whole 30   
    I have done 3 whole 30's - (day 14 of my 4th at present)
    I know the more sugar and grains that filter into my diet after my w30's, the more I want them.  So I try to keep the grains and sugar to minimum - meaning they have to be really worth it.  Homemade cookies, homemade lasangna (with homemade pasta, sauce and sausage) and homemade pizza are on this list, and are enough of a rarity in my diet that I don't worry about it too much.  Do I let things slide - on occasion.
    Sugar and grains are funny ones for me.  If I go too much off the deep end with them I am rewarded with a 3 day migraine during the begining (or end) of my cycle.  So I'm pretty motivated to keep them out. 
    The reason why the whole 30 is such a success is that there are rules.  Moderation does not work at all in my case.  I have an all or nothing mentality.  Which works extremely well when things are black and white, but doesn't work well if there are grey areas.  So we have to find a way to deal with the grey areas.  Give yourself unbreakable rules/boundaries.  For me dairy is all out no.  Not even a "little bit" because it wreaks havoc on the inside of me and the outside, and my mental state.
    If it is to cook a favourite paleo meal during those times you feel like a "treat" then go for it.  As Tom mentions focus on the real good food you are giving your body, as opposed to the crappy food you "feel" you want.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from kendra3136 in Which book do I purchase first? Help!   
    Hi There Paola
    If you are interested in the Science and the why to choose to do a whole 30 - I highly recommend reading It Starts with Food first.
    If you want to jump in but be prepared to know what to expect as a day by day situation - then read Day by Day.  Food Freedom Forever is more for those who are in the midst of a whole 30 or have completed a Whole 30 and want to know how to move forward after doing a whole 30 without living a life of complete restriction.
    Best of Luck!
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    Carlaccini reacted to ShannonM816 in HELP! Day 18 - Emotional Mess   
    Hello. I'm sorry you're having a rough time. 
    Let's start with food, here. People who are prone to depression or anxiety sometimes find they need more starchy vegetables than others. Definitely be sure you're having at least one fist-sized serving of some kind of starchy vegetable each day, and for now, since you're already feeling down, you might try having a serving at each meal until you feel better, and then you can work on figuring out how much you need each day to feel best. Also be sure you're eating foods rich in omega-3, like fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel. Getting out into the sunshine can help, physical activity can help. And of course if feelings of depression continue or worsen, please talk to your doctor.
    You are currently experiencing a lot of stuff -- lack of sleep, the neighbor's death plus the stress of worrying about telling your daughter about that death. Some of the depression you're feeling now may start to resolve as you deal with these things. It's definitely normal to have ups and downs in life.
    I think you're right about the not being able to do the emotional eating thing contributing to being more sad. I noticed that too during my first whole30. It sucks to actually have to feel all the negative feelings, but in the long run, it's better to learn a healthy way to deal with them. I find journaling about what I'm feeling helps. It can also be helpful to cry or yell or slam doors or whatever it is you feel like doing because if these emotions (as long as what you feel like doing won't hurt yourself or others). Meditation, exercise or any kind of physical activity, or talking to a friend can also help.
    As for the focus on weight loss, I do think it's normal to be concerned about that, and to want it to happen as fast as possible. Try to focus on the non-scale changes you see. Definitely don't weigh yourself, that will just contribute to focusing on weight. Set non-weight-related goals, like to walk or run farther or faster, to lift heavier stuff, to keep up with your kiddo better, to take the stairs instead of the elevator -- pick something that works in your life and focus on it. If you get healthier, the weight will sort itself out. You might find this article helpful:
    You can also Google whole30 weight loss, or dear melissa weight loss, and find others.
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    Carlaccini reacted to ShannonM816 in so So SO Thirsty.   
    No one here is a doctor, so if you're concerned, and especially if you continue to experience dizziness, talk to your doctor.
    Make sure you're drinking plenty of water, aiming for 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120 lb person needs at least 60 oz. Also be sure you're salting your food. And it's always worth reviewing the meal template yo be sure you're really following it, and checking in with yourself to make sure the meals that you've eaten in the past are still working for you -- it is possible that you may need more food now than before, or more of a particular type of food. The human body changes over time, so your needs may also change.
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    Carlaccini reacted to ShannonM816 in Which book do I purchase first? Help!   
    This tells a little about each book:
    One tiny correction to what Carlaccini said above, the Whole30 Day by Day book is actually set up as a guided journal, a place to write your reflections of each day in your whole30. I think she's probably thinking of The Whole30 book as a good guide to what to expect and explanation of the rules.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from suzannes in Day 16 So very tired   
    Okay meals look generally pretty good but there are a couple of things that could use some tweaking.
    You don't mention what veggies are in your meal 1 - sometimes the types of veggies do matter somewhat. For instance if you are eating salad for breakfast, that would satiate you differently then lets say a mix of potato, kale and spinach. (The greens would be wilted or cooked down.  And you should aim for at least a cups worth of cooked wilted greens)
    Also note that most cooking fat gets left behind in the pan.  So feel free to add additional fat like olives or homemade mayo to your dish.
    1 tbsp of sunshine sauce is not a lot - the recipe in itself is made to feed 2 people..
    So just to recap:
    Play around with fat portions in your meals.  Make sure your meals satiate you for 4 - 5 hours.
    You may need to add a starchy vegetable in - not sure.  Include a fist sized starchy veg in your next meal, or your morning meal - play around with that.  See how that works.  I know my energy level lagged quite a bit in the beginning.  I had issues with it until Day 22 I believe.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from Kay Kay in What symptoms did you feel with which foods?   
    MM - as cayenne mentions above - it is completely up to you after you do your elimination.
    I know my particular relationship with dairy is mine, and mine alone.  I suffered for many years from an embarrassing painful skin condition that I developed in my early teens.  I had no idea what caused it.  I just thought it was an unhappy part of my life.  And as time passed the skin condition got worse, and more aggressive.  Most days I was in agony.  Dr's prescribed creams that really didn't help.  Or they gave me instructions to "clean myself better".  It came to the point where I didn't bother consult the medical community anymore as they couldn't help me.  So I suffered in silence.
    3 years ago I finished my first whole 30.  I had many positive NSV's.  Then I did re-intro's and I discovered that my beloved dairy was the culprit for my pain. I will have a skin reaction to cheese within 4 to 6 hours of eating it.  Milk and yogurt will cause me to bloat, and I will be visiting the washroom often (record is 7 times in one morning) It was one that I did play suspect over the years, but allergy tests were inconclusive.  But dairy - unless it is really, Really, REALLY special - is just plain not worth it to me.  I wish I would get a minor bloat and that is it.  To me then it be worth it then too.  But all I am saying from my own non-sciencey standpoint is that you never know how you will feel until afterwards and you do the re-intros. 
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    Carlaccini reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: Nursing School   
    I really liked @kirkor's recent post in his LHOP thread re: the Whole 30 principles never being far from your mind.  Those of us who have stuck around and (mostly) adopted this as a lifestyle are so fortunate.  I often think of where I'd be, had I not made all the changes I've made and continued down the SAD path as I was raised.  It's a scary thought.  And now I see it with patients every day I spend at clinicals.  I read about it in every nursing and every science book.  It's not all about food -- but for so many, it starts with food.  
    As I was getting ready for bed last night and thinking about my post here, my decision to commit to a full 30 days, and what I'll be tracking -- I realized that one thing I'm not concerned about is WEIGHT.   I got to thinking about it a little more, and:  I have not weighed myself for well over a year.  That number holds no value to me.   They wanted us to calculate our BMI one day last semester, and I had no idea how much I weighed.  The girl next to me couldn't believe it.  She said, "what about when you went for your physical?" and my response was simple: "I didn't look."
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    Carlaccini reacted to laura_juggles in Brownies = Joy   
    There definitely can be room in your life for sweets. But the things I've bolded in your initial post are really what you want to break. Those are the things that you would do best to develop other coping mechanisms for. I definitely lean heavily toward the "snacking when bored/frustrated" end of the spectrum and it's something that I have to consciously work on all the time. (I'm not on a Whole30 right now, but I adjust these for when I am). When I'm in that mood, I'll get up and take a walk the long way to the coffee pot to make a cup of coffee. Or I'll wander over to my coworker who always has weird teas to see what she has stashed. Or put on my headphones and listen to some music if a coworker is pissing me off. Missing your boyfriend's a little harder, but could you text or email him and save the sweets for when you can enjoy them together?
    Being totally real - there are times when I'm just like "y'know what? Dagnabbit, I want a cookie." And sometimes, I'll have a cookie. Sometimes I just acknowledge that I want a cookie and go back to whatever it was I was doing. That's when you've really hit your food freedom. 
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from TJHigh in Brownies = Joy   
    Hi There,
    We help guide you to a decision but ultimately you are the only one who is able to answer this question.  
    So lets' fast forward to day 31 - have you decided to slow roll your reintros or do an actual introduction?  Personally I would recommend an actual one by one re-introduction before diving off a cliff into brownie land.
    Once you have figured out if you have reactions to things  ie: sugar, grains, dairy, and possibly soy (if you are using prepackaged brownie mix) then you are able to make an educated answer on if the brownie is worth it to you or not. 
    You could come to the conclusion that it is - great then you get to choose how often you choose to eat brownies. There is no judgement on how many times a week.  You get to choose if it is worth it once a week or once a month, or perhaps once every 6 months.  Completely up to you.
    You could come to the conclusion  that your old brownie batter is not worth it - but you would still like to enjoy the experience of eating a brownie let's find a new recipe based on my new requirements.
    The beauty about the whole 30 it puts you in the drivers seat. You get to make the decision based on your reaction.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from katiew822 in Screwed up on the Reintro - feeling like a failure   
    I would suggest like Chris mentions above - eat whole 30 style until you feel better again.  Then work on your re-intros.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from KellyLock in Craving sweets! Help!   
    The LAST thing you should eat when you are craving something sweet is to eat something sweet.  If you do that - you do NOTHING to help yourself further with slaying the sugar dragon - you're feeding it if you choose to eat a Lara bar.  Seriously.
    Reach for fat and protein instead.  Or do some push ups when your next craving hits.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from Selcazare in Are the risks worth it?   
    This is post is going to be a bit TMI.  This is a very personal struggle that I have for a good many years,  This is to demonstrate the power that food has over our bodies.
    Since the age of 14 (I am 38 now) I suffered having painful boils along my bikini line.  Walking or just plain sitting was painful.  Later on they escalated getting bigger (ping pong ball size) and then they arrived under my armpits and breasts.  Dr's didn't know what caused them.  Creams that didn't help (helped with healing a bit) and lancing.  But that's all that they would do.  I gave up and assumed that they were just a miserable part of my life.
    In August of 2012 I did my first whole 30.  By day 10 all the boils had cleared and no new ones were forming.  By day 30 I had only one come up the entire time. (They were chronically there)  My triggers after re-intros - dairy and pork. (Note I can only eat pork that has been extremely over cooked - think shoe leather or extra crispy bacon - which I like)  The boils that I get from pork pass quickly 2 -3 days at most.  The ones I get from dairy happen within hours of consumption and they last for 2 weeks.  So yeah I consumed dairy (and I loved dairy) for years but I also suffered for years too.  So dairy in my book - so not worth it.  
    The whole 30 just made me very aware of what's going on in my body.
    Sugar - not my friend even though I keep on coming back to it. Throws my hormones out of whack.
    Soy - no physical problems - all mental problems - I get angry, moody and depressed when I am exposed to soy.  I was extremely depressed (undiagnosed) prior to whole 30.
    Dairy - well we covered this above
    Non-gluten grains - severe bathroom issues.  That is all I will say about that
    Gluten grains - I can "tolerate" these but only if they have a lot of fat.  So a croissant/danish gives me no stomach issues but a slice of bread will feel like I swallowed a bowling ball.
    Each one of these items I will consume from time to time.  I make the choice though.  I can make an educated choice with each one of these items if it is worth it" or not.  Sure some friends and family think I am just being difficult, but they don't know what I was going through before.  Some congratulate me that I am so in tune with my body.  
    Listen - it took a lot of work to get here.  Many people are scared of that work, I am sorry to say.  But all I can say is YOU are worth this work.  Who cares what the rest of the world think.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from MeadowLily in Kombucha without added sugar   
    GT's brand is the only brand I can find without added sugar to the second ferment.
    You are looking for Kombucha with less than 5g of sugar on the nutritional information chart.
    Kombucha does need sugar to start the fermenting process.  But then the SCOBY eats all the sugar and there should be little to no sugar left.  This is what happens during the first ferment.  The second ferment is where flavouring is added.  A lot of brands will add sugar to this as well.  This sugar does not get "eaten up" like the first fermentation.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from misshannah in Adjusting to no alcohol   
    Hey There!
    I've never been a big drinker (except my 20's - that was a bit different), it appeals to me occasionally, but seldom.  But my boyfriend would celebrate the fact that I would indeed drink - think a loud exclamation - of a whoohoo!  She's having a drink!  Now she's going to have fun!  I wouldn't say much to him really, just politely nod and smile (usually it was around company).  But then..... he would then see the after effect of the alcohol the next day.  I would be miserable, cranky, anger easily and very, very short, on top of feeling like the proverbial bag of sh*t.  So quite literally I was no fun.  So now when I do imbibe - it's maybe twice, 3 times a year??? I usually get a comment of - you're having a drink?  Cause he knows - it totally affects me and my mood.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from Champion in Day 4 - Is nausea accompanying the headache normal? What to do?   
    Sorry you are feeling unwell.  Headaches, loose poo, and overall just a feeling crumminess is not unusual, actually vomiting is not something that normally happens.  It could be possible that you did catch a flu / bug.
    Somethings that have helped me with the feeling of nausea (I'm a migraine sufferer - so all too familiar with nausea/vomiting): peppermint or ginger tea - generally very soothing.  If you can get some bone broth made and consume it - that will help too.  Kombucha - especially ginger Kombucha (brand I recommend is GT's.  many other brands contain sugar, stevia, or some other sort of sweetener) I find it helps settle the stomach.
    Things to eat - eggs are pretty easy to digest and sweet potato I find is pretty good too.  Just eat what you can, when you can to work your way through this.
    I read recently that salmon (and foods high in Omega 3's) in the beginning of doing a whole 30 type elimination protocol will help with you feeling better. 
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from FitAndFabForever in Sugar Addict   
    Hello from another fellow sugar addict.... my sugar addition is in pretty good control these days - but if it gets released in any way I am battling it again.  This will sound strange, but I am happy I react badly to sugar nowadays.  It makes it easier to say no to it...
    I still eat fruit but it's most often just berries - they seem to be less sweet than most fruit and it doesn't cause too much of a blood sugar rush like other fruits do. 
    I also don't know how to do moderation well.  The "everything in moderation" line drives me bonkers.  There are some substances that are so highly addictive that it is almost impossible to moderate for some people.  Sugar is one of those substances.
    Rule of thumb when you are trying to squash a sugar craving:  When you are going through a sugar craving the LAST thing you need to be reaching for is fruit, dried fruit, nuts and nut butters.  These items will keep the sugar monkey ALIVE.  To squash a sugar craving - even though it's probably the last thing you want (but your body needs it) is to eat fat and protein and distract yourself by doing something else.
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    Carlaccini reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Thanks, Carla!   I'll continue to pop in when I can.  Just don't go anywhere, okay?
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Just popping in to say Hi!  And gosh darn it golly gee whiz!  This is awesome news Brewer5!  WTG!!!! Keep us posted!
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    Carlaccini reacted to SugarcubeOD in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Brag!!  You worked hard at something and you accomplished it with a great flourish!  You deserve to report your scores and how proud of yourself you feel and have that accepted and honored!!!  Don't hide how amazing you did!  Shout it from the bleeping rooftops!!!  Also, if you didn't tell us, then we couldn't lift you up and celebrate the accomplishment!!!  
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    Carlaccini reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Quick update:  
    I had my last final exam this morning.  I managed A's in all four of my classes.  I will be applying to the fall nursing program with the most points my advisor has ever seen.  WOO HOO!  
    I hope you are all doing well.
    I came home today to tell my husband the news, and as soon as I pulled in the driveway, I just started crying with relief.  I feel like I've been running a marathon since January.  We have had SO many other things going on in life during this time -- big things.  But I did it!
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    Carlaccini reacted to J9er in Am I a horrible person?   
    You are not a horrible person, at all.
    BUT 6 pack abs are, for a lot of people, a Skittle pooping unicorn. I do think they are partly because of genetics, and if not genetics, yes, lots of counting macros and obsessing over ever little bite that goes in the mouth. You are in a place where you are eating for fuel and not counting every mouthful and this is awesome. I would hate to see that change. 
    I will not lie and say that I've never dreamed of having them, because of course I have. But after a LOT of self reflection this past couple of years I have chosen to focus my energy on my wellbeing, mental, physical and spiritual. I'm super pumped about my nutrition being the best it's ever been, feeling real food freedom for the first time ever, and also feeling stronger than I ever have - while working out LESS. 
    This blog post really spoke a lot to me:
    Noelle also has a lot of other posts about body image as well as a podcast cohosted by another awesome woman, Stefani Ruper -- The Paleo Woman Podcast. If anything it might get you thinking about your motive behind the 6 pack...another unquestion I have is, what happens if/after you achieve it? I would worry about how hard it would be to maintain and if it would bother you if you weren't able to keep it. 
    But once again, you're not a horrible person, we all have things we want to change about our bodies, I guess personally I'm just over it and am super happy to finally embrace my body for what it can do, and one ab or six wouldn't change that now. 
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    Carlaccini reacted to SugarcubeOD in Painful gas, bloating, loose stools (so embarrassing)   
    Okay so I"ve reformatted your post to separate your days and meals.  Is this really all you're eating?  Yesterday it looks like you ate fruit, nuts, nut butter, dates and an omlette with salad and potato?
    The day before was nuts, dried fruit, fruit and two salads, only one having protien and fat.
    By 10am (or thereabouts) pacific time, you'd only eaten a banana and almond butter and were going to work out?
    This is an extremely frighteningly minimal amount of food and the majority of it is made up of fruit, nuts, dried fruit and nut butter.  That's 100% where your gastro problems are coming from.
    Have you seen the meal template?  You should be making three meals a day to match the template.  Nuts are not your best choice because aside from causing GI distress, they are poorly fat balanced.  The template recommends limiting nuts... think a closed handful every other day sort of limit... nut butters would be less.  Fruit is recommended to be 0-2 fist sized servings once a day, eaten with meals, not alone or as a snack or even worse, as a meal.
    One last point, compliant ham is very hard to find so check that package again. They usually have some sort of sugar. 
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    Carlaccini reacted to gina724 in breaking the alcohol cycle   
    Yes...but you're probably not going to like the answer. 
    You just have to quit - cold turkey. 
    (I'll give y'all a few minutes to scream and run to another post - one with a happier answer...)
    But if you're still with goes (tough love time). 
    Like Whole30, you start with one day.  You prep - getting all the booze out of the house.  ALL OF IT (even that $50 you bought for that special occasion).  You tell your friends so they don't hassle you (nor should they...what kind of friends are they really if they're pushing you to do something you don't want to....really, you're stronger than that!).  And then, you don't drink.  You go do something after work that has nothing to do with drinking.  Go to Home Depot and plan out an herb garden, clean your house, get decaf coffee, get tea, go anywhere where there is NO BOOZE!  Then you wake up the next morning, mark a #1 on your calendar.  Just like Whole30 - you mark your first day.  Then you proceed with the second.  Same thing - stay away from "trigger" places, invite a friend over for movie and soda, encase yourself in a "safe, alcohol-free zone".  Then you write a "2" on the calendar and proceed with day 3. 
    You do this each and every day.  You don't think about the next day - you focus on the present.  You DON'T think about the what-ifs, you just plan to go without.  You tell friends you're just not drinking - and if they keep pushing, you just don't hang out with them. You focus on the present day.  FOCUS!     
    If you go out you order sparkling water (in a wine glass - so you feel like you're holding an elegant glass of wine, and you have bubbles like you're drinking champagne or beer).  You don't sit at the bar. You order coffee (decaf).  You tell yourself how much classier you are ordering coffee or sparkling water instead of alcohol.  You think about celebrities that don't drink and realize you're just as hot and mysterious.  Even MORE so!
    You take it day by day.  And you have to tell yourself to focus on THAT DAY.  You can't think about not drinking tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or at your wedding, or vacation, or holiday, or when your family comes to visit...because you will depress the crap out of yourself if you try to look long term.  You have to choose to not drink today.  Each.  Day.
    There is no easy way out of this. If you CRAVE alcohol, there are no cheat days.  There is just you making a decision - do you want to drink, or do you not.
    (didn't Yoda say that somewhere...?)
    It is a hard, hard habit to break.  I know.  Trust me, I know.  I love wine.  I love going to Napa.  I love(d) wine dinners - paring different wines with different foods.  I got married at a wine bar!  Meanwhile, I LOVE(d) beer.  I worked at a brewery.  The smell of hops and yeast when you walk in the door of a brewery is like perfume to my nose.  I love the different brewing techniques and all of the wonderful seasonal beers!  I love(d) drinking with my friends...the laughing, the social aspect.  I love(d) warm Bailey's and coffee on cold winter nights and ice cold beer at baseball games on warm summer days.  I LOVED IT ALL!!!  But when my daily routine started looking like this:  8am -"not gonna drink today"....6pm-"well...just one glass of wine"...2-3 glasses later....8am-"God, I feel like crap...ok, not gonna drink today"...lather, rinse, repeat, then it was time realize that it was harmful than helpful and it had to go.
    You can tell yourself that you're not me.  And that's OK.  If you can tell yourself you're only going to drink on the weekends and can pull it off, that's great.  If you can tell yourself you're only going to drink wine from here on out and can do it - I wish I had your willpower!!!!  But if you're waking up each day saying you're going to quit and then telling yourself each night that quitting is for quitters...well....
    I love that Whole30 gives you the freedom to introduce foods back into your menu as  you see fit.   That there is to be no guilt, no remorse when you enjoy, no - SAVOR, something that may or may not be ideal depending on your reintroduction.  But in the same way you wouldn't stay in a horrible relationship with a person, why make excuses for food or drink? 
    Even more importantly...I'm GLAD I quit drinking.  I still see my friends - we still go out.  Hell, we go out to bars and breweries!   I still make fabulous dinners.  I throw parties.  I see my family.  And I can do it all WITHOUT alcohol!!! 
    This may not be the answer you wanted.  It's not the answer I wanted.  But I did it and you can do this.  If you WANT to do it.  And ain't nobody gonna do it for you.
    Day 1.  Decide.
    love, Gina - 976 days sober.
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    Carlaccini got a reaction from J9er in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Poop stories have ALWAYS been part of the conversation for me - you're kind of stuck with when you have a family (and extended family) that have hardcore bathroom humour.  (Unfortunately or Fortunately - I didn't inherit that gene)