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    KRCMommy got a reaction from Chelsea Grace in Got my (Whole30 approved) bacon order from US Wellness Meats...   
    All I can say is...perfection
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    KRCMommy got a reaction from Midlyfechrysalis in Kale chips   
    Glad to hear they are OK...all I did was roast some Kale with olive oil and salt.  I also don't even eat them as a "snack", but as part of my food template.  They are at the bottom of the veggie chart on p. 271 of ISWF
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    KRCMommy reacted to Jenn B in Kale chips   
    Thanks for sharing KRCMommy! I bought a bag of precut Kale thinking I could find a way to use it (cause when I got it from my co-op in the large leaves, it just sat til it hit the compost.). The TJ store bought bag was on the edge of going bad, when a friend of mine was visiting from out of town; in talking I revealed my ignorance regarding doing anything appetizing with kale chips, and at her urgence, we made them right then and there. 
    An ensuing relationship with homemade kale chips had begun.
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    KRCMommy reacted to beespajamas in Kale chips   
    I don't see a lot of difference between a handful of kale chips and a salad.  Yes, they are a substitute for an unhealthy snack, but if faux garlic mashed potatoes (a.k.a. mashed cauliflower) is okay on this reset, why not these?
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    KRCMommy reacted to GFChris in Kale chips   
    Here's an official clarification and update on chips (note: I stand corrected on what I said previously on kale chips):
    "For most of us, chips are a bonafidefood-with-no-brakes, and fall into that deep, dark area of less-healthy foods with technically compliant ingredients. For that reason we do not allow frying or microwaving starchy veggies and turning them into chips during your Whole30. (However, if you want to roast some kale until it's crispy, or thinly slice jicama into a scoop for your guacamole, be our guest.)"
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    KRCMommy reacted to AllyB in Kids Lunch Ideas   
    This morning I packed my daughter's lunch.  I bought some 'bento box' type tupperware.  It has a sandwhich (square) section and then two smaller sections with one lid that snaps over all three sections.  She thought it was cool the way it was in all one container but everything was separate.  I sliced up an apple for the big section.  Then I put 4 deviled egg halves in the next larger section and pistachios in the smallest.  For a snack, she helped me make 'trail mix'.  She wanted to buy some tail mix with M&Ms in it at the store a few days ago.  I said no, but then we went home and made our own version.  It had sunflower seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes, chopped dried apricots and some baked plantain chips (her idea, not mine  ).  We were missing a veggie, but I figured it was a better lunch than PB&J and a juice box.
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    KRCMommy reacted to LindsayJo in Template for kids   
    I have three children that eat lunch at school every day, and we still have a large supply of snack food on hand from our last trip to the bulk store - I've decided to start the W30 by myself, but start introducing the idea to them and teach them the nutrition behind it. They're eating what I eat for dinner, and will eat the same meals on the weekends. We're also starting to talk about eating enough at meals so that you aren't hungry an hour later for a snack, and it's going surprisingly well! I'm hoping in a few months to have them on this eating life style without even realizing it!
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    KRCMommy got a reaction from HealingWithin in Kale chips   
    I have been avoiding trying them because they sounded kind of gross     However, I decided to bite the bullet and made some.  They are AMAZING.  So very happy I tried them!!!  If you are procrastinating with making them...don't!!
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    KRCMommy reacted to Robin Strathdee in 8 Days to go...panic!!!   
    I'd suggest avoiding the scale for as long as it takes you to feel comfortable with yourself - whether you continue with Whole30 guidelines or not. Enjoy the changing shape of your body and know that the number on that plastic box has nothing to do with how you look and feel.
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    KRCMommy reacted to Robin Strathdee in Lara Bars   
    They're really not a good idea.  You don't get nearly the nutrition you need from a Larabar - certainly not enough to keep you fed until a reasonable lunch time. Pre-workout, grab a hard boiled egg or handful of nuts.
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    KRCMommy reacted to Tom Denham in Lara Bars   
    No. They are a simply awful choice.
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    KRCMommy reacted to TiMANimal in Lara Bars   
    My wife stashes primal pacs & compliant lara bars in her purse for long shopping excursions, like Christmas time. Emergency snacks for my cranky behaviour during the mall rush and lack of proper meal avaliablity there.
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    KRCMommy reacted to LadyM in Short Ribs...   
    I haven't made a recipe of Melissa Joulwan's yet that wasn't spectacular. I'm sure that one's delicious. Just depends on what flavor profile you're after. But short ribs in general are just so damn good!
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    KRCMommy reacted to GFChris in Looking for some support   
    ^Use this realization to keep you motivated.
    Consider the Whole30 as the start of what may be multiple Whole30s until you reach your goal weight.   How special would it be to not only lose weight but to permanently change your relationship with food?
    Maybe one way to start is to not look at this as another "chronic diet".  Declare some reasons (write them down if you need to) why this way of eating and being will be different for you this time (starting with the one I quoted at the beginning of this post). 
    And breathe.  Take it one day at a time, do controlled reintroductions for anything you might want to eat again or that you're curious about in terms of your reaction. Then decide if doing another Whole30 is the next best course of action for you.
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    KRCMommy reacted to dogmom in Applegate Organic Uncured Beef Hot dogs   
    I had the hotdog in a baked yam today. I slathered the split yam with ghee and added some salt. It is definitely delicious!
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    KRCMommy reacted to Tina R in Applegate Organic Uncured Beef Hot dogs   
    I saw a picture on Whole30 FB page where someone had a hotdog inside a baked sweet potato. They were eating it with their hands just like an all natural hotdog bun. It looked yummy, I haven't tried it yet.
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    KRCMommy reacted to Robin Strathdee in Applegate Organic Uncured Beef Hot dogs   
    They're totally fine. Just don't go hunting down grain free hotdog bun recipes
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    KRCMommy reacted to Tom Denham in Working long hours, have a family, need quick and easy meal ideas   
    I am glad to hear you say, "My lifestyle is unsustainable." I just hope you don't miss out on too much life before you take steps to make your lifestyle sustainable.
    I am sure that you will be able to find a variety of "quick and easy meal ideas," but I want to challenge you to consider what you might do to make some changes in how you manage time for food now. The time that you take to cook and eat food says something about how seriously you take yourself and the importance of your life.
    There was a time in my life when I ate every meal every day in a restaurant or from a drive-through window because I was so busy. And then I moved to a phase where everything I ate came frozen and had to be heated in the microwave and I was upset that some things needed 7 minutes. I thought everything should be ready in no more than 4 minutes. Now here is the thing: I am busier today than I ever was when I ate all my food from restaurants, the freezer, and the microwave oven, but now I cook most meals that I eat myself from fresh ingredients. I have not eaten in my car or gone through a drive-through window in years. What has changed is that I take cooking and eating more seriously than I did before. I take me more seriously than I did before. Cooking and eating fresh food does not make me more efficient or save me time, but I have come to believe that it is important enough for me to find time for it. What I am raising with you is not something you can achieve in one day, but I challenge you to consider that cooking and eating good food is more important than you have ever thought of it being before, that your goal should be more than switching from eating foods that make you unhealthy when you are running from one task to another to eating foods that make you more healthy while you run.
    I don't have a stack of answers on how to make this happen. I'm just saying I think it is important.
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    KRCMommy reacted to praxisproject in Working long hours, have a family, need quick and easy meal ideas   
    Mass prep is your friend! So are kitchen hacks. If you find a meal you like but it's too tricky, ask for tips to make it easier. Some meals are weekend ones only, but some can be every day with a few tweaks
    Nomnompaleo taught me to roast two chickens at once (not really any more work than 1 chicken).
    Slow cookers are wonderful things, but if everything comes out of it, you'll get sick of it, use it wisely, but not solely
    Lots of things can be cooked in muffin pans to make them portable, but still nutritous Egg cups, sausage patties, veggie patties, salmon patties, etc. (12 in a pan is a whole bunch of meals for not a lot of work).
    Review the time you spend food shopping - I now save time and money by getting organic veggies delivered (so I can use shopping time for cooking instead) and they're better quality than what I used to get before, some are even prepped for me
    If you're getting ready to start I highly recommend the Well Fed cookbooks, they also cover prep as well as recipes (although I'm a much slower prepper than she is lol), she has some great time saving tips.
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    KRCMommy reacted to JohannaE in Fogo De Chao   
    I am happy to report that I was VERY happy with my dining experience at Fogo de Chao!  (And proud of myself for sticking to my Whole30 despite strong thoughts of "it's a special occasion, would a little wine and a piece of chocolate one day really hurt?")
    Anyways, I told our waiter about all of my dietary restrictions right away.  He was very knowledgable and immediately told me what I could have as is (the Picanha, filet mignon, rib eye, top sirloin, bottom sirloin and beef ribs), what they could modify for me by cooking in only sea salt (the lamb legs, the lamb chop and the chicken) and what I should avoid all together (the parmesan pork loin, the sausage and anything wrapped in bacon).  He made me feel completely comfortable asking, and even walked me through the salad bar to point out what I could have and what I couldn't.  This was really helpful because I wouldn't have had any idea about a lot of the cooked and marinated veggies (for instance, the beets had added sugar but the zucchini and string beans were just in olive oil salt and pepper).  Anything they didn't know (like does the smoked salmon have sugar? it didn't!), they found out the answer right away.  
    All of the servers seemed to know my requirements, but all were very subtle about it.  I didn't ask them to make chicken special for me (who wants chicken when you have lamb and filet mignon?!), but they made TWO batches of lamb legs with just salt and it was awesome!  I had more than enough to eat, but didn't feel disgusting like I would after a heavy carb binge.  I definitely recommend Fogo for Whole30 dinners out!
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    KRCMommy reacted to ABS32013 in Approved sausage?   
    Making your own per peoples' suggestions above is definitely more budget-friendly, but I thought I'd add that U.S. Wellness meats sells sugar-free breakfast sausage.  If you order a couple packages of SF sausage and bacon, you'll easily hit the threshold for free shipping. 

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    KRCMommy reacted to Noelle in ...for weight loss   
    Do not underestimate the effect of caring for two children on your stress levels! Even if you're feeling good, being with little ones all day can be draining. That will affect weight-loss too.