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  1. foodiefit_jess

    Camping Whole30 Style

    I went camping with a friend of mine over memorial day weekend. I was on day 17 and my friend was on day 7.. We decided we could do this whole 30 style and make it fun. I've never been camping without drinking and eating lots of chips so I knew this would be good challenge. We went to Trader Joe's the day before we left and picked up everything we would need for whole30 approved camping trip. These items included: Applegate Grass-Fed Hot dogs Cooked Chicken Breast Eggs For Breakfast and Hard-boiled Eggs for snack Homemade Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad (cauliflower, cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, lemon, mint, parsley, garlic, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, s&p) - I made a huge batch to keep in the cooler Guacamole Sugar-Free Salsa Stir-Fry Veggie Mix: asparagus, red onion and mushrooms Broccoli Watermelon Grapefruit Apples Bananas Almond Butter Larabars Organic Tuna Salad (organic albacore tuna in the can, capers, pickles, homemade mayo, dijon mustard, s&p) - which we ate with sliced apples I prepped up a head of time the cauliflower salad and the tuna and packed everything else in the cooler and off we went. We arrived pretty late on friday evening since traffic wasn't great and opted for a quick meal since we were losing day light and wanted to get our tent up and gear set. We ate a little of the cauliflower salad with a few slices of the cooked chicken breast and some watermelon. Later after we got a fire started, we roasted hot dogs on sticks over the fire, just to try them. On saturday we started our morning with scrambled eggs, grapefruit and banana. We left for a day of kayaking, exploring and hiking and made sure that we each brought larabar incase we got hungry before we could get back for lunch. For lunch we sliced up apples and ate them with the tuna I had made ahead of time, Hard-boiled eggs and guacamole. For dinner we steamed broccoli over the fire and then made the stir-fry veggies with chicken. We ended our night with a few slices of watermelon while watching the sunset. And later that night we each had another hot dog because we love roasting things over camp fire. On sunday morning, we ate apples and almond butter and some more scrambled eggs with hot dog slices and guacamole .. After exploring a little more we hopped in the car and started our journey back home. We snacked on a banana and a larabar in the car and then once we got back home we made omelets for dinner. I am happy to say that we had 100% whole30-compliant camping trip, without craving or missing too much of the normal "camping-style foods". My personal biggest weakness was Roasted Marshmallows. I can't remember the last time I sat by a campfire and didn't at least roast one marshmallow or make a s'mores.. but I fought the urge and I know my body was happy about that. I think the only thing I would do differently next time, is bring a little more food to cook. I forgot that it's pretty easy to cook on portable stoves and over campfire and it would have been nice to eat more hot food other than eggs, chicken and hot dogs. I am now on day 23 and feeling great! I'm so happy I didn't ruin my whole30 on the camping trip and excited to see how I feel over the next 7 days.
  2. foodiefit_jess

    Seattle Whole 30 places

    Juicy Cafe in downtown seattle.. there are two locations.. one in the convention center and one in the columbia tower. only open during the day, but great bowls and salads and they even have an option to make it "paleo". Jaks is a great steak house..cheaper than the met. Just ask for no butter or potato and sub extra veggies.. they steam them and they are delicious! Purple Cafe and Wine bar has a huge menu and lots of options can be modified paleo. I work for the company and they are getting used to me and my boss modifying "paleo-style"
  3. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Tomorrow, May 7th

    Good for you! I love that you made a decision and are sticking with it. That after all is the whole point of the whole30. Are you planning on doing another whole30 or just see how far you get again? I went camping this weekend and was able to stay 100% whole30. Which was really surprising.. i've never been camping without eating crap foods and drinking a lot. it was amazing to feel good the whole time while camping. I struggled big time with wanting to roast marshmallows though! I think that every time I'm around a camp fire I want them! so Happy I stayed strong. I'm sure they would have made me feel like crap. This week I'm focusing on creating habits. The last 3 weeks, I was trying so many new things which was fun, but now I want to focus on what will stick. I work best when I'm set on a routine. So that is what I'm working on, getting back to where my routine is the same every day. Good Luck with day 1 today!!
  4. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Tomorrow, May 7th

    Happy Day 14! I'm starting to feel the clear skin and higher energy now too and i like it. I wondering if I have an issue with dairy too.. I've pretty much eliminated except for sometimes cheese or if I give in on a treat and the treat has milk or butter. and then at that point I'm not sure if it's the dairy, gluten or sugar that's affecting me. I'm going to try and stay away from it after this whole30 though.. What's hard for me is I really enjoy frozen yogurt in the summer time. I've already switched to coconut ice cream at home, but it's hard to pass up going to get fro-yo with my girlfriends and adding all of my own toppings on it.. but maybe i'll try the dairy-free sorbet ones and see if that satisfies me the same way. I also really like fresh burrata.. and pizza.. but pizza is a whole other problem because it's not just dairy. I work for a restaurant group in Seattle and a huge part of my job is tasting food and developing menus so it's hard to avoid sometimes, but I think i'll try and stay away from it for the most part in my daily life. I definitely want to try the way the whole30 recommends reintroducing foods to see which ones actually affect me. I've also said I have a gluten sensitivity, but i don't know if thats true or if I just don't feel great after eating gluten cause it's usually in a highly processed or full of sugar type of way gluten and that it just makes me feel crappy cause it should. I really hope I can stick to a 80/20 type paleo diet after this cleanse so I don't get off track again and have to do another whole30. I do miss wine though! I can't wait to have a glass of wine with my paleo dinner. I agree with eating at restaurants, I find that I don't like that I can't trust how they made my food. Good luck with your bf this weekend.. I'm sure you guys will have delicious home-cooked meals and just enjoy your time together, minus the wine. I looked up that chicken and gravy, is that the crockpot one? i'm interested to make it but I don't have an immersion blender. I've been kind of winging it this week with meals cause i haven't had time to prep up fun new recipes.. but i did make a bunch of "the best chicken i've ever ate" from well fed and have been eating it all week with curry roasted cauliflower, grilled asparagus and broccolini. I'm almost out though so it'll be back to the drawing board for the remainder of the week. Enjoy your week.. sorry for the long rant in the beginning.
  5. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Tomorrow, May 7th

    Welcome to day 10! How has your week been? I'm ready for the magic to happen! This week has been a little tough for me with just how busy work has been and not being able to prep all my meals, but I'm still staying strong. I'm hoping to have enough energy and time this weekend to get some meals planned out for the week. My schedule isn't allowing for a lot of time at night to prep after work so would be good to get ahead of it this weekend and make another chili or casserole that can last all week. It's also been hard with having others want to cook for me. My grandma made dinner the other night and even though it was a relatively healthy dinner, I couldn't have any of it. And tomorrow my boyfriend's mom is having us over bbq ribs.. she said she would make her own rub since the one she uses has brown sugar in it, but I feel bad she has to go through all that work just for me. not to mention leave a section for me to eat without bbq sauce on it. I'm considering making my own bbq sauce to bring. we'll see.
  6. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Tomorrow, May 7th

    Welcome to Day 6! How was your mother's day? What did you end up making? My weekend was good.. didn't deal with my normal weekend cravings so that's a good sign. I Also woke up hungry, seems to be a pattern with me. This weekend I made: Buffalo Spaghetti Sauce over sweet potato, zucchini and mushrooms for me.. boyfriend got to have garlic bread and noodles. Coconut-Curry Pork Shoulder in my crockpot. I also made some cauliflower-cilantro "rice" to go with it. (practical paleo). Yesterday I had to eat out for mother's day, but I told the chef's my restrictions and ended up having steamed veggies with a little olive oil and a steak. It was pretty good, though I prefer to make my own food when doing the whole30 so I can trust what's going in my body. Today is left overs and then tomorrow i'll be making a pumpkin chili and probably so basically chicken dishes to get me through the week. I also started doing crossfit again this week. Today was day 1 after a week off and it felt great!
  7. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Tomorrow, May 7th

    Nice!!!! Yesterday I had: Meal #1: Left Over Cauliflower Casserole for breakfast with 1/2 avocado and berries Meal #2: left Over Spaghetti Squash Casserole plus 1/2 a personal watermelon Meal #3: Apple with sunflower seed butter Meal #4 Left Over Cauliflower Casserole and roasted broccoli Yesterday was a total leftovers day and honestly day is the same. I'm excited to have more time this weekend to prep up some good food! I didn't workout yesterday and it was nice to relax. I woke up really hungry this morning so had a banana first thing before my workout. Today was weights, lots of squats and push-ups Feeling good and happy it's friday!
  8. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Tomorrow, May 7th

    Sunflower - your meals sound delicious! Jealous you are able to put that much time and effort into your meals. yesterday was successful! I only snacked a little bit in between meals nothing after dinner. I've set myself up for another successful day. I opted to just make two casseroles to eat for breakfast/lunch and dinner since I'm busy this week and don't have a lot of time to prep up meals. This weekend I'll be meal prepping more so my meals can get more exciting! I made both my casseroles from website. With modifications of my own to change them up a bit. Yesterday's activity was a 4 mile run after work.
  9. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Tomorrow, May 7th

    Welcome everyone!! I love nom nom's sweet potato hash! Sweet potato hash's are one of my go to meals, especially after a long saturday run. I'm starting my day off with left over pork chop, a few asparagus spears and half an avocado with a little bit of cantelop on the side. I gave up coffee a couple of years ago so I don't struggle with that. My issue is sweets! The last whole30 I did, I let myself have berries, larabars and apples with cinnamon for "dessert" or when my sugar cravings got really bad. This time around, I'm going to be strong. Giving it didn't help my cravings at all and after the whole30 was done, I slowly, but certainly got back to eating processed sweets. Time to slay the sugar dragon once and for all! Good luck on day 1
  10. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Tomorrow, May 7th

    I originally planned to start May 1st and though I haven't gone completely off the wagon, I haven't been 100% whole30 either so I'm officially starting again tomorrow. I've completed 2 successful whole30 so I thought this would be a breeze.. But who am I kidding.. I need a push, just like everyone else. Tonight my plan is to take my before photos, meal plan and prep for a successful rest of the week! Anyone else starting tomorrow, want to join a group to keep each other accountable?! We can do it here through the forum or start up a whole30 Facebook page. just let me know
  11. foodiefit_jess

    My Whole30 Story

    I wanted to share my story as well. I wrote my success story following the whole9 guidelines on my blog, but I wanted to copy it here to hopefully inspire others. My Life Before the Whole30… I decided to get my health and weight under control in December of last year. It started when a few friends at work challenged me to a 15 day juice cleanse in order to prepare for all the holiday treats/parties. It was that 15 days that changed my life. I was blinded before that with out unhealthy I really was. I was out of shape, had put on about 30 extra pounds, was eating horribly and drinking way to often. I really had no idea this had happened and it was during that juice cleanse that I was able to open my eyes. I lost around 35lbs, my body and mind changed. I was excited by these changes and decided to keep it up. I decided to go vegetarian with small amounts of fish on occasion. I kept juicing every day for months and eating a very nutritious, mostly plant diet. I also signed up to run in the NYC marathon and started my journey of training and getting marathon ready. By the time summer approached, I really had things under control. I was working out regularly, eating really healthy and people had noticed how much I had changed. During the summer, I slacked off. Drinking more, eating out a lot, not focusing as much on clean eating. my runs were suffering and I was feeling like my routine was completely off. I put back on a few pounds and realized that through the last 6 months I was doing a good job at just maintaining, but not really making a difference. This is how I found the whole30… After thoroughly enjoying my birthday week and the end of summer. I knew it was crunch time to training for the marathon at the beginning of the September and knew it was time to get focused with only 3 months left to go. My boss and a few of the other runners were also looking for something to get them back on track. We considered another juice cleanse, but knew it would be impossible to do a juice cleanse while running. That's when I stumbled upon the whole30 through one of the many fitness inspirations I follow on instagram. Someone had posted a picture that they were starting it and I got intrigued so I went on the website read through the basics and decided it was the perfect thing we needed to do to in preparation for the marathon and to get back into a routine. I sent all the info to my boss and other co-workers, we bought the book and decided to do it. During My Whole30 Experience… I found my passion for cooking again. I've learned how to meal plan and doing weekly grocery shopping. I've cooked a ton of new recipes and played with new seasoning blends. I've learned a lot about food, fitness, nutrition. I've been able to extend my network of food blogs I follow and share my experience with other fellow whole30er's. I've cooked 95% of my meals. I struggled through cravings, sugar demons, SWYPO foods, felt the magic, learned how to snack less, eat 3 times a day. My workouts and runs have gotten stronger. I'm sleeping through the whole night. Though I have no idea if I've dropped weight or gained weight, my body has gone through some transformations. I have muscle in my abs that I've been trying to get for a year now and haven't even been doing that many ab work outs to get them. They just appeared one morning. I've become fat-adapted. I can enjoy meat again now that I know understand what I need to be healthy. Now That I've Finished My Whole30… I will continue to cook 95% of my meals at home. I will continue to work out 5-6 days a week. I will continue to look good and feel good every day. I will continue to eat clean. I now understand what my body wants and needs to be healthy and I can maintain that every day. I have exactly 1 month until the marathon and have decided it's no time to stop all of this good feeling and even tempt myself with failure and cycling back into my old ways. I'm going to stay strictly paleo until Nov. 4th when I cross the finish line. I won't be as strict as the whole30 because I'm really excited about pumpkin pancakes, but I was continue to eat no gluten/grains, no dairy and no processed sugars. I decided to join healthy 365 Aquatober Challenge of just drinking water and decaf tea and also joined Kate's 30 day Fitness Challenge. Between these 3 things I should be able to stay focused and be the healthiest, happiest, best I can be when I run my first marathon.
  12. foodiefit_jess

    1st Marathon/1st Whole30 and Travel tips?

    Thanks guys!! I brought 3 dates along for my 16 mile run this last weekend and ate them at mile 10, 12 and 14. They didn't hurt my stomach and gave me a little bit of a sugar rush I think I needed to finish. For my pre-run I ate sweet potatoes, kale, green beans and carrots with 2 eggs about 2 hours before my run and it was perfect. didn't get a side ache and kept me full until the end. I only struggled with not having enough water, it's hard for to me find the balance, but I know the marathon won't be an issue since there are a lot of water stations. For this weekend's run i'm going to try those new happy tot pouches ( and see how that helps. I don't want to rely on the GU or gatorade during the run so I'm hoping the happy tots are exactly what I need. I'm going to take your advice on packaging sweet potatoes, I have no problem eating cold sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli so I think that's what I'll bring on the airplane and bought hard boiled eggs is not a bad idea either. I'll have to try those this week and see how my stomach handles them. thanks for the advice! and good luck on your marathon in SF!
  13. Hi, I'm hoping this will reach other fellow runners.. A little back ground before I ask my questions.. I'm on day 25 of the w30 and 36 days away from running in my first marathon in NYC. My weekly runs have been a little hard for me during my whole30, but I think it's a little because of the change in weather. I finally pushed past 14 miles this last weekend and ran 16. It went well though the last 2 miles were definitely a challenge. I plan on running at least 16 again tomorrow and hoping it will be easier this time. I ran 4 miles this morning and it felt different than any of my runs over the last month. It was faster, I felt like I could run forever. My legs were only a little tired, my endurance never let me down. I'm starting to think the "magical" feeling I was feeling on day 18 is now finally affecting my athletic ability, which is very encouraging for my long run tomorrow. I have a co-worker who is also participating in the marathon with me who is on day 26 today and he said his last 2 runs this week have been powerful. He was struggling with an injury and hadn't ran in a few months so he's really feeling the magic. I'm planning on staying Paleo after the whole30 until the marathon is over, and hopefully for a long time after that, but for sure until the marathon. I think my body is finally adjusting to my new routine and I don't want to mess with that now with trying to reintroduce foods. For my long runs this last 2 weekends I've packed a whole30 complaint larabar in my pocket of my running pants as my emergency food for if I got hungry. I ate it when I stopped at mile 12 even though I wasn't feeling hungry yet and I think it triggered my metabolism, because at mile 14 I was so hungry I was nauseous and I also had very bad side ache. I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to my runs. Partly, probably because I'm very tiny (5'4 108-112lbs i'm guessing, haven't weighed myself since july) and very little body fat and I can feel anything I put in my body on my runs. Even water seems to give me side aches so I try to have very little during my runs. For my weekly 6-7mile runs, I eat a banana as soon as I wake up and drink a bottle of water, about 45 mins later I go for my run and I'm fine. If I wait any longer I get really hungry which makes my run hard. I don't think larabars are my answer, but it was the one thing I could find that fit in the pocket of my running pants that would be filling enough, but not too filling to hurt my stomach if I absolutely needed some food. So long winded.. i'm curious any ideas people have for food during a run for someone who doesn't need much and doesn't want to have to carry much? Lastly, I'm traveling from Seattle to New York for the marathon and staying in a small room with 4 other fellow marathoners without a kitchen. I want to be able to plan my meal ahead of time for the morning. Last weekend before my long run I had a sweet potato, broccoli and chicken breast and I'd like to do something similar before New york, but am worried without a microwave, fridge it's going to make it hard to have these things prepped and ready. Has anyone traveled for a marathon with these types of restrictions? What did you do for food? Sorry for my rambling, just really curious on advice for a first time marathoner and first time whole30'er, Thanks!!
  14. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Sept 1st

    Thank you for information! I am on board. I will work on introducing some proteins back into my life. Where can I find the whole 30 for athletes section? I've looked and didn't see anything..
  15. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Sept 1st

    Hi my name is Jessika and I recently stumbled upon this program from someone I follow on instagram and thought I should check it out. Last December I did a 15 day juice cleanse that changed my life. Since then I've been living a mainly veggie lifestyle. Though I have to admit July and August I have fallen off the wagon a little which is what brought me here. I wanted to do something starting September 1st to get me back on track. I was thinking about doing the juice cleanse again, but I'm training to run my first Marathon on Nov. 4th and don't think I can run that many miles on just juice. A few questions before I get started: 1. I have been mostly vegetarian this last few months, with the exception of the occasional fish. Will this program still be successful if I choose fish/eggs only as my source of protein? 2. What about Juicing? I sometimes like to replace my breakfast or lunch with a juice, is that a possibility? 3. Smoothies? I read all of the don't.. but what about protein powder? I like to enjoy a dairy free juice for my post workout meal sometimes 4. Any runners out there? I'm looking for advice on foods to eat pre and post long runs, for example 16+ miles I welcome and appreciate all feedback. Thank you!!