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  1. Done and done!!! Weighed in this morning and dropped 15 lbs! I was AMAZED. I'm back to my fightin' weight, exactly where I want to be. Most of the weight I lost was my winter binge weight. My carb binges combined with all the fertility drugs I was on earlier this year really put me in a bad place... and my pants didn't fit! Happy Easter, all! I'll see you over on the Post W30 log! High fives to us! We did it!!!!
  2. Wow! Awesome Sparkle and BAKrafty! Great job! I hope your Days 31 were good. I'll weigh first thing in the morning and then post on here. I love the idea of a board in the Post W30 section. I'd love to have somewhere to go and keep myself accountable and motivated. Is anyone a little sad the 30 days is over? It reminds me of being excited about a vacation, and then it happens and you're sad you don't have anything to look forward to anymore. Odd comparison, but maybe you get my point :-)
  3. Hey MusicMom! Great to see you posting. Sounds like all is going well. I'm with ya. Indulge a little on Easter and get back to it. Sparkle, I'm planning to weigh myself on Day 31 ... You know, in case I lose a few more oz on Day 30. Ha. So for me I'll be weighing in Easter morning. As for your run, it sounds like you may have been working pretty hard with your run. I'm sure your fizzled run had everything to do with that. BAKrafty, I've been thinking the same thing. I was really expecting a lot more "keep it up! you can do it and here's how!" info out of the emails. To be honest, I haven't gotten anything of value out of them in several days. I skipped the long run this morning. The airport run to get my mum went until nearly midnight so I didn't have enough sleep ... and it was too cold! Will try again for Tuesday. Tomorrow morning I'll hit the pavement before I go shopping for some new pants that FIT and some tank tops to show off my sculpted guns. (ha ha). Oh, and my mom is really excited about W30. My "elevator pitch" must be working! She's reading ISWF now. I told her I'd help her go grocery shopping in a few weeks when I come visit to get her started. HAPPY DAY 30 to you gals tomorrow! I'll be rounding the corner on Day 29!
  4. Yes! Let's meet at the reintro section. We can just continue on from there. I can't believe that we're almost done. And I can't believe that I don't have a list of "bad" foods that I want to stuff my face into! Besides a special cupcake on Easter, I'm not worried about it. Amazing! I can't believe my relationship with food has improved so much in 30 days. Secretly, I can't wait to weigh myself. I am just curious since I feel so much better and my pants fit comfortably again. I'm also starting another round of fertility treatments in the next few weeks and am curious to see if my hormone levels are different thanks to a clean diet. We shall see! Have a great day, all!
  5. Well done gals! So close!
  6. Awesome BAKrafty! So happy you got through that rough patch last week. And yeah for an awesome run! I love those days! I had to get an afternoon snack today - apple and a handful of cashews. I'm pretty sure I was legitimately hungry. I am starting to feel the effects of staying awake too late. No energy this afternoon. No coffee for me, though! Early to bed for sure.
  7. LOL, my energy was unstoppable last night! I couldn't turn my brain off and didn't get to sleep until after midnight. But, I was up by 615. Computer will be off at 8 pm tonight so I can't google more recipes. Have fun at Happy Hour, Sparkle! BAKrafty, how are you??
  8. Awesome, Sparkle! Great job on the run! I really began to feel the W30 "high" once my gym and running performance started picking up again. I didn't back off my routine at all in the first two weeks (wow, it seems so very long ago!) like the book suggested, but I was knackered by afternoon and had to nap. Now, my afternoon energy is amazing. So much more is getting done around the house! Hurrah for the last week! Bring on Day 25 tomorrow. I am excited to have a few treats on Easter, but will be getting right back to it the day after. I am more excited about meal planning the days after Easter than I am about Easter itself! I worry a bit that I'm not going to do a proper reintegration, but I didn't really have issues with specific foods aside from legumes (which I'm done with!). Just a nasty sugar demon :-) I bought ISWF for my Mom (after asking her if I could) and have been highlighting and book marking pages for her. We have some of the same struggles with food. I really think she will benefit from giving it a go. She's coming to visit this week, so she will be in W30 bootcamp with me until Easter. Now I'm trying to decide what recipes to cook to "wow" her. A great Monday to all!
  9. I'm with you BAKrafty...I think I may have to reintroduce my afternoon snack ... usually around 2 pm. I can load up on lunch, but most days I'm starving by dinner. I'm not a very pleasant person or happy momma when I'm hungry! We'll see. I bought candy for the kid's easter basket today. I don't usually care about candy, but those Reese's eggs are too tempting. I'm going to give myself Easter, then get back to 80-90%. Good luck on your run tomorrow, Sparkle! And thanks for the link to the graphic. Wine for breakfast?! Yes please :-)
  10. Day 21! Oooh, now I'm looking forward to tomorrow's email. Y'all have me interested. I can live without bread I've decided. But a sandwich treat here and there is enticing! I have an acquaintance here who bakes the yummiest paleo treats, and she's developing a paleo bread recipe. Here's isn't going to be filled with junk like others you see on the shelves. Anywho, I may have to try that if I ever "HAVE" to have a grilled cheese :-) Sparkle, if you want to keep on going for a W60 on, go for it! It couldn't hurt, especially if you are enjoying the way you're eating and feeling now. Today's run was SOOOOOOO much better that the last two weeks! The key for me is making sure I have enough starchy veg the days before and morning of a long run. I took a Plum Organics blueberry/spinach/pear baby food pouch with me and sucked it down about half-way through. In the interest of truth, I stole it from my son's stash ;-) Anyway, it absolutely did the job. I felt strong through the last mile and was like a horse running to the stable at the end. I've used gels in the past and I've always have serious gastric distress about 30 min post race. I mean, like the bottom was falling out of my gut. I haven't had any issues yet today! I had an orange and a hard-boiled egg after the run and have been sucking down the water. I am quite tired still, but have some pep in my step after today's milage victory. Next week I start to taper .. "only" 11 miles. I hope everyone's having a great day! High fives all around. We're almost there!
  11. Yes! Yay for a groove! I just mapped out tomorrow's run and added some extra sweet potatoes to my dinner tonight. Fingers crossed for happy miles! Way to go BAKrafty! Way to power through a run. Quiet is better than nothing! Well done on the mile splits, Sparkle. I HATE HATE HATE mile splits! Give me a long, slow, day anyday. Hope everyone had great days today! I'm craving some olive oil mayo and will have to get the food processor going tomorrow ;-)
  12. Alright BAKrafty! Way to go :-) How was your run? Sparkle, you always have the most encouraging posts! Thanks for that. And getting back on the running wagon while on the W30 must be hard. Well done for doing it. 9.4 mi is nothing to scoff at. Nothing new or exciting to report here. I'm on Day 20 and SO excited!!!
  13. Manda, Sparkle is so right! You are human and stuff happens! You just have to accept that what is done is done. It sounds like you're motivated to jump back on. Good on ya! BAKrafty, I hear ya. It's a struggle some days. I miss, miss, MISS my oatmeal, banana and sunbutter in the morning. I think I actually drooled a little when I made it for my son the other day. You know you, so do what you gotta do. But, do you think you'll be upset with yourself for not finishing the entire 30 days? You are SO close! At least after the entire 30 days you can say, "I did it. It's not for me." I am, however, starting to look forward to my sweet potato hash, eggs and veg in the morning, so maybe there's hope for me yet ;-) My third W30 long run is Thursday and I'm hoping I can figure out the best fuel this time. My anxiety about life after W30 is starting to dissipate. I definitely won't be 100% Paleo all the time, but my goal is to eat super clean at home. I just worry about having that cupcake on Easter. Will it be like a crackhead having a rock after rehab?!
  14. Way to stay strong, Manda!!!
  15. Good on everyone for finishing Day 15! I can't wait to check that box tomorrow! I did another long run today, 11 mi. I added an extra egg to my breakfast as well as some sweet potatoes. I also had some leftover roasted brussels sprouts and wilted spinach and blueberries. It was all delicious, but I think I ate TOO much. I felt like I was about to throw up about half-way through. Maybe next week I'll finally make the "perfect" pre-run breakfast. This may be TMI so I apologize in advance, but I've had a bout of crazy diarrhea that last two mornings. It just happens in the mornings and then it's done, but it's been two days in a row. Everything in that department had been going swimmingly until yesterday. Maybe it has to do with my "time"? Anyone have this problem? Other than that, I've been feeling really great!