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    Sugar in Salt?? Restart?

    Thank you! Bought ghee today - Kerrygold on the back burner for now!! Phew!

    chewing gum, breath mints, kerrygold butter

    I just finished day 5 of my first whole 30 and put kerrygold butter on my sweet potato. Oh no, do I need to start over. I thought because I used it when paleo it was okay, but just realized I need clarified or ghee. Do I need to start over?!

    Sugar in Salt?? Restart?

    I have my own start over question. At end of day 5 and doing awesome! Just had a baked sweet potato and after eating realized I put kerrygold butter on it - not ghee or clarified butter! I've used kerrygold since going paleo. Do I need to start over?!
  4. My husband, son and I used fruit slices (aka PURE SUGAR) for our marathon training for Philly in November. My husband had do do a long run yesterday for his next race and panicked as it was DAY 1 of our Whole30. We had a buddy fruit in our pantry and that's what he used. Said it was delicious, easy to carry and did the trick!!! Now what to do with the 10 bags of "fruit" slices I have....haha

    So proud of myself!!!!!!

    Good for you!! "Only day 2" I am also "only" on day 2 and have had no challenges!!! You have taken a big step is living a healthier life and I can guarantee an all-you-can-eat buffet is probably not under the "healthier options" column. There's a good chance you will go back to,that buffet in the future and feel AWFUL after eating there! Keep up the good work!