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  1. Myra

    Starting my 1st whole 30 on April 1st!

    Oy! First day without my usual sweets between breakfast and lunch. I have to admit I already have a headache. But then that shouldn't surprise me considering my HUGE sugar addiction. I wished I had more down time this week, but my schedule is packed. Looking forward to the weekend and a facial I have scheduled. And some time to relax. Hope everybody is doing well. Cheers!
  2. Myra

    Your supplement Laundry list

    I will start my Whole30 on April 1st. These are the supplements I'm taking right now: Fish oil/DHA - 1000mg/day Resveratol - 100mg/twice a day Tumeric - 375mg/twice a day Alpha-lipoic Acid - 600mg/day Vitamin D3: 5000 iu/day B12 (Superior Source) Methylcobalamin: 5000 mcg Probiotics "Ultimate Flora" for women - 50 Billion / 10 strains - 1 pill a day Is there anything I should add? Thanks so much in advance.
  3. Myra

    Starting April 1 - and it is no joke!

    Yay! This sounds great. I would love to share breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. I still have to read up on it a bit more and will then sit down and make a plan. Would be great to share this and get feedback and ideas. We can kick sugar in the b.u.t.t. Cheers!
  4. Myra

    Starting April 1 - and it is no joke!

    Hi Emma, glad to hear your teenager is getting better. All the best to both of you. And yes!!! I would love to join you. For me it will be the first time I'm trying Whole30. I read the book a few months ago and tried a 21-day sugar detox just recently, but failed miserably. I think my addiction to sugar is worse than I thought. And once I fall off the wagon a bit, all goes downhill as I also eat gluten again and dairy and - boom! - I'm miserable. I think it would be great doing this together and giving each other support. Let me know what you think. Cheers!