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  1. VioletRose

    Starting Oct 1

    Already on week 2, time flies! And good to see that we are still hanging in there. Week 1 was a breeze, can't say that I really struggled. Yesterday was hard. I really craved sweets and was thinking about bananas and smoothies because they are technically compliant but I wanted them for the wrong reasons so had to say no to myself. I did have potatoes with dinner. I try to avoid potatoes on the whole30 because they are a trigger food for me when it comes to over eating. But it was fine, I really enjoyed them. Also I finally feel like I have my portions under control. The first week I had to have some snacks because I was really hungry sometimes. It always takes a week or so for me to get my breakfast and lunch big enough to be able to go without snacks. Let's do this!
  2. VioletRose

    Starting Oct 1

    This is so relatable for me. This is also round 4 for me and I know I'm not gonna feel this way the entire 30 days but I'm starting to feel all the good things good food can bring me again and I always feel that I should never stop. With maybe a meal here or there that's not compliant but I feel so much better already. Great sleep, it's here, yay. I love how the Whole30 makes me sleep. I don't have any sleep issues but I get very vivid dreams when I'm on the whole30 pretty much straight away and I love it. I always remember them long after I wake up and It's like I have this second life in my dreams, if that makes sense. About the weighing: I almost never weigh myself because if I do then I have the habbit of making days where I weigh more "bad" days (so negative days where I feel bad about myself and how I look) and days where I weigh less "good" days. So I did weigh myself on day 0 and gonna do it on day 30. Because I always lose a good amount on the whole 30 and that makes me feel proud and motivated.. But if weighing is something that is a habit and has no affect on your day than I understand why you would want to keep doing it.
  3. VioletRose

    Starting Oct 1

    @Betsie_n that looks good!! It's becoming pumpkin spice season there right? we don't really have that flavor here but it's al over the internet when It's october, so funny. @bambinamamma sounds like a great first day. Good job. I survived my first day, but it's not really my first day because my darling husband put lemonade in my (not see trough) water bottle and I took a big sip this morning. Kind of a bummer, but I decided to make the rest of my day compliant and to just add a day at the end. Kind of proud of myself for not derailing completely and just start tomorrow. Had eggs for breakfast (my fave, I always have eggs for breakfast (since my first whole30 3 years ago) so this is not a change), salad as lunch and for diner steak with avocado and vegetables. Feel exited that I started again.
  4. VioletRose

    Starting Oct 1

    I'm starting my 3th whole30 on October first. I was only active on this forum for the first one and the next two were more difficult I think because I wasn't sharing here and reading on with other people. English isn't my first language so please forgive me any mistakes. Would love to read the experiences of the first timers and people who have done this before. I loved every one of my whole30's, the better sleep, better skin, mental clarity and energy, weight loss, and I notice my healthy habits stick around longer after every cycle, so let's do this again!
  5. VioletRose

    The crazy things people say

    I also get a lot of hate from my vegan co-worker. When I ate my lunch, she looked at me like I was killing bunnies and drinking the blood in front of little children or something. Like I was disgusting. (FYI, my lunch was a grass-fed steak, with veg and it was awesome.) Also, this comment was made yesterday (not by her, but by a 'friend'): 'You are going to gain so much weight, just you watch. You eat way to much fat. And giving up bread has got the be the craziest thing I ever heard'