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  1. beespajamas

    Itchy after alcohol reintro???

    I have experienced systemic itchiness with alcohol...I also get night sweats after a drink or two, so I am just going to continue to avoid it., except for special occasions when I feel it might be worth it to pay the price.
  2. beespajamas

    The crazy things people say

    When I told my daughter (a nurse) about the food restrictions and Whole30 program she said "Oh, in other words, if it tastes good, spit it out."
  3. beespajamas

    Stick a fork in me

    Have you tried cauliflower rice? And coconut aminos can be substituted for soy sauce. Good luck adapting your recipes! Your friends and family will benefit from your experience!
  4. beespajamas

    Starting Monday 31st March!

    I lost 8 pounds, but not much in the way of inches, yet...maybe 1/2 " here and there. Still, for just a month, that's quite good for me...and I was never hungry! I also have much less back pain and joint pain when arising. Whole30 did my back much more good than an expensive new mattress did. Post nasal drip is mostly cleared up, even though we are in the midst of the spring allergy assault with a thick layer of pollen coating everything. Digestive issues seem much better. I am surprised to be able to eat a lot of cauliflower (faux mashed potatoes) without having a lot of embarrassing gas...that would not have been the case prior to Whole30. I take that as a sign that my gut is healing. I had a GREAT cholesterol panel just 2 weeks in to my Whole30. I am on statins, but have never had such good numbers. I think the Whole30 diet had a lot to do with those results. I'm afraid I may be somewhat intolerant of a few of the foods allowed on Whole30, but it would be hard to be even more restrictive, especially when I am not sure if specific foods are bothersome. It may just be that healing takes a bit more time than 30 days.
  5. beespajamas

    Starting Monday 31st March!

    I made it! Now for reintroduction...or not. There are definitely many things that will not be coming back into my diet.
  6. beespajamas

    Harper's Bazaar Article

    Sad, isn't it...made Whole30 look like the latest "fad."
  7. beespajamas

    Starting Monday 31st March!

    Well, fellow March 31st-ers...tomorrow is Day 30! Woo Hoo!
  8. beespajamas

    Harper's Bazaar Article

    Check out the Harper's Bazaar article at:
  9. A banana for breakfast may actually be worse than skipping breakfast because it does have quite a bit of sugar. Day 4-5 are the Kill All The Things days, too. Feed him.
  10. beespajamas

    Starting Monday 31st March!

    Karyna, I don't know how you can eat a hard-boiled egg first thing in the morning when you are pregnant! I could not look at eggs in my first trimester (during either pregnancy)! LOL! You go girl!
  11. beespajamas

    Pressure Cooker

    Presto has been very reliable for me and my family (Mom still has one that must be over 60 years old). I tried an electric pressure cooker and ended up returning it. See Amazon for reviews before you buy. There will always be SOMEONE who has something negative to say, but when there are a lot of negative comments about a product, it is wise to pay attention.
  12. Looks aren't everything, either. Some skinny-appearing people have unhealthy visceral fat that endangers them, even though they don't "look fat."
  13. Currently, there is a thick coat of yellow pollen EVERYWHERE, porch furniture, sidewalks, street. You can see it blowing around! I am doing much better with this annual onslaught than ever before! Thanks, Whole30!
  14. beespajamas

    Will Gaviscon wreak my Whole30?

    You can also try elevating the head of your bed just a bit. I put a brick under each of the legs at the head of my bed. The elevation is hardly noticeable, but it really does the trick (much better than a slanted pillow, sometimes sold for this purpose).
  15. Eliminating dairy and grains has absolutely helped with my allergies. Constant post nasal drip is gone (and I am only on Day 15)!