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  1. DeeZaftig

    Starting January 2!

    Me too! I dreamed I ate two bites of a cookie - YIKES! I'm still debating if it's cheating if you dream eat!
  2. DeeZaftig

    Starting January 2!

    It's 62° in the Mid-South are right now and temps will be dropping tonight to below freezing to give us a nice coating of ice about 5:00 AM Friday morning. Making my check list now: Full gas tank Take laptop home to work Dry wood for the fireplace Hot dogs (compliant) to roast over the fire if the utilities go out Pick up milk and bread .... oh wait, nix that one!! Y'all stay warm and stocked up with essentials if you're in the icy zone!
  3. DeeZaftig

    Starting January 2!

    What do folks use in place of soy sauce over Chinese food? I'm in the mood for a stir fry but I'd like to add a little sauce to it. Ideas? Recipes? Thanks in advance!
  4. DeeZaftig

    Starting January 2!

    Seriously? I ask the hubby to find ways to help me not cheat on the Whole30 plan so he zip ties the scales so I can't cheat and weigh myself! I guess that will work. Day 2 and he's made homemade mayo for me (he's really good at that) and he's packing my lunch for me. In all fairness though he's retired and I'm not so I appreciate his help.
  5. DeeZaftig

    Starting January 2!

    Everyone who decided to do healthy foods beginning this first day back to work in 2018 brought in all their left-over holiday junk food. I survived the day by praying that they all would have transmission failure on the Interstate during rush hour traffic while suffering from the fleas of a thousand camels infesting their armpits. Hmmph!
  6. DeeZaftig

    Starting January 2!

    Good luck. I have boiled eggs for breakfast. I'm also eating 1/2 of a sweet potato before I go to the gym in the morning for a little quality carb loading for the work out.
  7. DeeZaftig

    Starting January 2!

    Just got back from the grocery store with all the things needed to prep for a Jan. 2nd start date. Looking forward to starting with the rest of y'all.