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  1. tlovesb

    WholeLent 2016 - starting February 10th.

    Well, I think I finally have an idea why my results for the January Whole 30 weren't as good as the partial Whole 30 I did over the summer. Histamine intolerance! Histamine builds up in leftovers and I have been batch cooking on the weekends and eating leftovers all week. During the summer I wasn't working and had time to cook meals fresh each day. Plus, some of my staple foods are naturally higher in histamine. I had wondered in the past why I would react to a particular food one day, yet on another day could eat it with no problems. Apparently with histamine intolerance you will only react to a food if histamine has built up in your system past your particular histamine threshold. I frequently have histamine related reactions after eating, but never tested positive for any food allergies. So anyway, I'm researching low histamine diets as well as supplements that can help the body better process histamine. I printed off the low histamine Whole 30 shopping list and am planning to use it to use it when we start next week. I really hope this is my missing piece - I can't wait to start feeling better! I just have to figure out how to fix my meals fresh each day instead of batch cooking on the weekend - ugh!
  2. tlovesb

    WholeLent 2016 - starting February 10th.

    Hi SugarcubeOD, thanks, that's good advice! The meds I want to eliminate are pain meds/muscle relaxes that I only take on an as needed basis. I'm wanting to cut them out as I've noticed the more I take the worse I seem to feel. My only daily med is for hypothyroidism and I take a version that I have checked to ensure doesn't contain corn, gluten, etc. so I'm not changing anything there. I'm looking for a functional medicine doctor who takes a more holistic approach to medicine instead of just writing prescriptions, but none of the ones I've found locally take insurance and cost too much to pay out of pocket.
  3. tlovesb

    WholeLent 2016 - starting February 10th.

    I'm thinking of going off coffee to see if it might be contributing to my health issues. Plus, the only thing I really craved during my January Whole 30 was coffee with heavy cream and sugar. I've been drinking it bulletproof style with ghee and coconut oil and even that seems to make my throat feel itchy. I have fibromyalgia and one thing I read suggested eliminating caffeine could help reduce symptoms. I've also been thinking about trying the autoimmune protocol which does eliminate coffee. Ginger Lemongrass sounds yummy - thanks!
  4. tlovesb

    WholeLent 2016 - starting February 10th.

    Hi, I just finished the January Whole30, but didn't get the results I'd hoped for so decided to continue with some extra restrictions. I plan to cut out nightshades, nuts and coffee - and some prescription meds I think are actually making me worse. I'd love to join in with this group - that will give 10 days to taper off caffeine! Can anyone suggest a good coffee substitute? I've got a pantry full of teas, but don't particularly care for any of them - especially with no sugar/sweetener. Also, what type of goals are y'all setting for your Whole30? The only one I had in January was to finish. This time I want to set goals including exercise, increasing veggie intake and doing better at consistently following the meal template.
  5. I just finished my first complete Whole 30. Last summer I made it through about three weeks of a Whole 30 and had great results even though I didn't complete it. This time I made it through the whole 30 days and I feel terrible. I'm having a major flare up of fibromyalgia. Also, when I started I was sleeping great, now it is a struggle again. I've been trying to think of anything I've done differently this time. The only things I could think of were last time I was also seeing a chiropractor and this time I've taken some prescription medications that I wasn't taking before. This is a typical day of meals- meal one - coffee with ghee and coconut oil, soup made with bone broth, veggies and a protein; meal two - spicy beef and bok choy or tuna with primal mayo and a large salad; meal three - pork roast, prosciutto wrapped asparagus and roasted sweet potato. If I needed a snack it was typically boiled eggs and/or an apple with sunbutter or occasionally an Rx bar. The fibro flare started after I'd eaten tomatoes several days in a row. I knew white potatoes trigger my fibro, but didn't think the tomatoes would. I'm thinking about transitioning into a modified AIP and eliminating nightshade, nuts and possibly coffee.
  6. tlovesb


    Not sure what is going on, but for the last week I've felt worse than I have in a long time - major fibro flare up, digestive upset, etc. The last time I attempted a Whole30 I was feeling great by week two or so, but this time no improvement at all. I haven't been able to pinpoint anything I've done differently. To my knowledge I haven't had any food I shouldn't (although I did have a couple dreams that I did!). The quality of my food this go round has even been better - more grassfed, pastured, organic, etc. In the interest of complete disclosure, my veggie intake could be better, but is much improved from my typical intake. I read the Paleo Approach over the weekend and am wondering if transitioning to the AIP would be beneficial, but I am so not ready to give up my eggs yet. I know white potatoes causes my fibro to flare, so I'm thinking of trying a partial AIP - eliminating nightshades, nuts and coffee (say it isn't so:() and then if still no improvement biting the bullet and going full AIP. Its just so discouraging to read that for some people improvement can take months. On the plus side I really don't get tempted by unhealthy foods now and the only thing I still crave is coffee with heavy cream and sugar. I wish I could find another warm beverage that I enjoy. I have a shelf full of teas, but just don't enjoy any of them.
  7. tlovesb


    Day 14 Made myself eat breakfast again this morning and again was starving all morning and ended up having a snack. Is breakfast within an hour (ish) of rising, then a mid-morning snack better or worse than just waiting until mid-morning for breakfast like I typically do (unless you count coffee with coconut oil and ghee as a complete meal )? Had coffee first thing, then unstuffed cabbage with ground beef and tomatoes when I got to work (about an hour later) Snack - two boiled eggs and a banana Lunch - hamburger patty with mustard and primal mayo, white sweet potato, spinach sauteed in ghee - my office had hamburgers, fries and salad for a birthday lunch today. I asked to cook my patty separately and just substituted the veggies I already had with me for their stuff so I could participate and still stay on track. Supper - Pork chop and broccoli with ghee. I really just wanted to eat the pork chop, but have really been trying to increase my veggies, so I steamed a bag of broccoli to have with. Still don't think I've fully recovered from my sleepless night earlier this week. I've had to roll the window down in my truck on my drive home the last couple of days for the cold air to keep myself from falling asleep at the wheel I'm starting to think I'm going to need more than 30 days to see real changes. The thought of extending my whole 30 doesn't bother me - I'm really not craving any off plan foods. What does worry me is the thought that some of my whole 30 "comfort foods" like ghee, nuts and even coffee may need to go. If I'm not feeling better at the end of the 30 days I'll have to explore that option, but I really hope it doesn't come to that.
  8. tlovesb


    Well I made myself eat breakfast this morning. Hopefully this is just a coincidence, but I have been starving all day! Breakfast Coffee with ghee and coconut oil, unstuffed cabbage with ground beef and tomatoes. Snack apple with almond butter Lunch salmon, carrots, Cole slaw, broccoli with mushrooms and yellow squash Supper boiled eggs, decaf with ghee and coconut oil and an Rx bar (I know, not the best and no veggies, but I was running late for church so it was grab and go.
  9. tlovesb


    Another "brunch" eater here - I tend to stumble into the kitchen around 5:30 - 6 AM, drink my cup of coffee, then not feel hungry for breakfast until 9:30 or so. Will gear up to try the no coffee until after breakfast route - yikes! Last night was asleep by 9 PM, but woke up around 11:30 and never got back to sleep. When I got out of bed around 5AM my digestive system went haywire and I felt generally weak and short of breath. I was nervous to eat with the upset stomach, but was getting hungry around 10 AM so had an apple and some almond butter. That didn't upset my stomach too much, so I ate brisket, sweet potato and Greek salad a while later for lunch. Came home starving so am having a pork chop and green beans with a cup of decaf. Just realized as I am sitting here typing that my fibromyalgia pain is much reduced - woo hoo whole 30!
  10. Any body else out there stressing about accidentally ingesting gluten or other no nos? My family isn't doing this with me so we still have regular bread, etc. in the house. I've told the kids not to fix sandwiches or anything I can't have on the counters, to make their stuff on the dining table, but I still worry that they will leave crumbs on the counters, contaminating my food without my realizing it. I have the same concerns at work - I typically eat two meals a day at work and I worry about what may be on the table, counters, sponges, etc. I try to tell myself to just keep doing the best I can and get over being stressed about it, but I know I've used this as an excuse to give up in the past so I'd appreciate any input on how other people cope with this.
  11. tlovesb


    Well, 1/3 of the way through this. At this point I'd grade myself a C - I haven't eaten anything off plan, but I haven't had near enough veggies and my meal timing needs work. If I let myself I'd survive on bulletproof style coffee, boiled eggs and macadamia nuts. Today I had coffee with ghee and coconut oil, then when I got to work about half a serving of salmon with a mix of broccoli, yellow squash and mushrooms. Lunch was beef brisket, carrots and Greek salad. I had an afternoon snack of two boiled eggs, decaf, and a grapefruit. Supper was unstuffed cabbage - with ground beef, ground chicken and tomatoes. I still haven't purged my pantry. There isn't much in it that is off plan - everything that has gluten or other grains is in a separate cabinet on the other side of the kitchen. I'm pretty sure the only thing off plan in my pantry would be foods containing sugar (like salsa), but I make sure to check all my food labels for ingredients. The other thing I haven't done is set goals - other than just to get through all 30 days this time! I'd love to hear what other people have for goals. Some ideas I have for goals - switch to more natural/less potentially toxic chemicals versions of personal care products such as toothpaste and hair gel, do a daily Bible study, switch from coffee to green tea, try charcoal for tooth whitening, take vitamins consistently, reduce amount of Rx pain meds, stop using my tablet/staring at a screen in the hour before bedtime, start exercising again - beginning with walking, then adding ST and stretching/yoga.
  12. Anyone else doing the Whole 30 with jaw joint issues? I had both TMJ joints replaced five years ago after multiple jaw surgeries and still have limited chewing ability. I find with eating more "real" food my jaws often tire out way before I am finished eating. I do try to include more foods that don't require as much chewing such as soups,eggs, tuna salad with compliant mayo etc., but would love to hear suggestions, thoughts, etc.
  13. tlovesb


    Starting my third or fourth Whole 30 attempt today. The longest I've made it before was about three weeks. I felt great then - migraines and fibromyalgia pain both greatly improved, but when I went back to work after summer break I didn't feel like cooking after working all day, so gradually slid back into eating and feeling like crap. Feel like I have a decent plan in place, but have been super emotional all day - husband, kids and animals all ducking for cover!. Decided to follow the meal plan in the book for the first 7 days just to simplify things. Had the spinach frittata, avocado and grapefruit for breakfast, tuna salad made with Primal mayo over salad greens and a banana for lunch, and just took the spaghetti squash out of the oven and the tomato sauce is simmering on the stove. I was wanting to quit coffee for my Whole30 - I tend to like a little coffee with my cream and sugar- but ended up having a cup with coconut milk when the caffeine withdrawal headache got too bad. The LaCroix sparkiling waters are my major craving helpers, but need to do better at drinking plain water and not just the flavored/sparkling ones.
  14. tlovesb

    Starting July 1st

    Not sure what's going on with me - can't sleep, have a splitting headache and my joints ache all over. The only thing I can think of is I did rather go over board with a bag of pistachios today, but I wouldn't think that would make me feel this cruddy. I also feel like I've gained about ten pounds of and my stomach is major bloated and uncomfortable.
  15. tlovesb

    What's wrong with my mayo?

    Just had a major fail with my first attempt at homemade mayo. It looked great until I added the lemon juice at the end, then it disintegrated into grossness. Will be retrying with suggestions from above - thanks all!