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  1. bekahellen

    The crazy things people say

    Ahhh this drives me crazy! At Noodles and Co yesterday (I got a salad) my friend was like, "I'm getting the small sized mac and cheese, so it's much healthier so you can't judge me" (along with a side of flatbread, of which she ate it all ). And I said "pasta and cheese is still pasta and cheese, no matter how much you eat." And she replies, "everything in moderation! I'm counting my calories so it's ok!" (I think it added up to be about 900 calories, so that's kind of a lost cause). I'm trying to convince my mother and also my boyfriend's mother to try a Whole30. My mom is actually considering doing one, though she is nervous to give up sugary treats. My boyfriend's mom says she doesn't think she needs to do it because she eats healthy already (which, I'll be honest, she does, compared to most Americans). But I told her I thought it might help with her "self-diagnosed hypoglycemia", which causes her to be hungry every couple of hours, and if she doesn't find food NOW, she turns into a raging lunatic (she'll be a wonderful mother-in-law, ha). She said that nothing would help her because she already eats a lot of protein. I said, "Well what about fat? Do you eat enough of it?" She looked at me like I was clinically insane. "FAT??? Um, yeah, I don't think I need any more of that. I eat plenty." Oh really? Your fat free yogurt and berries breakfast really fills you up? Ugh. I'll keep trying to get through to her.
  2. bekahellen

    Messed up my reintro on Easter...

    I did wait 3 days until trying gluten again- had a poppy-seed muffin this morning and sure enough... gluten does not treat me well. (But the muffin label did have milk on it... would that cause a dairy reaction or not since it's baked in and the main ingredient is flour?)
  3. So my reintroduction was going smoothly; I figured out that dairy upset my stomach, but legumes and gluten-free grains were ok. Yesterday, I was going to reintroduce gluten by having a wheat roll with dinner. I only ate one, and was surprised that I didn't feel the need to eat 5 rolls like I usually do. Then came dessert. I wasn't going to have any, I really wasn't. But it being Easter and all, I decided to have a TINY slice of banana cream pie (it really was tiny). Within an hour I was on the toilet miserable, and am still paying for it today. My question is, can gluten cause that sort of reaction in people, or is it probably just from the dairy in the pie? Also, if I wait 2 more days and then reintro JUST gluten, will it still work even though I already ate a wheat roll yesterday?
  4. bekahellen

    I love fruit and nuts... HELP

    I usually just eat chicken breasts or eggs (or my favorite Applegate hot dogs...) and if someone else is cooking red meat like steak or burgers then I'll eat it. I think I'll try throwing some leftover chicken on a big salad! Thanks everyone!
  5. I am in the reintro phase but feel like my pants are getting a little tight again... My first two weeks of Whole30 were AWESOME and my pants were fitting so much better and I looked great. Then I started getting lazier and resorting to more fruit and nuts, and I can definitely tell a difference. The worst part of my day is lunch. I am a college student and don't have time to go home and make lunch in the middle of the day, so I usually end up eating a Lara bar and several apples or bananas and then some almonds for lunch and snacks. I don't have access to refrigeration at school so I don't think I could bring meat with... Also I pretty much hate vegetables except for carrots and salad greens. Any ideas that would be easy to prepare during hectic mornings?
  6. bekahellen

    The crazy things people say

    "What do you eat, cardboard?" (talkative grocery store clerk sorting through my purchases) "Healthy, healthy, healthy, Lara bars? Those are chock full of sugar." (I advise him to read the label, and explain to him what a Whole30 is) "Oh. Well, how do you stay full if you don't eat dairy?" "How are you supposed to get fiber?" (My poor boyfriend- I had to explain to him that fruits and vegetables contain fiber) "30 DAYS?? You're insane" (I didn't have the guts to tell her I was planning to mainly follow these guidelines for the rest of my life)
  7. bekahellen

    Day 4, feel completely normal

    I'm on Day 11 now and still feel completely fine! I've had almost no negative symptoms. No significant positive results yet, but I'm feeling good so I'm pressing on
  8. I haven't done extensive research on the matter, but I have seen many articles that suggest numerous timelines. The only thing consistent I found is that they are almost all at least 14 days of abstinence before reintroduction. So I think 21 will be sufficient for that purpose.
  9. Love the thoughtful discussion! I'll say I'm doing a "Whole21" since besides the shortened length I am following all of the rules 100%. And in the future I definitely plan to do a full 30 days. My circumstances just make it difficult at this point in my life. And on another note, I'm on day 11 and feeling awesome!
  10. Thanks! Could I switch up the order a little, like starting with dairy instead of legumes (as long as gluten-containing grains are last)?
  11. Where is a guide on reintoduction of foods? I definitely want to see if gluten and dairy are culprits. I am planning on doing another Whole30 in the future, possibly this summer when I live with my parents (so they can foot the bill) or once I graduate and start working full time next spring.
  12. I am on Day 8 and feeling very normal. I have felt fine every day so far except a slight headache on day 2. I am following all the rules (only mistake I made was realizing that my "fresh from the deli" turkey had dextrose in it, yuck). Anyways, I am thinking about stopping right before Easter, which would make it 21 or 22 days I think. Several reasons: 1. I am a poor college student and meat is expensive and I am tired of eggs. 2. Easter (really every holiday) is a big deal in my family and I don't want to be a killjoy. 3. I am making this decision to cut back to 21 days very consciously, and not giving into a craving (which I have had none of so far, weird). Honestly, I would still be extremely proud of myself for completing 21 days. Heck, I was proud of myself for finishing day 1. I've never stuck to an eating plan for more than a day or so until now. I don't believe I would be selling myself short. I view 21 days of Whole eating as a huge accomplishment for me since I have never completed much of anything, healthwise. I am just getting stressed out by the cost of meat (and almond butter...) and really can't afford to do this much longer. Does it really matter if I adjust the timeline a little, as long as I set my own goal and stick to it wholeheartedly? Thoughts? P.S. I do NOT plan to binge on Easter, nor any day thereafter. I have really felt good eating Paleo and want to continue to do so loosely, I just want (and need, financially) a little more flexibility.
  13. Eat almonds! In moderation of course. Such a quick and easy fat source and it satisfies my need for crunchy things Also almond butter is amazing...
  14. bekahellen

    How many eggs are "too many"?

    My boyfriend's mom has her own hens as well so I get eggs for free And I think fresh eggs might have less cholesterol or something like that?