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  1. Clare_S

    Starting February 20

    Hi, I'm also starting tomorrow. It'll be my second Whole 30. I completed one round in 2015 & am now kicking myself that I didn't just carry on with the W30 way of eating as I felt so much better! Well, can't look back, I guess! I live in the U.K. so some of the food recommendations on the forum or in the books are harder for me to source. I'm just doing some meal planning now & then going off to the supermarket. Good luck everyone! Clare
  2. Clare_S

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    Starting today! I started my first Whole 30 last year but didn't complete. Lack of organisation & willpower hit me towards the end. Stupid really, as I had begun to feel great. Looking forward to making it to day 31 this time! Cx
  3. Clare_S

    My mother was wrong...

    Oh this post made me smile! Congrats on an amazing Whole30 journey. Cx
  4. Clare_S

    Anyone else coming up to the halfway point?

    Yes - online shopping for me this week I think! Although I've not really been craving chocolate. I was very tempted by the smell of toasted hot cross buns as I walked past a cafe today though!
  5. Clare_S

    Anyone else coming up to the halfway point?

    Hello! Yes, this is my first W30 and I am enjoying it so far. Must admit I've timed it so there aren't many unavoidable commitments as I wasn't 100% sure how/where to find compliant meals outside the house! I'm meeting folk on Friday for lunch so I'll have a look at Cafe Rouge's menu now - good shout! I've mostly just been cooking lots at home. Key for me has been actually making time for breakfast. That is really helping cut down on the cravings. Cx
  6. Clare_S

    Anyone else coming up to the halfway point?

    Hi, I'm on day 17 & I was just thinking today that I feel I am tasting food better... I thought it was just me! Cx
  7. Clare_S


    Ah yes, this totally could be me writing! The biggest benefit I can say I'm feeling (currently on day 14) is that I have so far resisted giving in to 'reward' food. For 14 days. That's unheard of. Happy kickass life!
  8. Clare_S

    After 30 Days I'm a New Woman

    You must feel so very proud - congrats!
  9. Clare_S

    A minor victory

    Day #10 and I'm still loving the feeling of control - I was (is it too early to say was?!) such an impulse buyer of junk! I think the main thing I am appreciating is the feeling of genuine fullness; I haven't had to snack between meals at all. Hope everyone else is doing well. Cx
  10. Clare_S

    April 7th is the big day!

    Hope you all have a brilliant W30. I started last Sunday and am loving it so far!
  11. Clare_S

    A minor victory

    Thanks guys - right now I'm trying to find the small 'wins' to focus on. Much as I'd love this to kickstart some weight loss, if it changes the way I think about food then that will be a whole lot more useful! Have a lovely day.
  12. Clare_S

    I bought a Turnip...Now What!?!?

    You can dice and boil with carrots, then mash together. A childhood staple that!
  13. Clare_S

    A minor victory

    Hi, This is day 8 of my first Whole 30 & so far things have been largely positive. (Thank god for the timeline so I could rationalise my extreme tiredness and feelings of rage a couple of days ago!) I just wanted to post and share what has been, for me, a surprising 'win' of the programme so far. I'm just back from the supermarket and ready to start batch cooking for the week. I felt so good in the supermarket, shopping from my list and buying healthy food. This may sound silly, but the reason I felt so good is that I had absolutely no inclination whatsoever to buy any junk - no chocolate, crisps or sweets or diet Coke - at all. I walked past it all without a second glance. (Even though I'm buying organic meat, eggs etc, I reckon not buying junk means my grocery bills will be coming down too!) Anyway, hope everyone has a good week. I just wanted to revel a little in this new feeling of control! Clare
  14. Clare_S


    What a lovely post to read! I'm on day 8 & so far, all going well... well, once I got through raging headaches & ridiculous tiredness from about day 4-7! (Today I'm feeling much more alert.) Great to hear other folks' success stories. Cx
  15. Clare_S

    Feeling great already, day 3!!

    I'm just finishing day #2 & so far, so good - hope you continued to have a great day. Cx