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  1. Julie Quates

    Trader Joe's and Costco options

    I know this is an older post but I recently blogged about a Costco Paleo haul that I did featuring a few of my staples! http://homegrownpaleo.com/2013/02/11/paleo-and-costco-my-favorite-paleo-friendly-staples/ As far as TJ's I love going there, but always find myself walking out empty handed. I haven't found any staple items that I can only get there. Although i do recall their raw cashews being a good price and that's something that Costco doesn't have.
  2. Julie Quates

    We're done-More tired than ever! Please help!

    We've done just that and exercise or just being outside vs. my cubicle city does help give me some energy. I've walked twice this week and even did some squats with our olympic bar....starting small!
  3. Julie Quates

    We're done-More tired than ever! Please help!

    Thanks so much for all the replies everyone. I think our fat actually may have been too high. I don't need avocado with every meal. We've upped the starchy carbs in the form of butternut squash and sweet potatoes and that has seemed to help a bit. We will continue on with that. Also I think I was eating just too much food. Last night I tried to really slow down and chew my food and I realized that I was full from my big old salad before I'd even got to my main course. Eating less overall, a bit less fat and more starchy carbs will be helpful for us. Thanks again for these super helpful responses!
  4. Julie Quates

    We're done-More tired than ever! Please help!

    We're on day 30...! We had some butternut last night and took a short walk. Hopefully this helps with our low energy!
  5. Julie Quates

    We're done-More tired than ever! Please help!

    Thanks Rachel! We've started eating more starches but maybe we need more! Also...clicked through to your blog! My W45 ends on Valentines Day as well and I'm on the Paleo style bandwagon for life!
  6. Julie Quates


    Does anyone take Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Blend from Green Pastures? I've been taking SFH as recommended in the book but some other research has led me to FCLO/Butter Oil blend. I'm researching a lot about pre-natal supplementation but I think that this would be good for most anyone. I'm going to try it once my SFH runs out.
  7. Hey Everyone, I thought maybe I could get some insight here. My hubby and I have been doing Whole 30 this month. It was a miracle that he even got on board. He hasn't been strict W30 (he had beer a couple weeks ago) but overall really really close! We've been eating a lot of the healthy fat (avocado, coconut oil, minimal nuts, clean bacon grease!). The question is....are you feeling more lethargic than ever? We're so tired by the time we get home and it's all we can do to cook a healthy meal and get to bed. We're getting at least 8 hours of sleep and are only doing 1 cup coffee in the AM after breakfast. I've done a ton of research/reading on this and I know that we're as close to "perfect" as we can get. I've done a Whole30 in the past with good results. My husband, bless his heart, is sticking with this but he keeps complaining about being so tired and lethargic and feeling weak. Neither of us are working out at all. I've read that if you're tired you shouldn't force working out. We have desk jobs so I know we need to do somethign but we're just too damn tired! Typical meal: Breakfast: Grassfed ground fed beef (1/2 C.) with half avocado and hard boiled pastured egg topped with salsa. Lunch: Salad with some souce of protein (pork/tuna/salmon/etc.) topped with guacamole or homemade ranch/cilantro dressing (homemade mayo) with half an apple and sun butter. Hubby usually has a bigger lunch and we'll add spaghetti squash or something to help him get enough to eat. Dinner: Lamb Meatballs over spaghetti squash or bunless burgers or roasted chicken with steamed veggies and avocado slices. Or Stuffed peppers topped with a fried egg. My hubby is claiming that the avocado is just too rich for him to eat so I'm concerned he isn't getting enough fat. I always use coconut oil to cook so we're getting that as a fat source. He says he gets full so fast. He's so tired and I'm trying to figure out what's going on. He's cut back on avocado so we will see if that helps. I keep telling him to stick with it and that he'll come out of it but this just doesn't seem to be happening. I've started cooking him some sweet potatoes at night because I thought he might be too low carb. Any tips would be so helpful! I don't want hubby to revert back to grains to help fill him up or give him energy. I'd like tips as well since I'm just as tired! THANKS! Julie
  8. Hey everyone, Can anyone share some grab and go breakfast items besides egg muffins. My hubby doesn't really like the egg muffins and has been doing a shake in the morning. He's not W30 but he's getting healthier slowly but surely. If i could come up with something thats really tasty for him and super easy to eat he'd be good to go. We're open to eggs being an ingredient. We just get a bit bored with the cold egg muffins every morning. Thanks!!!
  9. I messaged Applegate Farms (awesome source for clean deli meat/sausage/salami/etc) via their Facebook page asking about the Carrageenan that is usually added to their lunch meats. This was the response and I wanted to share with you guys. Maybe if more people inquire about it-they will be pused to resolve this more quickly. Either way I will support companies with great customer service and great quality products: Gerry Clarkson, an employee of Applegate, replied to Carageenan removed?, a question about Applegate. Julie thank you for your questions. Applegate understands that this is a sensitive issue and we are currently reviewing available alternatives to carrageenan and new recipes that would allow us to eliminate it. We'll certainly keep our valued consumers informed of our progress as we work toward a solution.
  10. Julie Quates

    Anyone use a natural deodorant or DIY?

    Hey everyone! Still great responses on this. I do think its a bit of the ketosis with increasing my protein. I rarely wear any deodorant but do wear Crystal (its a wet roll on) and the stick crystal thing (which is strange). I've noticed that when I put Pumpkin Pie spice in my coffee i can literally smell that smell within an hour. Maybe it's just coincidence but maybe I've got a sensitivity to a spice in there. I'm going to try some FunkButter. I want to smell Yummy again!
  11. Julie Quates

    Slaying the sugar dragon: After Action Report

    Thank for the thorough follow up!! Awesome!!
  12. Great responses ladies! I'm happy to hear that some of you have done it successfully! My husband is totally on board with it. I'm only on day two of charting (basal temp & cervical fluid) and I'm just ready to get through a few cycles so I can feel confident about using to to prevent pregnancy. I'll look into some apps (doing it with paper now from a TCOYF chart) but an app would be handy. I have a droid though....
  13. Julie Quates

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    ME! Today is my first day. Doing a W45!
  14. Hello, I've been off the pill for months due to personal/health reasons. I've been looking into natural birth control methods and have started reading through the Taking Charge of Your Fertility. This discusses charting your cycle using basal temp tracking and checking cervical fluid daily. I'm just wondering if any ladies out there are using this method and have any getting started tips or helpful hints for geting started with this. Anyone want to chat abou this or seen success with this method. To each her own but I firmly believe that we've been duped into thinking that barrier/hormonal/chemical/inserting foreign objects were the only solutions. Less chemicals and fake things the better! I'm hoping that I can wrap my brain around this method (so far pretty simple) and that it can work for me and my (new) husband! We REALLY don't want to use condoms anymore. Julie
  15. Julie Quates

    Completed Whole30 #2! Woo!

    Great job!!!!!