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  1. Okay, honestly now.....on a scale of Julia Child to toaster waffle, how hard is it to start making your own? I tried my first Kombucha yesterday (GT Cosmic Cranberry), and I'm intrigued. But I don't want to start a project that I will end up abandoning in a big-yet-messy hurry. Also, is living in a climate where my coconut oil and red palm oil are always liquid at "room temp" going to be an issue for making my own booch?
  2. kew

    Approved sausage?

    I don't think anyone mentioned these guys up-thread already; US Wellness makes a compliant pork sausage which you can order online. There is a minimum order size but I find it very easy to meet their minimum. (They also make a compliant bacon.)
  3. kew

    The crazy things people say

    Mom and sister in chorus: "You're not having wine?? YOU are not having WINE???" I guess we know one reason why I need to be doing a Whole30.....
  4. Still makes me laugh, too. And I did the same with my son and the chocolate cake I made for his birthday last week!