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  1. Addiction is a serious topic and hard to talk about in personal terms. And I don't want to suggest that you don't take your own concerns seriously. But another approach would be to think about something like Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint (google if you're not familiar), which does allow red wine in moderation, and also allows high-quality dairy and even occasional very high % cocoa dark chocolate. You could perhaps test yourself to see if you can live long-term with that less restrictive plan, without then also straying back to the sugars and excessive or non-paleo carbs. To do that, though, I personally would suggest a stricter clean up for at least 3 weeks, W30 style, and then reintroduce red wine only, and see if you can stick (1) to moderation in the wine and (2) clean paleo eating. And if you cannot manage it, then perhaps you know that wine is, for you, the biggest "without brakes" trigger. Or maybe it turns out that something else is the trigger, which you can avoid. And I would also suggest -- simply because this is how I approach it -- that you adopt the "1 person experiment" approach. This is not about whether you can earn another notch, or succeed, etc, but rather an experiment to learn how you, in particular, function best in the world. PS: one might say I am no one to give advice, because I fell off the wagon hard over the summer. And I think it was because I made life easier for my mom and more short-term pleasurable for myself by returning to bread, pasta, etc, during our family vacation. In truth, it really would have been hard for her and for me to work around a W30 or even paleo plan. Really, really hard....for two weeks. But it was super hard for me to clean up my act afterwards. That vacation ended in late July, and I am only now getting back to a W30. I didn't want to believe I needed it, but oh, brother, do I ever!
  2. kew

    Starting today - Oct 23 - Anyone else? :)

    I started on Monday, which is pretty close. This will be my third W30. How about you?
  3. kew


    In this, as in so many things, Physibeth is really smart.
  4. kew

    Doing Whole 30 during my birthday!

    For party food, how about W30-compliant chicken wings, if you like that sort of thing. I make a version of these which I love: Sweets are hard on the W30, of course. But if you haven't discovered kombucha yet, maybe now is the time -- tangy/sour/sweet/fizzy. Yum. And a heaping bowl of gorgeous berries or other seasonal fruit can be pretty luscious, especially with some coconut cream. If the cake for your birthday were, say, a "deconstructed berry trifle," then some people could have cake, berries, cream, custard, the works, and others could have just berries. Or you could just make it a Your30 instead of a Whole30 and pre-plan 3 specific indulgences -- note that I didn't say three days of indulgence, but three specific instances of off-plan eating -- and then jump into a WholeN afterward.
  5. kew

    Throwing away the scale.

    Good luck, katie328! It's very hard to get over the scale addiction....specifically, that bit about not seeing a loss when you think there should be one. Even if you weigh in rarely, that can be a real punch to the solar plexus.... But I think you did GREAT in making yourself a proper W30 breakfast instead of panicking and trying something else! And of course, you know that weight does not equal worth OR appearance. I've posted this link before, but I think it's worth a re-post. Keep up the good work!
  6. It would be interesting to know if it is legal to fold MSG under "herbs and spices," for example. I suppose I could google that...hmmm....looks like that answer is no, in that ADDED MSG must be disclosed, but not naturally occurring forms ie in yeast and other ingredients. re MSG: re spices: see also:
  7. Okay, honestly now.....on a scale of Julia Child to toaster waffle, how hard is it to start making your own? I tried my first Kombucha yesterday (GT Cosmic Cranberry), and I'm intrigued. But I don't want to start a project that I will end up abandoning in a big-yet-messy hurry. Also, is living in a climate where my coconut oil and red palm oil are always liquid at "room temp" going to be an issue for making my own booch?
  8. kew

    Mild coconut oils?

    I use refined* coconut oil for cooking (I get mine at Whole Foods, fwiw), and it has no coconut taste or smell, and it is stable to a higher heat than the unrefined. I also have some extra virgin (unrefined?) coconut oil (from Nutiva, ordered on Amazon), which to my surprise smelled and tasted like coconut even when it's cooked. The extra virgin CO 'ruined' my zucchini noodles the first time I tried it, but now I just use the two types for different things. * Some may say the refined oil is icky for various reasons. I use it anyway, but I don't remember if the W30 guidelines specify a type.
  9. kew

    Chicken liver pate

    Let us know what recipe you try and how it goes, GoJo09! I have been thinking about making pate myself but have not had the nerve....
  10. kew

    sad and frustrated

    My situation is not like yours, but I thought I would share a little tweak in my head that I stumbled across recently in the hopes that it might be useful I have been struggling with wanting to go off plan a lot lately, now that I have finished a W30 but have not had all the results I want in terms of fat and inches lost (to heck with the lbs). I suddenly started asking myself NOT "do I want wine/cookies/ice cream?" because the answer to that was "hell, yes!" but rather "Is this particular instance of cookie/ice cream/wine/whatever worth it, worth breaking my streak?" I think what made the difference was twofold: framing it in terms of my past accomplishment AND framing it in terms of a particular item, not the idea of the item. Because the idea of the item is almost always better than the item itself. And if I think about the particular example instead of the idealized general, it's often obvious true that no, this one is NOT worth it. (And I leave open the possibility that another one could be worth it, which removes the "oh, no, I can never have X again!" reflex.) I hope you get some comfort/support from this forum, and thank you for asking that question -- you are certainly not alone in this struggle. And I wish you all the best -- weddings are amazingly stressful even in very good circumstances. Just ask my husband, who saw me burst out sobbing in public twice in the week before my wedding, once just because the music in an outdoor pizza joint was too loud... {I cry buckets for Hallmark commercials and sad things in the world, but not for myself as a rule.}
  11. As requested..... On Pork: On Poultry:
  12. GoJo09, I swear by my Soda Stream..... I would definitely encourage you to go for it if it is at all practical for you. I love mine, and I love keeping all that plastic out of the landfill, too!
  13. This could be totally unrelated to your W30, since correlation is not causation. I would talk to your doctor, frankly. I say this only from personal experience, not from any professional mental health background. A couple of years ago, I had what felt like an incredibly rapid onset of depression -- within a two week period, I was reduced to sitting on the floor, crying, unable to motivate myself to move or even focus my eyes, feeling that my life was a kind of jail. Only in retrospect did I see that it had been coming on for months.
  14. I read the same article, and I was mightily hacked off, like you are. No answers for you, but lots of sympathy.
  15. For many of us, a little relaxation of the rules is all it takes to move into a long-term comfortable lifestyle. For many others, a little leeway becomes a runaway train of less-good food choices. As you try to figure out whether you are one of these types, it can be tricky to trust yourself -- even if you know, it can be tricky. For my part, I know I have many food without breaks and that I was really happy during my W30 with my not-obsessed-with-cheating feelings. Now, I want badly want to cheat in small ways, which I think for me is next-door to cheating in big ways, and I am struggling. Especially since my re-introductions, like yours, did not result in catastrophic never-again sorts of reactions. I think that a wholistic approach to the postW30 period can be a good one, by which I mean, factoring in the total picture of your life, not just (for example) your eating and your weight. What really matters to you? And what is the way for you to be in the world (food, exercise, sleep, play, relationships, work, the Whole9 [sic]) that best serves those goals. We cannot be perfect, but we can be honest with ourselves about our priorities and try to be faithful to them. And on a more practical note..... do you know about the F*** Off list? This is the idea that there are some foods we eat because we know they are so healthy for us that we do it even if we don't like them. And then there are some foods that we love so much that we eat them even though we know they are not healthy. The idea, I think, is that we are not striving to be automata who always follow the rules, but people who live the best, fullest lives we can. But it's also key to think hard about your list so that you don't end up with 50 everyday treats but with two or three or four truly exceptional ones.