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  1. So I've been diagnosed with almost every psychiatric disorder in the DSM. I insisted on getting a new psychiatrist recently to rule Bipolar in or out, because no psych has ever spent a sufficient amount of time with me before diagnosing me with it. Usually they ask for prior mental illness diagnoses then say "yep you have Bipolar" after 20 minutes. I'm now in grad school for mental health (clinical social work) and I've become more "pushy" with my doctors in that I advocate for them to spend a sufficient amount of time with me, as well as go over diagnostic symptoms very thoroughly before giving me one. They seem to take me more seriously now. I've struggled with depression/anxiety/mental fog for a very long time. I definitely meet the criteria for PTSD. I was recently in the hospital (behavioral) for 11 days because some major life events happened that pushed me to my limit and I didn't feel like I could cope, or even physically move my body at times. I'm also 8 months pregnant. I've been eating paleo for 2 years but it's been a very lax type of paleo. I'll "cheat" pretty often with paleo treats and I decided to say I was primal for a bit and began eating A LOT of cheese. My symptoms were very bad just a week ago and had been for awhile. I haven't had wheat in a really long time and I looked up how dairy can affect mental health and found casein can act like gluten does in our bodies, so I decided to give myself another shot at a Whole 30. I've tried multiple times in the past which always resulted in me binge eating and eating worse than when I started. This time it's been very different. I think it just took me time (a lot of it) to slowly eliminate foods to the point that doing a Whole 30 wasn't that daunting. I only had to cut out cheese, rice, and gluten free treats this time around. I'm starting day 6 tomorrow. This is getting long but I have to post and say that so far my symptoms have been clearing up rapidly. I don't need as much anti-anxiety medication, I'm not having intrusive thoughts (OCD and PTSD), my delusional thinking is pretty much gone (I was having some mild delusional thinking but I wasn't psychotic, just experiencing "psychotic symptoms"). I know this is all anecdotal but I also know for me this is NOT a "placebo effect" which I seem to hear from a lot of people when I say anything about how this way of eating has helped me mentally. I've noticed every time I clean up my act and eat strict paleo, the symptoms really begin to fade. There is just no way it's not from how I'm eating. I do believe I'll need to cut out nightshades (I seem to be sensitive to things like tomatoes and cayenne pepper), and I plan to experiment slowly and carefully with reintroduction once these 30 days are complete. I don't know that this feeling will last forever or that I'll continue to get better but I do believe food is the best medicine (also...exercise!)
  2. Anyone with Bipolar?

    I am. I've just begun a paleo-ketogenic diet to see what happens.
  3. Congrats! Loved reading this -- it's helping me with some bad cravings I'm having now. Finishing up day 6.
  4. Thanks Petra. I think it's important to be honest about these things so people who are suffering can see they aren't alone. Anyway, I had issues with my first Whole 30 and quit on day 23. That was a few months ago. I'm feeling ready to attempt another one, with caution. I'm going to attempt a second Whole 30 starting tomorrow! Yes, I've read it gets worse before it gets better.
  5. Binge Eating

    Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been back here. I was trying to recuperate for awhile and finally did stop the bingeing a few weeks ago. I read a great book "Brain Over Binge" and I'm going to look for some Rational Recovery literature. Basically they talk about the animal brain under our logical brain. It sends us urges for survival purposes. When you feel you're depriving yourself the primal brain (especially if you've had ED issues before) sends strong impulses to eat, often, and a lot. But you can learn to use your logical brain to talk back to it. It's helped me a lot. I also started listening in on OA meetings on the phone. I am not religious so it's difficult to listen to every meeting, as some are very focused on spirituality, but hearing other people talk about their binge eating experiences does help me to feel I am not alone. Something about knowing you aren't alone and hearing people tell stories that sound just like your experiences, really helps. I'm going to try another Whole 30 starting tomorrow, and use the tools I've found while doing so. I'll be careful to watch out for any triggers and if I see myself going towards binge town again, I'll lay off the Whole 30 until I feel I'm ready to try again. Learning to be patient with myself. Thanks so much for the great advice and responses.
  6. Binge Eating

    Thank you so much for sharing that with me. It really put things into perspective. I'm going to take a month off and look into the tips for eating healthy. It really was incredibly helpful. I was about to read the book for a second time then try to dive into another Whole30, but that probably would have made things worse for me. Tori
  7. Binge Eating

    Thank you! I'm reading the book again right now. I'll check that link out now.
  8. Binge Eating

    I need help. I don't understand why I do this to myself but I followed the Whole30 up until day 23, then I just gave up and started binge eating. I'm on my fourth day now, and I feel completely out of control. I've had ED issues in the past (binge eating since my pre-teens and a bout with anorexia). I am so frustrated that I gave up with only 7 days to go. Is anyone else having problems like this? Before I started the Whole30 I was eating paleo, and only going off track a few times a week (a donut here, piece of bread there). After my attempt at the Whole30 last month I've just completely lost it. I'm eating things I never eat, ever. I'm eating until I'm sick and eating some more. I guess I am hoping for some insight to help me break free from this. I want to try and get back on track and try another Whole30 but I'm scared to fail again. Didn't know if this was the right forum to post this in. I do see binge eating as a medical condition so I figured it might be a good place to put this out there. Thanks for reading, Tori
  9. Day 31

    I have bipolar disorder too and I'm in the middle of a mania right now (have been for 9 months now). Thanks for sharing your story. I think I might go longer than 30 days, as I'm not feeling mentally well yet. I remember a long time ago (10 years) I went on a "diet" to lose weight, and I thought I should cut sugar and dairy to lose it fast, so I did. This was the last time I was going through a mania too. Wow, 10 years apart. Anyway, after a few months I felt very stable and happy and better about life than I had ever felt in my whole life. I was hoping it might happen again by following this program, and the anxiety I usually have seems to be better, but I'm still suffering every day. I am thinking of doing a Whole90 to see if it was the 3 months that was the key for me. Anyhow, sorry to go off on a tangent. Great story and I'm curious about the homeopathic lithium now. What's the difference? I'm on lithium but haven't heard of a homeopathic version before. Not sure if you'll even see this as I just realized it's been 3 weeks, but if you do, will you let us know how you're feeling now?
  10. Starting Sept. 1 Whole 30 -- buddies?

    Wow, I didn't realize you would all be posting in here so often. I'm on day 23 today. I accidentally drank a few sips of Gatorade on Sep. 1st and set myself back. I've lost some weight (clothes are loose) but I'm not sure if I'm much different mentally. I was already eating very close to Whole30 before I started so I don't know if that's it, or if perhaps there will be a miracle in my last week. Looking forward to day 30!
  11. Hi there, I've suffered from something since 15 years old. I say "something" because the diagnosis changes with whichever doctor I'm seeing at the time (PTSD, GAD, Bipolar...). Mostly I suffer from extreme anxiety/panic. I'm on anti-anxiety medication and some others. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing what I am: Basically I've been eating "paleo" for awhile now, just started my first Whole30 last week. I'm finding that I feel really good when I wake up, in the past 2-3 days. But when I take my AM meds I start to feel horrible. I've never really liked the meds but I did get used to them. Now it feels like I've been hit by a truck when I take them. Somehow it feels as if they're affecting me more now that I'm eating this way, then they did before. I see it as maybe I'm becoming "clearer"/healthier both mentally and physically, so I'm more sensitive to any kinds of foreign substances. Curious as to what others might think.
  12. Salami

    Thank you for the replies. I'll discontinue buying it while doing the Whole30. Appreciate the help! Tori
  13. Salami

    Thank you very much. Super helpful.
  14. Salami

    Today on Twitter an account by the name of PaleoViz retweeted the picture I took of my lunch. Some random person I don't know saw it and tweeted me with "processed meat is not Paleo!" Now I thought because the salami I bought is organic, no nitrates, hormones, etc -- and dry cured with just some spices, that it was safe to eat. There's nothing on the label that would make me think otherwise. The brand is Applegate Genoa organic salami. Can anyone help me out with this? I'm not starting the Whole30 over again because of some salami but if it's not compatible with the Whole30 I'll quit buying it.
  15. Starting Sept. 1 Whole 30 -- buddies?

    Hi, I'm Tori. I'm eating this way already just not super duper strict here and there. Just had all of my wisdom teeth out so it's been difficult to focus on starting the Whole30 in a serious manner. Anyway, I plan to really start on September 1st. I'd like to be buddies! My downfalls are cheese and I eat at my in-law's for family dinner every Sunday night (very American style food). I'll have to start bringing my own meals, which I am not sure how to handle. My husband's mom goes on "diets" so I'm considering passing this off as a weight loss diet so they'll not try to give me a hard time about eating something different. Good luck to you guys!