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  1. Snappy Shark

    pre-workout foods?

    Hi! I've been doing this a while (about 2.5 months), and I also train in the morning...I thought I'd chime in with my favorite pre- and post-WO meals. I do CrossFit at 5:30 or 6:30 am, and eat a good 1.5-hours before the class starts. (Yes, I get up at 4am most days. I'm one of those chirpy morning people. ) Pre WO: An egg fried in some ghee or coconut oil. Easy, simple, delicious. I've also had success with a handful of raw cashews or almonds, but that's only when I run out of eggs. Post WO: "Pancakes" that are basically 50% egg white and 50% mashed plantain (canned/pre-cooked and pureed squash or sweet potato would also work here) with a dash of cinnamon/salt and cooked on a griddle. Mashed sweet potato with baked salmon or chicken breast is also wonderful. I'm on my way to work by 7:30 and have my 'real' Meal 1 around 8:30 or 9:00 - today it was ground beef and sweet potato hash with a side of green beans and half of an avocado. YUM. Happy exercise!
  2. Snappy Shark

    Bloated, looking awful, feeling low

    THIS is why I do CrossFit. I, like Laura B, started CrossFit after my Whole30 was complete. I've been doing it about a month now and have found it to be the most inspiring, difficult, and fulfilling pursuit I've ever done in my life. Eating clean only makes it that much easier to improve in workouts. I recommend CrossFit to everyone and anyone as much as I do eating Whole30-style.
  3. Snappy Shark

    The crazy things people say

    This was in jest, from a co-worker with whom I'm friends, but: "you should go crazy this weekend and eat a whole peanut!" Then, a discussion about how peanuts are not NUTS ensued. (I am not going to eat a peanut this weekend, or an weekend in the foreseeable future!)