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    Help - Serious Wagon Fall!

    WholeStanley - thank you for your kind words. I'm busy trying to organise myself for at elast over the weekend so that I can eat nice and clean before going on holiday, I'm sure it will make all the different and I'm positive the bad horrible crappy foods I've been eating are only encouraging my feelings of disappointment and anger. I was so so proud of myself after completing my first whole30, I felt invincible. I want that back, more than I want pastry! I'm going to the Costa Blanca, near Murcia. I've been before a few years ago but know that it is very much "little britain" in that there are far too many places offering chips, burgers, fast food, to accommodate the all too common british diet. Going for the first time with a clean eating/paleo/whole30 mindset is new to me, so having a guide of what is best to order would be great! I'm in a self catering apartment so have access to a BBQ, I just don't know how to play it with all their cured meats and olives, things that may well have sneaky sugars in but I may have no way of telling....just avoid? Thanks again, this forum is just a fantastic and helpful place to come to when your feeling like expressing yourself and asking for advice from people who understand you and your eating habbits
  2. Hi All, I did my first whole 30 which ended on May 21st. I didn't go super crazy on day 31, but I probably didn't re-intro as I should have due to 2 consecutive weekends spent at weddings. During the days inbetween I ate predominantely whole30/Paleo, I'd say about 75% of the time. However, this week I have really fallen off the wagon. whilst doing some mild re-intro I found that gluten/grains most definately gave me an unsettled stomach, along with dairy giving me heartburn and making me feel quite sick. This week I have eaten pastry, chocolate, chips, cheese and snacked way too much. I feel hurrendous and am so angry with myself. I worked really hard during the whole30 and was feeling awesome, people were commenting on my energy, skin and my weight loss too. I mostly enjoyed how awake I was feeling when my alarm would go off in the morning, now I'm back to feeling groggy and taking a good hour to feel alive. I'm going on holiday to Spain on Tuesday and I don't know what to do. I really want to get back onto another whole30 because I clearly haven't dealt with my poor relationship with food well enough. At the same time, I know checking labels in spain for sugar, eating out in restaurants and making sure they haven't used bad oils/butter and added extra secret ingredients into things will be really really hard. I'm looking for any kind of advice, I feel so cross and disappointed with myself for falling so far and so fastly off the wagon, I want to feel the way I did in those final few days of whole30, I don't want my hard work to go to waste....
  3. Coco Nutter

    Day 31...Say Whaaaat?!?!

    Hi All! Well day 30 came and went yesterday and today is day 31!!! For those who want quick stats on the success of my own Whole30.... Weight Loss: 12lbs Waist loss in inches: 2 Hips loss in inches: 2 Number of migraines in the past 30 days: 1 (on day 3) I am totally in love with Whole30. The first 3 weeks (yes 3) were HARD. Tough Love. Tiring. Draining. Exhausting.....But the past 5-6 days have been fantastic! I have been so full of energy, have almost completely forgot that I was on a Whole30 until I was thrown into situations where those around me offered me food or questioned my choices. I found once I got into the swing of it, meal planning and making sure I was being compliant were just as simple and straight forward as brushing my teeth twice a day. I am so appreciative of the lessons I have learned on whole30. It wasn't until the very last days that I came to appreciate these though. Throughout most of my whole30 I just kept thinking "Yeah I can feel I'm loosing weight and maaayyybbeee feeling a bit better but I am for sure just gonna eat a huge chocolate bar on day 31". But now I am ready to make some serious comitments. I feel like I want to try and stay whole30 compliant as often as I can. I'm going to allow myself the occassional off plan item but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I like paleo baking and will do it when I feel like it, and I am a social bunny so will divulge in that as often as I feel it is worth it. I didn't come into whole30 with any dietary restrictions apart from that fact that large intakes of dairy really hit off my Aura Migraines. I am overweight (in a scale and non-scale kind of way...I jiggle a bit!) and have a little way to go yet to reaching what I think will be my optimum health, but not weighing myself has been liberating. I know if I continue my whle30 lifestyle I will only get healthier and reach what is optimum for myself. I also know that I need to increase my fitness to get there. I only attended Zumba once a week whilst on whole30 because I felt so tired and drained, so I'd like to intensify my workouts and try HIIT. Writing my success story, I finally realise why others write so much too. I just want to shout about how great Whole30 is, and rave about my results and my happiness after completing a whole 30 days of healthy, nutritous, good-for-you eating! I wish everyone the best of luck, and even if your reading this on day 23 (like I was doing) and thinking....this is not going to happen to will, you will get there and it will feel awesome!
  4. Coco Nutter

    kombucha in the uk?

    The Kombucha that I have bought today: Has this note on its website: N.B. although the second ingredient is sugar, most of it is digested by the Kombucha culture during the fermentation process So from the information that I read on the website I presusmed that the sugar was used before brewing for the "Mother" to digest and not added for sweetness after the brewing process. I scanned through the gokombucha website too and they seem to brew by the same ethics as Equinox Kombucha? I hope these are ok as I don't want to have slipped up :/
  5. Coco Nutter

    Day 25 - Still feeling bloated

    Thanks Tina R and Tom My Almond Milk is caraageenan free and compliant (after having to start over after day 1 ) Here is a sample of my last couple of days: Day 1 Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs and handful of spinach cooked in coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of homemade guacamole, handful of steamed brocili Lunch: Compliant Chorizo and Diced beef chili made with onions, peppers, spinach, courgette, mushrooms, chopped tomatos and spices Pre work-out: Boiled Egg with a dollop of homemade mayo Dinner: 2 slices of Pork belly cooked in homemade BBQ sauce served with roast carrots and courgette Day 2 Breakfast Same as previous but also a handful of strawberries Lunch Homemade Lamb Burger, 1 tbsp homemade guacamole, served with a mixed leaf salad, small handful of roast sweet potato cubes, beetroot, tomato and onions Dinner Nom Nom Paleo slow cooker chicken served with roast sprouts and sauteed green beans Am I eating too much? I;ve been pretty good at not snacking at all inbetween my meals and if I feel hungry I serve up a bit of a larger portion. Maybe it's the water? When I'm at work I get through plenty but I tend to not drink anything past 7pm or I'm up in the bathroom all night? Thanks
  6. Coco Nutter

    kombucha in the uk?

    Sugar in the ingredients list is expected in Kombucha, it's what is required to feed the "mother" and actually make the Kombucha tea. Check out local health food shops, I live in a 4-years-behind-present west wales town and they sell Equinox Kombucha in the little health food store in my nearest town
  7. *Disclaimer - topic of discussion is not lunchtime friendly* Hi All, Before my whole 30 I was a very "regular" person. Daily at least, if not twice or three times. I was anticipating slight constipation as mentioned in the timeline, I have been predominantley paleo since January so eating clean and only have a cheat moment here and there on special occassions. Now I am on day 25 and still feeling pretty bloated, and am only having bowel movements every other day, and they aren't really even that...substantial. Anyone else experienced this? Any advice? Would something like Kombucha help my movements and my bloating? Are there any particular supplements that I could take? I prefer not to have to take supplements and just let the food do its thing but I am slightly uncomfortable (I cut out almonds 5 days ago after reading lots of people say that that was giving them some bloaty feelings - I only drank it in my coffee/tea anyway) Thanks
  8. Coco Nutter

    What brand spiralizer do you recommend? I bought this one as I wanted to see whether I liked spiralled vegetables without spending a fortune. It works REALLY well and I have so far used it about 10-15 times and it's still woking beautifully. It has 2 thickness options for the spiraling and cleans real easy too! If you're on a budget I think its perfect!
  9. Coco Nutter

    CAMPING help

    type in "camping whole 30" into google and you'll get a lot of links to threads that have already been set up with some really good hints and tips Search for "camping" "barbeque" in teh search tool of the forums also
  10. Coco Nutter

    help with insomnia

    Along with the advice from LadyM, I highly recommend introducing some lavendar into your life. In the form of candles, room fragrance or the actual real stuff tucked into your pillowcase. Its sucha soothing smell. Have a lavendar bath an hour or so before bed time and start a wind down routine, have some light reading material to read through before you go to bed. It is all about routine, once your body starts to recognise the signs that its coming up to bed time it will respond positively. Keep at the tricks for the rest of your whole 30 and hopefully you'll see improvements. I am on day 24 and it has only been these past couple of days that I've really noticed the difference in my sleep, and my concious effort to actally enjoy and appreciate winding down in the evening and trying to get in a good 7.5-8 hours sleep. good luck
  11. Coco Nutter

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    Hi All, *-*Lurpak are now doing a "cook's range" which includes a handy pot of clarified butter..aka Ghee. Its currently on offer in Tesco! *-*Someone mentioned earlier in the thread that M&S chipolatas were compliant? but I went to check today and all of the sausages "Contain Sulphites". Its not in the recipe so does that mean that it is naturally occuring sulphites and they are compliant or are they totally out because it says they contain sulphites? *-* Chorizo from M&S is compliant, along with some of their jarred Olives - just come in virgin olive oil They also have crispy bacon which is great to add to salads, no sugar. It does contain Nitrates but I don't mind them, organically cured or not theres gonna be nitrates in there whether they're chemical or naturally occuring in things like celery. *-* Aldi Bacon is compliant too, they have streaky, smoked and ordinary which are all good and a bit cheaper Smoked salmon from Aldi is also compliant. Ground almonds are cheapest in Aldi too! unfortunately all their dried fruit is covered in sugar *-* Pink himalayan salt is sold in tesco - in their "ingredients" section, along with chipotle chillies (yum) and palm sugar (for when you're not on whole30 and dabbling in some baking) *-* I order coconut oil online, Biona Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is the best and I think the best value if you haven't got space for a huge vat of it in your kitchen. £7.99 for 400g from - they also sell desicated coconut, tapioca flour, almond milk etc etc for a lot cheaper than in tesco so combine your order to save on delivery *-* Nakd bars (not the crunch ones) are a god send when You're in a pickle and can only manage to rustle up some scrambled eggs. the new caffe mocha flavour is amazing! They sell them in tesco, I ordered offline but it's actually no cheaper there is just more variety available. I find it intiially more expensive to eat during whole30 and paleo (Have been paleo since January and am on day 23 of my first ever Whole30) but in the long run I'm eating less crap, spending less money on a coffee here and a biscuit there so I don't mind buy a steak or a nice cut of meat every now and again. I don't worry too much about grass fed because most british Lamb should be greass fed anyway, along with beef. British standards for meat and animal health and welfare are a lot better than the intense farming industries of the USA so I know that buying organic or free range is working just fine Hope everyone is doing well on their whole30's!
  12. Coco Nutter

    My mother was wrong...

    This is really inspiring! I'm on day 17 and am reading through some success stories for the little nudge forward that I need right now. Incredible, thank you
  13. Coco Nutter


    Spartygirl - I am on my first W30, day 11, so I can't be of great help. But I suffered a severe Aura Migraine on day 3 of my W30 and am hoping to not encounter it again! I suffer somewhere between 5-10 migraines a year, I have been prescribed beta blockers to help control the migraines but would like to not have to rely on this medication so am confronting my dietary intake. I was told dairy was my stressor, so thats gone. I have researched most recently that citric acid can be a cause of migraines? Along with that I find if I spend long periods on the computer/TV, not drinking enough water and not getting any fresh air it effects my migraines. Artifical lighting/strobe lighting etc can also trigger a migraine, and high levels of stress/fatigue....any of these been occuring? I have done quite a lot of reading on migraines and although I hoped that a change in diet would have a positive effect, I think due to its neurological link, there are many factors than can contribute to having a migraine that aren't just food. Perhaps someone can offer advice that I haven't found yet. hope you don't get another migraine anytime soon!
  14. Coco Nutter

    Exhausted, help!!

    NurseO'Brien - I am on day 11 right now, so if my maths are right we're on the same page. I feel your pain with the headaches and the tiredness, I totally felt it too. I'm hoping since you haven't posted in a while that you have battled through it and are feeling a bit better, I know I am feeling a lot less groggy than I was earlier in the week. Sweet potato made a lot of difference to my mood and really makig sure that I drink as much water as possible...and getting some fresh air! not being a gym, in the house, in the office, in the house and all over again everyday...I've started just going for a nice casual walk during my lunch hour to really take in some fresh air..clears the head and the mind and beats away any niggling headaches or groggyness Keep at it, it's my first W30 but I am trusting the prgoramme for the benefit of the results
  15. Coco Nutter

    Starting April 23?

    I started on the 22nd....I'm definately hitting those cravings, all for sugary things too! I'd say my dragon was crisps (potato chips) but I haven't actually been craving them which is really motivating! Dreaming of swimming in serval types of chocolate bars and deserts, a little aprehensive that my "re-introduction" might not be what it should but hopefully I'll be able to plan it well enough and re-introduce a group a day at a time...but thats a long way off yet! Having a camping weekend of BBQs so hopefully that'll be a little enjoyment during my almost-halfway point...bring on tiger blood next week, very much hoping it arrives as I'm still feeling pretty sluggish and tired...