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    cottagequeen reacted to AmyS in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    Nice! One of my favorite childhood memories was watching an outdoor movie by a pool: The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Cute movie, fun night.
    I've been getting outside almost every day, walking and (ack) bike riding. I'm so out of shape that I can go about 15 minutes on the bike before my legs give out. So my goal of becoming fit like a dancer is a way off. But I'm working on it! I haven't fallen off the bike yet! Just almost.
    I've finished my successive rounds of Whole30s, and I'm eating more or less how I want to - I happen to actually like Whole30 eating a good bit of the time, and I also do well with rice and corn, and I'm eating one chocolate covered espresso bean per day (I'd eat a bag per day but no one needs to be around me under the influence of that much caffeine ) and some chocolate.
    My BFF right now is collard greens. I'm not sure why, but I'm a huge fan these days, and also they seem to give me a burst of energy when I eat them. Since I do well with rice, I can eat collards, rice, and other stuff like chicken or beef, and be very happy. Though I'll also eat collards just by themselves, with potatoes, with eggs, with tomatoes, probably with a grated up chair leg if you tossed it on there.
    I'm sure the excitement will wear off soon, but for now, I'm likin' 'em.
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    cottagequeen reacted to kirkor in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    Had a cool "natural environment" experience last night --- went to a friend's house who has a projector and a nice blank wall, and a group of us watched a movie outside!  Good advance training for August's focus on Socialization & Connecting with Others too
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    cottagequeen reacted to kirkor in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    go for a WALK not a work ... guess I need to get outside more ;-)
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    cottagequeen reacted to kirkor in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    Well, well, wellllll.......... anyone still here? 
    What did we miss?
    July: Fun and Play Aug: Socialization & Connecting with Others Sep: Temperance For a while I've kept telling myself, "I really need to go bump that Whole9 annual thread..........." but then days turn to weeks and now here we are.
    But then, today, lo and behold, the Whole9 email links to Dallas's new post about condensing the 9 factors in to 4! ( I figure heck that must be a sign --- I must revisit this thread!
    So, I'm just going to assume we've all been out having so much Fun and Play while focusing on Socialization & Connecting with Others, that we simply haven't had time for the distraction of an online forum.  And as for Temperance, well, Dallas jokes about that in his post, "Why not remove the one nobody understands....What the hell is temperance anyway?" 
    BUT because with the whole "9 factors/12 months" thing (like hotdogs being a 10 pack and hot dog buns being an 8 pack) we've got some time left here in the last quarter of 2017.  Let's use it to focus on these distilled "4 Keys" from Dallas:
    Sleep Eat Move Connect  
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    cottagequeen reacted to missmunchie in Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!   
    Hello and happy November!
    I made it halfway through October's goals to work out consistently and keep up with daily blog posts, but after a couple weeks it all fell to the wayside. I guess it's just not a priority over maintaining some relationships with family members right now, so my focus shifted to putting in more quality time with my loved ones. All good things, all good things!
    I haven't set any goals in November yet. I just had my birthday, and intended on doing some real good goal setting and planning, but I haven't been able to settle down enough to focus and decide what my priorities are just yet. Instead of beating myself up ("Why can't you just stay focused?!? How do you expect to improve on anything if you don't commit?") like I have in the past, I'm just rolling with it for now. I still have some major Life Stuff I'm dealing with, so I'm really embracing the idea that now is not the time to do All of The Things, and I just need to focus on taking good care of myself and my family. 
    Also, since it was just my birthday, I spent last week absolutely cracking out on cake, Halloween candy, and wine/beer. The stress probably didn't help my decision making when choosing to grab another piece of candy or glass of wine. My tendonitis has flared up like I haven't experienced before, so this week my hubby and I are doing a few days of Whole30 eating to mini-reset and calm things down. I am amazed at how fast my body responded (poorly) to all of the sugar; usually it would be a few weeks/months before I really started to feel terrible again. But now I know I can reset and start to feel better, and I will be much more discretionary the next time I have the option to enjoy sugar. I'm really grateful that I'm starting to see the correlation between my food choices and how I feel. Very rarely is sugar worth the soreness and energy crash!
    How is everyone else finishing out the year? Any thoughts or plans for 2017 yet?
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    cottagequeen reacted to kirkor in Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!   
    Challenge, lifestyle, area of focus ... lots of different terms and metaphors to use.
    Like there's lots of factors to a successful business, but certain months or quarters there might be a concentration on improving sales, or customer service, or doing a remodel on the office.  Or in housekeeping, you might always tidy up after yourself, but some weekends you give the garage extra attention, or wax the wood floors, or wash the curtains ...and then there's the classic "spring cleaning".
    With the nature of internet forums and how people can pop in an out (looking at myself here ;)) I think it's cool to have a reliable thread like this to carry people on throughout the year.  It's a nice "thread" in both senses of the word to tie together the shorter episodic Whole30s people participate in.
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    cottagequeen reacted to AmyS in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    Oh good - this is a great focus for me this month! As of May 8 I'm done with my semester, and not a microsecond too soon I assure you.
    My training focus will be my voice - it's time to bring it back out of oblivion, where it has sat in mothballs all semester.
    My healthy movement focus will be walking every day.
    My longer term goal is to really become dancer-style fit, but this will take time, and May is a good time to make a start.
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    cottagequeen reacted to kirkor in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    Our focus for May is "Training and Healthy Movement"
    Training could be full-on exercise like weight training (good list here: and elliptical machines.  Could be training for a race.  Could be sport-specific stuff like rock climbing or jiu jitsu.
    Healthy movement could be yoga, tai chi, or stretching.  Could be hiking or walking along the beach. Could also be taking the stairs instead of the escalator, or parking further away in a parking lot on purpose.
    Anybody use a Fitbit to monitor daily steps or other metrics?
    I've started running stairs again, and lifting weights as well.  Been since October when I had the car wreck, and it's crazy how capacity diminishes if you don't maintain it.

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    cottagequeen reacted to jmcbn in Potato Starch   
    Potato starch is fine. And Potato Kugel with the ingredients you describe would be fine - the sweet versions not so much.
    Much of what you might want to ask will have been asked before, including this question. The best way to search the forum is via Google - type in 'Whole30' + 'you query' (so in this case 'whole30 potato starch') and you'll be linked to previous discussions on the topic.
    As per the forum rules please do not cross post the same question in multiple threads.
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    cottagequeen reacted to jmcbn in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    April isn't going to bad for me. I had a few days away with my kids which we spent out doors, all day, every day, until the sun went down & then we ate together, and talked together until we were all done & then & ONLY then were the screens allowed to make an appearance.
    Work wise I knuckled down and cleared a back log of work before we closed for the Easter break, which means I'll only be dealing with the current stuff when I start back on Monday, plus some lingering EOY stuff - but with everything else up to date I won't be feeling the same pressure at leaving anything else aside.
    Food-wise I'm not stressed at all. I don't really recall the last time I felt stressed about food. What I eat is of my choosing and I feel no guilt surrounding any of those choices because they are based on knowledge of the consequences. No guilt = no stress.
    I'm also feeling less stressed about training - and I am CERTAIN this is because of the new gym. I don;t have to invest ANY time, thought or energy in to figuring out what I'm going to do on any given day. I turn up, do what I'm told, sweat A LOT, huff, puff & complain with the rest of them occasionally, and go home. There has not been a single session where I haven't felt it (in a good way) the next day and since I'm seeing results - improvements in strength & flexibility for starters - it completes removes any residue stress I might have about whether or not I'm doing 'enough' - and on the days were I'm not at the gym I am walking, and loving it. Walking is my time to think, or my time to switch off depending on my mood - and it LIFTS my  mood - so it's all good.
    One other less thing I have to stress about - I FINALLY got around to sitting my final exam for my certification as a Nutritionist and passed with a distinction!! I was doing a crazy amount of stressing about missing scheduled study sessions when a social event came up, or being late with assignments when life happened, or just generally losing my momentum; but now it's done, and I'm relieved & thankful & excited all at once. So to replace that stress, having already done the foundation level in Sports Nutrition I've enrolled for a certification in that too. That said, whilst I think the certification will be good to have it's not really the direction I'd like to go - I'm thinking more of specializing in holistic nutrition and treating deficiencies & auto-immune disease, eating & mental disorders, and type 2 diabetes with food - but I need to source an accredited provider for that type of thing.
    So, when is personal growth month again?
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    cottagequeen reacted to AmyS in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    April is the most stressful month of the year for me since it's the run-up to end of semester performances and finals, and I'm in charge of most of that. I have some things taking the stress off of me, and next week will be the last week I'm working such long hours, so that's good. It's not an overnight change, but rather a big set of life changes that will take me about two years - I'm eight months in, and just starting to see results. But the stress level is really much better than I would expect considering what I'm dealing with at work, and I'm looking ahead to things being much better - so that's all good.
    I'm still Whole30ing, every month with a one-day break. I'm also doing something I haven't done ever before, which is to come up with alternatives for The Things I Want To Eat instead Of Whole30ing. I really do immeasurably better, health-wise, when I eat according to Whole30 rules almost all of the time (and I mean 99% of the time - if I drop that down to 90% it starts to slip). I don't believe that's true for everyone, or even most people, but for me, I realize the Whole30 rules are extremely helpful for my ongoing health issues. So, for instance, I'm trying to find a way to completely replace my beloved decaf mochas. The sugar in those things is brutal on me these days. I learned to make cold brew coffee and added some almond milk, and it's a good regular substitute, plus it's really rich so I'm not inclined to drink a large amount or drink it daily. (I also can't stand almond milk on its own, so I'm not tempted to overindulge on the stuff). That's one substitution down, and if I drink one of those per week it scratches that mocha itch, then I can probably withstand one actual mocha per half-year or so.
    This is where my thought process is taking me. All about reducing stress in one way or another, but no immediate solution for long-standing issues - just a gradual life change. It's all going better than I had imagined it might, though.
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    cottagequeen reacted to kirkor in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    This weekend I got back (my 2nd) home in San Diego, where I'll be 'til the end of June, so that right there is pretty much a perfect prescription for a stress-free month!

    I'll have to try some meditation by the beach!
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    cottagequeen reacted to jmcbn in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    So stress...... yes, I've been stressing about not posting on this thread lately so here I am about to resolve that....
    March and the focus on sleep worked well for me. I never did master the art of meditation AND journalling on the same day, but what I DID figure out was that the more time I spend outdoors the better my sleep quality is, AND the more naturally I start to get sleepy as the sun goes down - much to my eldest son's chagrin as he likes us to sit up really late on the weekends and watch movies.... But as the weather has improved, and my youngest son and I have been spending more time outdoors, our body clocks have adjusted somewhat and we've been really feeling the need to hit the hay rather than sit staring at a screen for hours on end. Then we're up and at 'em a little after sunrise each morning - feeling refreshed & ready for the day ahead!
    So for the focus on stress for April I'm going to continue with the meditation/journalling, continue with my 'daily constitutional' (in  it's original sense - the perfect time to get some clear thinking done and/or clear my head), and work on my 'Stinkin' Thinkin' as @MeadowLily likes to call it - ie. write down my fears/those things that stress me out, and then work on a plan as to how I can manage those things so that they don't have the same impact on my mental well-being going forward.
    Ok, so that's one thing off my list!
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    cottagequeen reacted to kirkor in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    Well dang, we all just became such good experts at sleep last month that we slept right through the start of April!

    But this month we've got an important factor to focus on: stress.
    (I was tempted to use capital letters and explanation points, but I didn't, because, you know, I didn't want to stress anyone out )
    Stress management might even be the most important skill we can develop, because it affects every other area of our life.  When we don't manage stress properly, our nutrition efforts can fall flat, our sleep is compromised, relationships suffer, and life just isn't as much fun.
    Great article here:
    To reduce the impact of stress, we can address both the amount of stress we're exposed to, and the way we deal with unavoidable stress.
    Avoiding unnecessary stress means learning to say no, limiting arguing, turning off the news, etc.  Dealing with unavoidable stress can occur through reframing, time management, and cultivating acceptance and gratitude. (this is just a snippet from the article, so read the whole thing, and also we'll look at all these different strategies throughout this month.
    And here is why our focus on stress management fits well side-by-side with our focus on sleep:
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    cottagequeen reacted to chr in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Yes, thank you! I am eating both. My mind/body just hasn't caught on to the fact that I am actually eating anything yet  
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    cottagequeen got a reaction from CCmomof5 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    And make sure you are getting enough protein. Protein and fat are satiating.
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    cottagequeen got a reaction from CCmomof5 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    And make sure you are getting enough protein. Protein and fat are satiating.
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    cottagequeen reacted to Gimpy in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    I'm in and looking forward to treating myself to 30 days of healthy eating. Good luck to all and wishing you the best for a successful journey ahead.
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    cottagequeen reacted to ShannonM816 in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    If you don't like eggs, you don't have to have eggs. You can have anything for your first meal of the day you can have for any other meal.
    Try making sausage (I start with this recipe, omit the sugar, and I cut way back on the pepper flakes and cayenne because I prefer less spicy), these salmon cakes, or even just burger patties or meatballs seasoned in whatever way you want. For vegetables, try some soup like this one or this one, or do something like this broccoli salad or this beet salad or this paleo "tabbouleh." Any of these options can be made up ahead of time and keep for several days, so you're not having to cook every morning for breakfast. 
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    cottagequeen reacted to SugarcubeOD in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Ahh... got it! Glad to hear it!!
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    cottagequeen reacted to SugarcubeOD in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Grains now? Or grains during the Whole30??
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    cottagequeen reacted to Kaylakat in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    Cran, you CAN do this!! Don't think about what you can't have. Think of what you can have. I was in the same boat but then I started looking up recipes on Pinterest and was so shocked that what I already eat just needs to be modified. You will do great!
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    cottagequeen reacted to DianeD in April 1st Start Date - Support Group   
    HI Mike,
    You may want to tell your wife that this is not a diet. It is learning how food affects you and then making the adjustment based on your needs. If she is still "anti Whole 30", accept that, but ask her not to sabotage you. And make sure you do not judge her in return. You are doing this for YOU! 
    I am trying to do some meal planning, so I can grocery shop tomorrow and make some meals on Saturday for the freezer. I think if I have something I can grab out of the freezer to take to work for lunch and have for a quick dinner, it will be helpful. Breakfasts will be my challenge.
    You are not alone. We are here to support each other!
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    cottagequeen reacted to jmcbn in 2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)   
    I've been using the sleep cycle app on my phone since last year's month of sleep focus. It plays the sound of crashing waves to send me off to sleep & then I get woken gently during a 30min window when the app senses I'm in a light sleep. Pre W30 I was wakening on average 3 times a night. Right now I'm down to once and whilst it used to be around 2.5hrs after I'd fallen asleep it's been pushed back to about 4hrs now which divides my average night's sleep pretty much into two equal segments. I never check the time when I waken through the night. Mostly I stumble to the bathroom, eyes half closed, and stumble back again - falling back to sleep is never an issue. My head hits the pillow and I'm out like a light.
    I think I've used the snooze button maybe once that I can remember, and I'd been ill through the night, still felt unwell, but really needed to get into work to do the staff payroll...
    I've been pretty successful excluding the quick scan of Social Media before bed this month, but really need to better manage my time in order fit in journallng AND meditation. Generally it's one or the other. I'm pretty sure that with a little more effort I could manage both!