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    (sugar video
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    Good find!
    Yes, that type of labelling is actually indicating that the sugar was used in the production of the kombucha (fermentation) and would be totally fine for a Whole30.  I'm sure you know but for people who don't, if the sugar had appeared not in brackets behind the ginger for instance, that would not be acceptable.
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    Yep, people do
    Most people are chronically dehydrated to begin with, it helps move toxins through your body and being properly hydrated is an important part of health.  You get used to drinking that much... at first you might have to pee a lot but your body normalizes.
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    Yes, you're right about the juice. It's the ingredient list we care about, not the nutrition facts.
    And GT's Kombucha is compliant as well but please remember that we recommend that you mostly drink water (1/2oz per pound of body weight) and go easy on the alternative cocktails etc...
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    Ah, okay... as long as you aren't drinking a bathtub full over the next two days just to use it
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    The Hopi plant corn in the desert. They plant corn because that's how they keep the world in balance. If they didn't plant the corn, this world, the fourth world, would disappear. (The Hopi are makers. As one Hopi says, "I carry my art in my hands. I trust my art to carry me forward.)
    Here's what a Hopi elder says about faith:
    (This is from the wonderful film by Pat Ferraro, The Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World. You can see it for free on YouTube or support the artist by paying 6.99 for a streaming license.)
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    I think a W30 of 30 days is best, with Reintro following, ASAP.  Complete diagnostic testing for the food reset, then create our own positive food management plan.
    Years ago, siggies reflected W90's or W120's. I deleted that out of mine. 
    My thinking - it was turning the W30 into another weight loss contest, whoever can go the longest wins. I began to see patterns, doing W30's in giant month hunks.  Some lost 80-100 lbs but within another year, rebound weight gain showed back up on their doorstep.
    In that pattern were those who did not feel the Reintro was a key component to their success. They were falling back into all of the old trigger foods.  
    It's really true. There's no such thing as a 365.  One non-compliant item and it only takes one, during 30 days or 60 days or 120 days and the Whole 30 is over.
    Thirty days are doable without weight loss as the major focus.  It's about healing our relationship with food and identifying food triggers or allergies.
    After 30 days, we are free to focus on the side effects of weight loss....without added stress that if one non-compliant item enters into the big picture we have messed up our diagnostic testing.   It becomes easier. Google Whole 30, how getting on the scale literally scares the fat.  Not that anyone is getting on the scale but adding the pressure of weighing/even weight loss demands on our body makes it twice as difficult for that process to happen.
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    You are clearly losing pounds of fat and gaining pounds of muscle, if your clothing size dropped and you notice a difference in how your clothes fit. It sounds like you are already in a pretty good zone, based just off your clothing size and numbers. I don't know how you were eating before your program, but it is possible your muscles were underdeveloped and now that you are fueling your workout sessions properly, your body is able to build muscle and burn fat more efficiently. When I added animal protein back to my diet years ago, I immediately put on 10 pounds of muscle - going from 135 to 145 in a month with just my regular workouts - and looked and felt awesome. I got endless compliments on how I looked and people were asking if I lost weight. I killed it in my sport of choice, which is climbing. The number on the scale can be a surprise, but it's really important to remember that greater strength is associated with less pain and less diagnosed disease as we age. And you are not going to get bulky muscles doing PiYo! If you really want to track numbers, maybe get your body fat percentage done or track your bust/waist/hip measurements - although not tracking anything but how you feel and perform is my top recommendation. But that data will be a little more informative. Weight is nothing but your body mass's relationship to gravity, and it doesn't really mean much when it comes to appearance or performance, unless you are trying to burn through a substantial mass of body fat.
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    You mentioned your weight but didn't say how tall you are. The picture at this site  - really says it best. Every one of the women in that picture weighs the same amount. But one is about 5 feet tall, one looks close to 6 feet tall, and the rest are somewhere in the middle.
    As a 5'10.5" woman, 150 pounds is about right for me (ish). I fluctuate like we all do - I'm usually around 150-155 when I'm not on a Whole 30. During a Whole 30 I'll usually end up around 140-145. I was closer to 160-165 pre-Whole 30s, but discovering that I have Celiac disease (through my Whole 30 journey) and cutting out gluten grains helped a lot of that go away quickly after my first Whole 30. The Whole 30 and learning what my body does best with on a daily basis has helped me really stabilize my weight well. Granted, I've had to temper it a bit with what I have time for, since hubby and I both work and are involved in our community, but it's all what I know I do well with. I know I can add white rice to a meal to stretch it since I didn't have time to do more. Or I know that putting some cheese on my soup to make it more filling (yay fat!) is fine because I tolerate dairy well. Does that add a little to my weight? Yes, but I don't mind it.
    What I guess I'm trying to say here is to focus on your body composition more than your weight. You mentioned working out and building muscle will absolutely make your weight go up, even if you lose body fat and are a smaller size. Muscle weighs more, it's just how it is. Your weight can fluctuate by up to ten pounds just by how much water you drank yesterday and how well you've cultivated the bacteria in your guts. It's why you can crash diet and lose ten pounds in a week - your body itself hasn't lost the weight, but your digestive system has.
    TL;DR: weight is a number, and depending on how tall you are, yours is probably about perfect for your body. Ditch the scale, buy some great clothes, feel awesome.
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    Please understand that the scale can be very misleading. If you're working out, especially working on building strength/muscle, your body composition and therefore the way you look and the way your clothes fit can change for the better, even though your weight stays the same or even goes up. The whole "ideal weight" thing is BS. As humans, we like easy ways to measure and categorize, therefore we take a lot of averages and say, on average, a person of this height who weighs this much is usually healthy, therefore everyone of this height should try to weigh this much. It doesn't take into account things like bone structure or muscle-to-fat ratio, and it certainly doesn't take into account things like your individual health. 
    Check out this post about Deb and notice the difference between her before and after pictures, despite the fact that she weight EXACTLY THE SAME in both of them. And for further evidence, check out this post from a friend of mine who weighs more in her after pic than she did in her before (please note, she is not remotely Whole30, and I'm not recommending following the way she eats, but she works out hard and has lost a lot of weight, and this particular post is just one more piece of proof that the scale really doesn't tell you anything useful). 
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    All good advice above. The thing that sticks out for me, though, is your size: you wear a small or extra small in clothes, but still feel you need to lose weight. Why? Do you hope to become an extra-extra small? why? I would do some hard thinking about goals here. If the idea of the number 150 seems "too high" to you, but you look great and have lots of energy weighing that amount, maybe that idea is the thing to shift, not the weight.
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    Hi Hutlifr.
    In your context, it sounds like you already know how the dairy you want to eat affects you.  In that case, there's no reason for you to do a controlled reintroduction on that food group: you've already got the information you need.   The idea behind reintroduction is to test for when you don't know how a food group impacts you physically/psychologically, and/or you want to know how eating that food will affect you.
    Some folks separate out different types of dairy on different days. For example, they don't know how cow's milk impacts them vs. sheep's/goat's milk. Those people would do three different cow's milk products on one day, and then three different sheep's milk products on another day.  Or a pasteurized dairy day vs. raw dairy day.  Soft cheese day vs. hard cheese day.
    It's your experiment of 1: test for what makes sense in the context of what you already know, don't yet know and/or want to discover.
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    Ooh, and for extra crazy points, add: "I have pictures here, want to see?" -- and reach for your phone. Betcha they sidle away and never bother you again.
    (Yeah, I'm a five year old.)
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    I haven't had to deal with too many (or any) crazy things. But reading through this forum, it occurred to me that TMI may sometimes be your best response.
    For example: "If I eat that, my poo turns green and syrupy."
    Let them respond to that! 
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    some people live on Facebook, it's their sole source of information and think it is all true...
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    Posted by TravelPhotoWriter on 16 June 2014 - 09:07 PM
    WTG on deciding to never go back to Splenda!!
    As a Type 1 diabetic (31 years) who is more healthy by all tests than most every "normal" person I know, I am a living test-case of any argument about impact on blood sugar, as I completely regulate my blood sugar manually So I'm just giving input into your pondering from the point of view of rise/fall of blood sugar... White sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, maple syrup & honey, raw or not, all create a quick spike in glucose, nothing "slow" or "low" carb about any of them.  Agave actually is much less of a spike than the others listed; I absolutely need less insulin to process agave than the others I listed.
    Stevia (the real version, not the "mixed with other crap so we can patent it" versions) is NOT SUGAR. It has ZERO impact on glucose levels; I'm a test case for many years now. It has been used in Europe & Asia for many decades as a no-sugar sweetener before the USA finally broke down and let it be called a sweetener & not merely sold in the health food "supplement" isle, to the dismay of the fake sweetener companies who can't patent a LEAF (by itself).
    It seems to me too that you got a bit "spanked," but I'm sure it's meant well. EVERYONE ANYWHERE is merely expressing an opinion based on what is working for them at this time in their life and what keeps them between the rails they set for themselves; just think - all vegans feel very, very sad for all "mislead" Paleos! (Kinda gets to be like religions clashing, eh?   ) But none of us are YOU. My understanding & DEEPEST POINT OF RESPECT for the actual founders of W30 is that ultimately they suggest, once "clean", be your own experiment to find out what works for YOU & what doesn't.  
    I personally like black coffee, but I have used stevia for many years in other things as an alternative to ALL other sweeteners. I don't have an issue with it being a "sweet gateway drug" to suddenly stuffing my face with M&Ms or slamming sodas... because I don't do those things anyway. I killed my sugar & yeast/carb cravings years ago. If it leads you to donuts, might want to skip it. 
    Because my primary interest is in keeping glucose levels nice and steady, but also in enjoying the sweetness of life   , I feel GREAT about adding a bit to my herbal mint iced tea I make for a guest dinner, or to the squash soup I make that calls for juice - no thanks, I'll use a pinch of or drop of stevia instead.
    ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY!! I'm loving mine!
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    Good day for keto news:
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    Glycerin is not alright.  It is a sugar alcohol and would not be compliant on Whole30.  
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    Please note, this forum is peer-moderated. Forum moderators are not doctors, licensed health care practitioners, or registered dietitians. The goal of this forum is to provide support, advice, and resources specific to the Whole30 program. We are not able to offer medical advice, nutrition advice, or specific dietary recommendations via this forum. Should you have a question outside of the scope of general Whole30 support, you should contact a Registered Dietitian, medical doctor, trained counselor, or other qualified healthcare provider for specific dietary and health-related recommendations.
    The information presented here is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained in or available through this material is for general information purposes only. Thirty & Co, LLC encourage you to review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician. NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ HERE, OR ACCESSED VIA THIS PRESENTED INFORMATION.
    Thirty & Co, LLC is not responsible nor liable for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information services or products that you obtain through this material.
    Any information you publish on this site becomes public information. By publishing content or information on this site, you are allowing Thirty & Co, LLC to exhibit, publish or distribute this content for purposes of publicizing Whole30's programs.
    The Whole30® is registered through the USPTO as legally registered trademark of Thirty & Co LLC.
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    We always drank ginger ale when we were sick as kids, not because of anything to do with the soda/sugar, but because the ginger calms your stomach. Now, I drink ginger tea for stomach aches/cramps - same effect, no chemicals or sugar.
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    Wow. I would probably change offices. I have never heard of anyone suggesting coke for a vomiting child. That's ridiculous.
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    Watched the video.
    "Need I say more?" YES. Like maybe an apt argument in support of your assertions. Rice is a staple of diets all around the world? Well, billions of people eat McDonald's too. Paleo is unhealthy because it promotes quick weight loss that can't be sustained? All three of the pro-Paleo participants lost substantial weight and have kept it off for years. YEARS and still counting. Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack in his 60's? So the f#@& what?!!!!
    And yes. Let's talk about the dangers of a diet with too much meat in it while the camera pans on plateful after plateful of veggies, nuts and fruits. ???!!!??? Uuuuugghh!