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    (sugar video
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    Hi Hutlifr.
    In your context, it sounds like you already know how the dairy you want to eat affects you.  In that case, there's no reason for you to do a controlled reintroduction on that food group: you've already got the information you need.   The idea behind reintroduction is to test for when you don't know how a food group impacts you physically/psychologically, and/or you want to know how eating that food will affect you.
    Some folks separate out different types of dairy on different days. For example, they don't know how cow's milk impacts them vs. sheep's/goat's milk. Those people would do three different cow's milk products on one day, and then three different sheep's milk products on another day.  Or a pasteurized dairy day vs. raw dairy day.  Soft cheese day vs. hard cheese day.
    It's your experiment of 1: test for what makes sense in the context of what you already know, don't yet know and/or want to discover.
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    Ooh, and for extra crazy points, add: "I have pictures here, want to see?" -- and reach for your phone. Betcha they sidle away and never bother you again.
    (Yeah, I'm a five year old.)
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    I haven't had to deal with too many (or any) crazy things. But reading through this forum, it occurred to me that TMI may sometimes be your best response.
    For example: "If I eat that, my poo turns green and syrupy."
    Let them respond to that! 
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    some people live on Facebook, it's their sole source of information and think it is all true...
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    Please note, this forum is peer-moderated. Forum moderators are not doctors, licensed health care practitioners, or registered dietitians. The goal of this forum is to provide support, advice, and resources specific to the Whole30 program. We are not able to offer medical advice, nutrition advice, or specific dietary recommendations via this forum. Should you have a question outside of the scope of general Whole30 support, you should contact a Registered Dietitian, medical doctor, trained counselor, or other qualified healthcare provider for specific dietary and health-related recommendations.
    The information presented here is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained in or available through this material is for general information purposes only. Thirty & Co, LLC encourage you to review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician. NEVER DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ HERE, OR ACCESSED VIA THIS PRESENTED INFORMATION.
    Thirty & Co, LLC is not responsible nor liable for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information services or products that you obtain through this material.
    Any information you publish on this site becomes public information. By publishing content or information on this site, you are allowing Thirty & Co, LLC to exhibit, publish or distribute this content for purposes of publicizing Whole30's programs.
    The Whole30® is registered through the USPTO as legally registered trademark of Thirty & Co LLC.
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    We always drank ginger ale when we were sick as kids, not because of anything to do with the soda/sugar, but because the ginger calms your stomach. Now, I drink ginger tea for stomach aches/cramps - same effect, no chemicals or sugar.
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    Wow. I would probably change offices. I have never heard of anyone suggesting coke for a vomiting child. That's ridiculous.
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    Watched the video.
    "Need I say more?" YES. Like maybe an apt argument in support of your assertions. Rice is a staple of diets all around the world? Well, billions of people eat McDonald's too. Paleo is unhealthy because it promotes quick weight loss that can't be sustained? All three of the pro-Paleo participants lost substantial weight and have kept it off for years. YEARS and still counting. Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack in his 60's? So the f#@& what?!!!!
    And yes. Let's talk about the dangers of a diet with too much meat in it while the camera pans on plateful after plateful of veggies, nuts and fruits. ???!!!??? Uuuuugghh!
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    I was watching a video from Fox posted on Clothes Make the Girl. The $%^ dietician is going on and on about how a diet with no carbs is unhealthy, nutrient deficient, blah blah blah. AS she's talking about how extremely low-carb paleo is the camera is zooming in on this big veggie plate, a bowl of nuts and fruit and Well Fed's Paleo pad thai.... I'm like, woman, if you are going to go on national TV and bad mouth something, at least do a little cursory research. Just a little.
    PS- If you are in a Kill-All-the-Things day, do NOT watch that video!
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    That's hilarious! I picture them announcing over the loudspeaker "this person actually has real food with them!" and a big, Far-Side style red arrow suddenly pointing at your head as everyone turns to look at you!
    Hooray for planning ahead!
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    OY! I don't drink milk either, but if I did, it would be the rawest, fattiest stuff I could get my hands on!
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    Totally going to use this image as inspiration next time I'm faced with peer pressure about my eating choices
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    Oh man, I love this string! More laughter, horror, and drama than the Oscars.
    I talked to one of my (obese) coworkers about what I was doing the other day, as he pulled out his "healthy" lunch of a box of Wheat Thins, flavored yogurt, and pretzels. It was so sad and ironic that he was telling me his "really healthy" roommate was pushing him to eat better and this was her approved food! And obviously she knows better because she's really skinny and works out 2+ hours a day.
    Back in college (before I knew what a whole food was!) a friend came over and made these sugar-bomb rum-spiked smoothies. I was asking her what she put in them and she kept saying, "don't worry about it, they're low fat!" I tried to explain that a 300-calorie sugar bomb does not a healthy snack make, but she just kept repeating "low fat" until I gave up and had some wine instead.
    My MIL at every family gathering: "Oh, you can have a little bit. Just one bite. It won't hurt anything ..."
    And I picture the overweight, sick, zombie sugar army staggering to the chorus of, "Join us ... join us ..."
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    I try not to look at that page because it makes me angry every damn time.
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    Ha, that's so strange. What does he think gluten is?
    Another thing: Whenever I tell people I only get sick once or twice a year, they tell me know lucky I am. I don't know how much luck has to do with my immune system; I just take good care of myself!
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    I'm shocked by some of the facebook posts on the Whole30 page. Before committing to a diet, wouldn't you want to read all about it?
    Someone on the diet posted, "I can have natural peanut butter and rice cakes, right?"
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    I can relate to this person, actually. I love the Whole30 because of the science and just plain logic behind it. I'm not so much a fan of "eating like a caveman (or dinosaur or grock or what have you)" as a rationale for my choices, so yeah. I might take advantage of the paleo label to narrow down a recipe search, but paleo isn't what I'm doing; the Whole30 is.
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    Friend: "Haven't they villified coconut oil as unhealthy?"
    Me: 'they' have villified everything 'they' can't transform into a profit for Monsanto or Drug companies.
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    Really, it should be the other way around: "Other than real food, what kinds of processed, artificial, homogenized, hydrogenated, chemical-laden, or hormonally imbalanced imitation food products do you consume?*
    *Please attach another sheet if necessary."
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    Yesterday I was filling out the paperwork for a new doctor (I'm seeing an oral surgeon next week). One of the questions was "are you on a diet?". Am I on a diet? What kind of question is that?...and from a doctor's office, no less! I mean, had they asked 'do you have any dietary restrictions?' I would understand it. Way to perpetuate the 'diet' mentality...
    I answered 'no' by the way because I am making the assumption they mean "are you eating in a certain way, temporarily" and I'm not, but really, anyone eating food is on a 'diet'. I can't wait to point it out to them when I go into the office next week. Yes, I'm going to be 'that' person.
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    cottagequeen reacted to Renee in The crazy things people say   
    Carla 1#/week is actually a great average, congrats!
    When I talk about the Whole30 program, I often get negative response from people who think it's too restrictive. Their answer to health and weight loss: Everything in moderation.
    I have two problems with this:
    1: Everything: Everything? Really? So a moderate amount of cocaine is alright? How about arsenic? Sure, these are obvious things, but there also are less obvious things. Bread in moderation doesn't work if you're sensitive to gluten. Milk in moderation doesn't work if you're lactose-intolerant. There are also MANY signs of inflamation that are much more subtle than all of this. And you don't know until you self-experiment. Eating everything in moderation won't teach you anything about your body.
    2. Moderation: There are no "guidelines" for moderation. If I eat sushi once a month, most people would say that's moderation. If I go to a restaurant once a month, that's still moderation. Same thing for candies, for baked good, cheeseburger, fries, chocolate, ice cream.. But if I add all these up, it's not moderation anymore. Nobody knows what "moderation" means to their body until they remove some foods from their diet, then reintroduce. Then again, we're back to W30/strict paleo.
    And just by the way, I've never seen anyone improve hormonal response, improve their digestion, their sleep, etc. just by eating everything in moderation. Health is NOT just about weight, people!
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    Back story: My father has only been nagging me for the odd 26 years to lose weight. Convincing me that I should be excersising more, should be eating more fish, cut out bread [not a bad idea - I think he was onto something here!! ].
    I spoke to him over the weekend and reported that I had lost roughly 18lbs since July 1st. (I last weighed myself mid October somewheres) and that I had averaged losing about 1lb a week. (July first was my first step into Paleo type eating, and October 1st was the end of my whole 40. He had heard via my brother what I had been undertaking and thought it was a very good move on my part.
    His comment was - That's much too fast! you must not be eating healthy at all!
    The man would fall off his chair if he would see how MUCH food I am eating and yet still losing (on avg) a pound a week. (We'll see what it is after my second round is finished)