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  1. DianeV14

    Advice for Crossfit beginner

    Thanks for al of the replies to this thread I started in August. I started Crossfit and stuck with it for one month. The box I attended was very supportive and made many modifications for me. I still found it very hard. I do see the benefit of doing Crossfit. But for me, it may be after I lost some weight and build stamina. Started my W30 on January 1 and will be doing an at home Zumba DVD and waling for now !
  2. DianeV14

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    I have started today ! I did a previous W30 in April and saw wonderful results. I lost weight and inches but most important broke my sugar addictions, overeating and bad food habits. I felt healthier and stronger. This time I'm committed beyond the 30 days and am looking to make Paleo and Whole9 apart of myself. We can do this !
  3. DianeV14

    Advice for Crossfit beginner

    Any advice for someone who is very overweight who is just starting Crossfit? I am starting my second W30 and will also start Crossfit. I have been somewhat sedentary and pretty overweight. I'm determined to get healthy and change my diet and activity. Any advice for a newbie to Crossfit?