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  1. Just joined this app yesterday, liking it so far! The visual aid definitely helps me look at my food choices. I used to write everything down but sometimes I'll forget something or underestimate a portion. Having a picture of what I eat definitely helps me. I take pictures of my food anyway, might as well use it for something good! find me on the app - kathryncoble
  2. remybriscoe

    Approved sausage?

    mulay's is the best! and they have great customer service - i was unable to find them at any of my local whole foods, so i contacted customer service and they called all the whole foods in my neighborhood, told me where i could find them, and then put me in contact with the manager at the location so i could let him know which flavors where my favorite to keep in stock. chorizo and italian sausage. amaaaaazing.
  3. remybriscoe

    The crazy things people say

    "you mean you can't drink coke?"
  4. living with separate diets, check! my boyfriend is vegan, so there's very little the two of us can eat together. our meals usually consist of sharing a veggie dish, and then each of us making our own entree. he keeps a lot of non-paleo food in the house (potato chips, ramen, oatmeal, tofu and seitan, etc); but then again i've got a lot of food of my own that's non-vegan (steak, steak, more steak). we both choose to share what we can, and we celebrate what we're both able to enjoy. we love going to the farmers markets and getting fresh fruits and veggies that we can both enjoy. it is possible, no one said it would be easy. keep encouraging him to try new things and new methods. as we grow our taste buds change, so maybe he'll discover new things he never thought he'd like. and keep up the good work for yourself! you are a good example for your child - as a kid she will be exposed to all sorts of food, but your healthy habits will make an impression on her during her formative years.
  5. remybriscoe

    Looking for good sides to bring to a cookout

    omg yes deviled eggs - always a party favorite! i also love making a big platter of grilled veggies, grill them with a balsamic marinade, or top them off with a yummy chimichurri sauce or something. fruit salad, veggie tray with homemade mayo-based dip or guacamole, chicken or tuna salad (with the homemade mayo) served in endive leaves was always a favorite of my mom's parties. or meatballs?! throw something in the crockpot and bring that along!
  6. remybriscoe

    Family weekend causing some dread

    i think we've all experienced these types of family get togethers, and while they are hard to deal with, they're not impossible. definitely bring your own food! bring some nuts, fruits and veggies to tide you over during the day so you're not tempted to snack on bad foods in the house. offer to make dinner for everyone the first night - if you make something big, you can live off the leftovers for the remainder of the time you're there. if you're out to dinner, you should have good control over what you can eat. just remember that you're setting a good example to everything else, if they see how happy and healthy you are, they can't deny that your habits are for the good. if they want to poke you and question you, you can offer to have a conversation with them about what you're doing and why. otherwise you can just keep the information to yourself and smile on the inside knowing you're doing a great thing for yourself!
  7. remybriscoe

    So much for support...

    great to read all these responses! thanks for everyone's input! and i'm so thankful to have this forum to come to and see everyone's experiences and ups and downs. i know i'm doing the right thing for myself, and it will eventually be evident to others what all this hard work means.
  8. remybriscoe

    So much for support...

    Hi everyone! So a few weeks before I was scheduled to start my Whole30, I talked to a group of people at work to see if they would be interested in doing it together. I know that last time I did a Whole30, doing it with with friends made things a lot easier. Everyone seemed really interested and I linked them to all of the Whole30 "cheat sheets" and online documents and great blogs. Start day came (April 28) and only one person, out of a group of maybe 10, committed to doing it with me. I understand, I get it - some people just aren't ready to give up alcohol for a month. The no soda thing scares some people. And no more burritos at lunch, the horror! I think the thing that gets to me is the few people who say they're doing it, or actually "their version" of it. So they're eating sugary bacon, they're drinking on the weekends, they still eat the catered lunches every day without knowing what goes into that stuff. Well, if you're doing "your version" of a Whole30, then it's not really a Whole30, is it. It's frustrating that 2 of us are doing the hard work, and everyone else who isn't still thinks they can reap the benefits. I know myself and the one other committed person will see the best results and feel the best, mentally and physically. I KNOW that. It's just annoying to have someone say 'I love this program!' when they're not...actually doing it. And so I come here to vent my grievances and be with my people! Anyone else experience this in their workplace or inner circle?
  9. remybriscoe

    How much Fruit is too much?

    I love adding some fresh fruit to sparkling water. Help make the water more exciting, and is great as a mocktail!
  10. remybriscoe

    Trouble in the afternoon

    I seem to have this problem as well. I work long hours, usually in the office by 930 and out of here by 7:30. I'm OK with the time between breakfast and lunch, but between lunch and dinner is crazy hard for me. I usually have lunch around 1pm and don't get to eating dinner until 8 or 9pm usually. I try to snack on a handful of nuts or a cup of mint tea, and I drink lots of water, but by 4:30 or 5 I'm starving. Do I just need a fattier, bigger lunch? Or do my work hours just doom me to snacking?
  11. remybriscoe

    Skincare products

    I started using a diluted ACV solution just over a month ago to help my skin. I've noticed such an improvement, it's amazing what natural products can do. I also try to take ACV vitamins to help get the full effect throughout my body. I use one part ACV, one part bottled water, and few shakes of lavendar oil to help the smell. PS if you use the ACV a lot, you may notice you smell like it at the gym...not horrible but still strange.
  12. remybriscoe


    LOVE LOVE LOVE Mulay's Brand Sausage. I used to be able to find it at every Whole Foods around Los Angeles. But now I can't find it ANYWHERE! Anyone else have luck finding it? Maybe I can order online... If you're able to find it, get it! It's so good and really hits the spot when you're craving italian sauage or chorizo.
  13. remybriscoe

    Starting April 28th...let the countdown begin!

    Hi Hi, Long time reader, first time poster! I'm starting my Whole30 on Monday 4/28 also! I've got a few coworkers joining in, also, so hoping it will be easier to be around work and the dreaded kitchen snacks with that extra support. This will be my second Whole 30. Did my first one last May, and kept up with the Paleo lifestyle for a few months after - basically until the Holiday season hit. I'm looking forward to getting my eating habits back in check, and can't wait for the feel good energy to kick back in. Oh god I need that energy... Good luck to everyone!