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  1. Suhug123

    Recommended reading?

    Dr Christiane Northrup has many on peri menopause. I started reading them a couple of years ago when I first started experiencing peri menopause issues. very informative.
  2. Suzy, I love this post! I am on my second Whole 30 while my aunt and best friend are both doing WW. I feel such a relief and freedom from the crazy diet mentality. I shared all of my first Whole30 experiences and results with both of them but neither one was willing give up certain habits (diet soda, small daily sweets, preparing fresh meals at home etc.). When they tell me about their weekly dates with the scale it makes me sad because I know what a false sense of self those numbers give you temporarily. I am happy to no longer get on a scale. I feel better, clothes are fitting a bit looser and that is good enough for me!
  3. Suhug123

    Holiday Season

    Thanks for the feedback. Good ideas!
  4. Suhug123

    Holiday Season

    Started my first Whole30 on August 6 and successfully finished on Sep 5th. Then I continued on for several more weeks. I experienced so many positive changes during those 30 days and felt amazing. Sleeping better, 10 lbs gone, belly flatter, less bloat, skin glowing, work outs easier and best of all not hungry all the time. And I even survived my birthday during that 30 days without cake! Then started adding things back and getting more relaxed about eating at restaurants…laziness starting to creep back…eating more junk stuff, less vegetables and feeling the pants starting to tighten. Oh no what have I done! Why am I back here? Ok deep breath…do another Whole 30. But it's almost the holiday season! Thoughts to self..could I do a Whole30 or Whole60 during the holiday season? What would it be like? Would I feel good? Would I feel cheated? What would I be missing out on? Still pondering…Can you imagine waking up January 2 without the extra 5- 15 lbs of post holiday flab? Without the food and holiday drink hangover? What a challenge…what a way to ring in 2013!