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  1. Thanks everyone for the comments! I am a big coffee drinker, tho keeping it to two cups (okay, mugs...) in the morning now usually with home made almond milk (may switch to coconut milk instead). @ Melinaka I'd never heard of the sulfa allergy and will check that out! And will definitely try that yoga pose. Just started a food log at the weekend so as to track these things better -- hoping it will show the pattern. Thanks again!
  2. So...I had never heard of this FODMAP thing until searching the boards, and am thinking that may be my issue. I've had painful bloating, gas (sorry...), belching, stomach gurgling after eating a few times on the whole30 which was worse last night and again tonight. I've found that dried fruit of any kind is an issue. Last night's M3: grilled calamari over greens with balsamic vinegar and EVOO, salmon w/ lemon sauce over greens (BV+EVOO), pellegrino w/ lime Tonight's M3: mocha pulled beef in bibb lettuce w/ salsa, grilled veg (beets, white potatoes, carrots, onions, and hazelnuts), mixed olives. I think I'm doing right by portion sizes, following the template, and taking in a lot of water/herbal tea. I'm on day 15 (1st whole30), and was mostly GF before whole30 due to what I thought was a gluten intolerance (same issues as above...realized it years ago when drinking beer/eating pasta etc. so cut it out entirely). Have also been fighting an annoying cough for 2 solid weeks, and overall am just feeling pretty wiped out which has been demoralizing...I usually run or WOD 3-5x week depending on work/kid schedules. I'm wondering how long after cutting out the grey items from the Whole30 low FODMAP list I should expect some relief? Or, any ideas on what else may be causing this? And last question, oh mighty forum gurus: any suggestions for immediate relief? Thank you!
  3. Pmw

    Starting February 1st!

    Day 12 and I have to say I am still exhausted! Fighting a brutal cold/cough thing since pretty much day 3...I know it's winter and all. Went back to the gym on day 10 and 11 and it was a total slog to do the metcons on the board. Having a hard time getting down the appropriately sized meals with having no appetite with this cough. Wasn't expecting the fatigue to hang on for so long! Totally failed on effective dinner prep tonight (no Lent friendly protein available...must plan better!) and find myself just wanted to inhale the bag of (compliant) dried pears staring at my from the counter next to the hubby's favorite Bourbon that he's just poured himself...grrrrr....any advice on fighting off this fatigue? Thanks in advance!
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    Starting February 1st!

    Hello - newbie to whole30 here. I looked into doing one a couple of years ago, and managed maybe a week before letting work/stress/being overwhelmed get in the way. I eat mostly clean (with wine...) except when stressed or on travel, which was pretty much all of 2015! I'm six months from 40, and want to feel/believe in being fabulous once that birthday comes around. Got back into the swing of working out in November, did 10 days no alcohol and 21 days no sugar in January and realized how much the wine + sugar messes with my sleep! Doing this solo on the home-front as hubby isn't "all in" but hoping to re-orient the kids towards healthier options. Great to see people's meals and hear how others are doing on here and thanks in advance for the support! -P.
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    1st Feb start!

    New to is day 1! Here we go! -P.