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  1. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    I never ended up having that hard cider I was planning for today, maybe tomorrow. I also plan to try to do a day for teff reintro. In previous Whole30s I never got around to testing that one specifically, I gave up after one by one other grains proved disastrous. Now I feel ready to finally isolate and evaluate teff on its own. I am not sure when exactly, perhaps this weekend. I have to go out and actually buy some teff first. Thanks, @Pippin1, I wanted to get that out of the way to see how it goes. I agree, it's a sneaky kind of thing that takes a while so once I'm done eerything I'll be keeping a close eye on it. @Heather_r, good luck with your company, your final days, and your reintro! @Jane3797, I was contemplating trying to reintro a vegan soy free fake cheese that does use pea protein to see how that goes. I don't have high hopes but I'd rather do it in a controlled way so I can show myself for sure rather than get tempted down the road and not be so aware of negative effects it's having on me. Then I'm going to try playing around with some paleo fake cheese recipes I've found that use gelatin.
  2. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    Actually, I don't try to recreate things like bread. I have celiac and gave up trying to dance on the edge of bread eating life style long ago. I do use things like lettuce, collard greens, nori, etc to wrap things sometimes though.
  3. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    Hey there everyone! I did decide to intro sugar yesterday, had a total of about half a bar of dark chocolate (soy and dairy free, etc) through the day. It wasn't all that satisfying or uplifting after all. Anyway, back to Whole30 rules today, still haven't reached any confident decision on easing up on the SWYPO issues now for the reintro phase.
  4. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    And day 30 is essentially done! Congrats to us all; we made it. I've had no appetite today but I did manage to have 3 template meals, salmon burger/mixed salad at breakfast, egg-drop w/spinach soup midday, ending my 30th day with shrimp scampi and green beans/kalamata olives for dinner. In the famous words of Rocky Balboa: "Yo, Adrian, I did it!"
  5. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    @Fiddi, I've come to appreciate the challenges to discover and create new recipes and even new foods and ingredients I never would have if I hadn't been pushed. You seem to have a good attitude to deal with whatever you discover. There's no point in missing something that has actually been taking health, joy, and comfort away from your life. I've made mole sauce before, improvised on my own but I bet there are recipes out there for it. @Kaylee1, good luck with your reintroduction process, whichever order you decide to do it. Your dream made me smile, it's funny how we think about what we're doing in dreams. @Pippin1, thanks for asking. Aerial was fun as usual. I have been stretching extra ever since. My muscles, unfortunately, are tense but that's from something that happened yesterday morning that left me stressed. @HopingtoHeal, I'm happy to read that you have experienced good benefits from the past 30 days and are inspired and empowered to move forward to hang onto your good feelings. @Srini, congratulations and have a wonderful vacation time! @Jane3797, I'm sorry about the shake issues and hope you can find something that works for you. It's been really wonderful having you here so I'm glad you stayed with us through these 30 days. @WholeCourtney, enjoy your poolside drinks tomorrow, or in-pool drinks! That's great that the nutritionist is so happy about your diet and I do hope you have continuing success toward your ultimate goal. I'm still around, also been pulling things from the freezer from past meals a lot and making simple things like eggs, steak, soup, salads, etc. I had a rough morning yesterday, stumbled into something terribly violent while out running errands and kind of got caught in the middle of other people's ill behavior. One of those innocent bystander things. It left me so tense and shaken. I went to acupuncture and am still just trying to break the tension in my neck and shoulders and killer headache that goes with it. I kind of hate people right now. I stayed true to my Whole30 even though i still want to cry over a series of non-compliant items I won't name. I am rethinking my original plan to reintro sweeteners tomorrow since I'm not sure I will be as controlled as i should be about it.
  6. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    @jiffylush, what is in the sausage, hashbrowns, and ketchup that you are reintroducing? Sugar? @Lizzard, I am not sure how many of us there are left here as we near the end but I'm hoping the quietness of the thread is that people are coasting through these last days. @Pippin1, I hope you enjoy the eggs! Thanks, @Jane3797, I'm glad you got so much out of this journey too. So another day is done and I'm feeling pretty good and looking forward to tomorrow, sort of. I told myself I was going to take it easy tonight on the aerial equipment but of course I didn't and already don't want to get out of bed tomorrow. Time to have a shower and stretch before I fall asleep right where I'm sitting.
  7. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    I might start with reintroducing molasses and then a few days later on the 4th try having an alcoholic organic cider. As far as the 7th and beyond, I haven't decided yet. I'm in no rush. I do keep wondering how much SWYPO would be acceptable at that point.
  8. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    Well, I just finished dinner which makes me feel like day 27 is done. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to accidentally go out and buy some junk food on my way to bed so I'll call this day another success. 3 days/9 meals to go until the start of the intro phase. I put the rest of my chili in the freezer after lunch because I think I've had enough of it for this week. lol I rubbed a steak with lots of salt and cocoa powder plus a dash of cumin and let it sit out for about an hour before pan searing/frying it in bacon grease from this morning's breakfast. It was a big steak so I only ate half of it but it sure was delicious and I am looking forward to having the other half tomorrow. I made a little sauce with mayo and tarragon for it since I wasn't sure the fat in the steak was enough. Green beans were my dinner veggies of choice to go with my steak.
  9. Ginsky

    Round 2 vs Break ??

    Please don't underestimate the importance and value of doing the reintroduction steps. The reintro phase is still a lot like staying Whole30 plus you can go right back to Whole30 once you've done the tests and learned/recorded your results from it. This is your perfect opportunity to find out which foods were/are most responsible for your issues and which ones you can have again with little to no consequence. Also, if you are not getting as much improvement as you wish, you might want to plan an AIP Whole30 or Low FODMAP Whole30 in the near future. But please still do the reintro phase after this one. I know it's scary. I took my time and spread mine out well past the minimal 10 days after my first Whole30. What I learned changed my life.
  10. Ginsky


    If it's listed as an ingredient that means it's an added ingredient and not naturally occurring so it's not allowed during your Whole30.
  11. Ginsky

    Ningxia Nitro??

    In addition to the milk, I don't think the coconut fruit nectar is compliant, I think it leans too much into sugar/syrup category. ( I believe that's why there is a post explaining about coconut aminos being allowed as an exception while other coconut nectar stuff wouldn't be. )
  12. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    Hello everyone and hello day 27! I think I'm having chili for lunch in a bit, probably with sweet potato, I'll figure it out for sure soon enough. I made green eggs with a side of bacon for breakfast. I don't remember the exact recipe measurements given but I read it a few years ago from Paleo Mom. Fresh spinach and eggs, salt, pepper, in a blender until smooth. Pour into hot greased/oiled pan, cover until done, no stirring or scrambling. I go through phases where I make it a lot but probably hadn't had it in a few months.
  13. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    I'm sorry to hear about the tomatoes. I was thinking of doing an AIP Whole30 later this year. I also have nightshade issues and have to avoid having too much or too many over the course of a week or so.
  14. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    Looks like my ninja blender does indeed give a creamier mayo. The stick blender does a great job but the ninja still beats it. I will probably use the stick blender much of the time since it's a faster process plus easier clean up.
  15. Ginsky

    Start date June 1st

    Yesterday was pretty hectic. I made more cucumber gazpacho soup but this time I blended 2 cucumbers with some raw almonds and cashews and tossed in a bit of cinnamon apple sauce. I can't get over how satisfying it is after working up a sweat/thirst. I also made more silky gingered zucchini soup but actually used more yellow squash than zucchini. I've done it before with this recipe, it's all about what's in the fridge. I made a new pot of chocolate chili today (using ghee instead of coconut oil) and finally got around to doing all of yesterday's dishes in addition to today's. It's amazing how it can pile up so fast once you get busy and think you'll just be one meal's worth behind but catch up at the next meal. So, I've been making my mayo with stick blender but feel like I just can't get it as thick as with the blender so tonight I'm going to make it in the blender. I'll see if my memory just romanticized the blender method or perhaps the weather is the culprit and not method.