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  1. I'm glad it's going so well! I hope you feel that Tiger Blood soon.
  2. You sound really prepared and proactive! I hope you have a wonderful experience with your Whole30. ... I mean, at least the second half. That first week or so can be rough but it's worth it.
  3. I love that kalua pig recipe! That's rough about finding the bag of candy in the pantry. At least it's out of there now.
  4. Good luck when you decide to restart.
  5. I'm pretty sure you can have (no sugar added) chia pudding and other nut/seed butters as long as they have no added sugars. I don't eat oats but I sometimes soak chia seeds in cashew or coconut milk overnight to have for breakfast. I haven't in months because I got braces in May though.
  6. That's awesome, congratulations! (also, I love sweet potato hash)
  7. I highly recommend doing the reinto especially for grains, it could be that grains are too much of a gateway for the sugar beast. Or maybe it's any one of the other foods putting you off balance and leading to the sugar issues. It's not always obvious and the key to getting your sugar under control might be found from a very careful and methodical reintroduction.
  8. I'm glad you are gaining insights and making progress. Did you permanently eliminate anything from your diet after you reintro following your first Whole30?
  9. @Semi that meal sounds delicious!
  10. Congratulations on staying strong and staying on track! sorry about the bike though, that's rough.