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    Ginsky reacted to jmcbn in Failed Mayo 101   
    Ladies, since there are SO many threads on the forum already about failed mayo I'm going to merge this thread with the largest of them, just to keep things tidy...
    As has been mentioned on this thread before broken mayo can be fixed by drizzling (well, pouring whilst using an immersion blender) the broken mayo into the yolk of one more egg - it's worked for me any time my mayo has failed!
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    Ginsky reacted to RevKT in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    When you have two crock pots on almost every day, one for dinner for the family and one for the primal grain free food you are cooking for your dog.
    When your dog also gets a scoop of coconut oil daily.
    When you dance with glee the first time your bone broth is gelatinous.
    When your kid pulls out cedar planked salmon, broccoli, strawberries, and water for lunch at school on "Pizza Friday."
    When you add at the end of all birthday and party invitations "Please let us know if you have any food allergies, sensitivities, or other dietary restrictions so we can make sure we have food for you" because you know how much it sucks to go to a party and have nothing to eat.
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    Ginsky reacted to kb0426 in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    When your dog poops orange from sharing your obsession with sweet potatoes and butternut squash .
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    Ginsky reacted to Melissa Hartwig in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    This thread kicks booty! I laughed out loud more than once. (The "gets mad when sees paleo pancakes marked as Whole30 approved" was my favorite.)
    Maybe me and Melissa Joulwan need to make a video called "Sh*t Whole30 girls say."