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  1. Now that it's cold out, all I want to eat is soup. Especially hearty main dish soups and stews with lots of meat and veggies. Typically I think people would round this out with a hunk of bread, but I was wondering if anyone has found a nice non-SWYPO alternative. It doesn't necessarily have to be breadlike at all, just a side dish with soup that you find satisfying. I was thinking perhaps some kind of veggie muffin, like these spinach muffins. Or nori crisps. Any other ideas?
  2. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    egg + coconut flour

    this recipe: topped with grass fed beef, avocado, and tons of shredded veggies...whole30 ok? Or swypo?
  3. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Jicama "porridge"?

    Thanks!! I updated my post with a note that includes your info megsswm -- yay! Glad to hear that someone else made it and liked it
  4. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Whole30 vs. Paleo

    to be honest, I don't even know what "paleo" means at this point. people often include rice, corn, dairy,fermented wheat,unlimited amounts of honey...I rarely use the term because it's so ambiguous.
  5. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Jicama "porridge"?

    Oh for sure! I vary them at lunch and dinner, though admittedly at breakfast it's almost always kale or kraut
  6. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Jicama "porridge"?

    thanks!! I will include a note with feedback in my blog post. just to be sure I understand correctly...if you had a big plate of kale with your breakfast 6 days out of the week, and jicama as your breakfast veg maybe once a week, I assume that's not a huge deal. but if this was a daily breakfast, you'd have to add some more nutrient dense veggies. do I have it?
  7. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Jicama "porridge"?

    I'll post it on my site ( ) early next week along with photos. I'm on my third iteration...still haven't gotten it quite right, heh. I will post it up when it's perfected
  8. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Jicama "porridge"?

    I'm wondering if this is considered SWYPO. I know that the general guideline is that it is okay when you are swapping something unhealthy for something healthy, like cauliflower "rice" or meatza or a portobello "bun". So I am hoping this falls in that category. I take a half pound (!!) of jicama, "rice" it in the food processor, and cook it in water with a splash of coconut milk and a small amount (1 oz) of ground nuts or seeds. Then when it's cooked and still hot I beat in two eggs. I also add a very small amount of grated Granny Smith apple (a fourth of an apple) and cinnamon. So it fits the ISWF meal planning template precisely -- plateful o' veggies from the jicama, two palm-sized protein servings from the eggs, some healthy fat from the coconut milk and nuts, bit of fruit. Is this acceptable for W30?
  9. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Starchy veggies?

    You've never had Nom Nom Paleo's grill-roasted chestnuts then I accidentally ate a pound of those...oops
  10. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Starchy veggies?

    Chestnuts have an insane amount of starch...way more than potatoes, even:
  11. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Pureed frozen bananas

    I've seen a number of recipes such as this: which puree frozen banana chunks for a "soft serve" consistency. I have read ISWF so I know that any dessert substitute can be dodgy. Is this Whole30 approved, or would it be considered SWYPO?
  12. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Whole30 OAMC freezer menu

    Update...a lot of folks requested a mini-menu, so I made a scaled-down version with instructions. You can view it here: . All recipes require no cooking on the prep day, everything just gets dumped into freezer bags, then cooked in the crock pot. I hope this is useful to someone.
  13. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Whole30 OAMC freezer menu

    Oh awesome!! I freaking love meatza, I make it all the time...takes less time to cook than meatloaf, less messy/annoying than making meatballs
  14. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    Worried about adrenal fatigue - tips?

    This is what works for me, YMMV: I eat some healthy W30-approved carbs. If it saps the craving, I figure my body was telling me to fill a need. If it doesn't make a difference and I still want to rip open a bag of M&Ms, it's a craving and I try to fight it.
  15. StuffIMakeMyHusband

    What about DARK (VERY) CHOCOLATE

    You could try having unsweetened chocolate in savory dishes, like chocolate chili or a Mexican mole...