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  1. Cinnaberry74

    Encouraging our 3 year old to try new foods

    I have 3 kids -2 boys that are 9 and 7 years old, and a 3 (almost 4) year old daughter. All 3 of them are completely different eaters! I made baby food for the boys, and baby-led solid fed my daughter (she ate when she was able to pick up her own solid foods). My 9 year old has ADHD/ASD and has to be the pickiest eater by far, I won't even say what he eats (but I always try to make it organic when possible). His only Whole30 compliant food would be a raw carrot. Seriously. My 7 year old is slightly better, my 3 year old is OUTSTANDING. Her lunch today was fried egg white, brussel sprouts, and an orange. She loves every veggie, every fruit. My oldest will look at a food and not try it bases on looks. We have tried the "if you don't eat it, you don't get anything else" approach. I'll be darned, he just won't eat! The 7 year old will look at it and smell.... 50/50 chance he'll try it (I just did this recently with stuffed green olives, with garlic, and he loves them.). My big boy will be seeing a nutritionist next week. I know I'm not a perfect parent, and I know that he'll grow out of this eventually, and all I can do is to keep trying! The best thing to do is to take the kids to a healthier choice store (I love Whole Foods for this), and have them pick out something from the produce department that they'd like to try. Google some recipes, and have them pick how they want the choice prepared, or just eat it raw. This is what I usually do with mine . (It doesn't always work, Again, I'm not a "perfect parent"!
  2. Cinnaberry74

    Coffee with Milk Options

    I used to be a die hard 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee fanatic... like, I couldn't drink coffee EVER without it. Never any sugar. After my first Whole30 last May I can't drink coffee with anything in it at It's either black, or none! I never thought I'd get to that point (and it took me 1/2 that month to get used to it).
  3. This is a tough one! I do have some disruption when I eat my sauerkraut.... it's raw. My poor allergist is having a hay day with me. My blood tests for eggs and cherries came back negative. His suggestion? I've got some funky form of histamine intolerance in which my body is making up it's own rules. I am not allergic to, but react, to most of the items on the list - whether it be hives, rash, reflux, diarrhea, fatigue, migraines, and allergies! (The egg whites are a potent histamine liberator, which could explain why I can't eat a whole egg, but I can have yolk in mayo). Cherries produce histamine during the ripening process, so that could be a possibility about my huge swollen and cracked lips (for days!) after I eat only 2. Maybe I have reactions to other foods that are too mild to notice? OR.... it's a salicylate sensitivity. That would explain more of the nightshade intolerance and fruit, but not the eggs. OMG, I'm going nuts with this. Anything could also solve the issue with my mood. I'm sure something I'm eating is affecting it. I just don't know why I'm being socked with this all of a sudden!
  4. Thank you for feedback, everyone! I'm awaiting to hear from my primary care doctor about the possibility of irritable bowel syndrome w/diarrhea. My allergist said that it could be why I have these reactions. It still won't explain why I get hives from most nightshades (including potatoes... I couldn't even go gluten free because of the potato starch/flour in gluten free flour mixes). Tomatillos give me extremely chapped, cracked lips. Very painful. Tomatoes give me hives and gastrointestinal distress (I actually tested positive for a tomato allergy 2 1/2 years ago! Now, there's no allergy in my blood or skin prick test recently!). Eggplant, peppers, etc. give me reflux and heartburn. Eggs, well... you all just read that in my first post. Now, I am learning everyday that I'm reacting to other things outside of nightshades. I am devastated to find out that I react to something in this wonderful beet ginger sauerkraut that I buy fresh from the farmer's market, maybe onions and garlic in my foods (I made an absolutely delicious 40 clove of garlic paleo sauce and felt sick afterwards... ugh. ).
  5. I'm at a loss for words. A little over a week ago, I had to stop my 2nd Whole30 for something. Turns out it was a reaction to eggs (EGGS??? They fueled my very first Whole30 and the 29 days that followed that!). I went on a myriad of medications to stop the diarrhea and nausea, all of which were noncompliant. I am currently being tested for allergies to egg. This, and it's on top of my nightshade sensitivity and cherry allergy (anaphylactic shock for cherries, which I have never had an issue with. Yay.). My allergist still can't find out what is going on with me. Anyways, I cut out eggs and had a great few days until I ate coconut Thai soup (presumably it was the chile pepper in the ingredients) that made me ill all over again. I went back on my meds to relieve the symptoms. They really don't help, at least the antacids. Zofran at least cut the nausea, while loperamide ceased the...well, you know. I'm frustrated as all hell right now. I chose not to continue this Whole30 until I can figure out what is going on. How difficult is a FODMAP Whole30? I'm trying to heal myself (at the same time, testing and working with my doctor more). I've been doing a slight AIP anyways because of the nightshades (and eggs now), but if this turns out to be something like IBS-D, I need a healing plan fast. Who else is doing a FODMAP? Can you let me know what for and how it's going for you? TIA ~Frustrated!
  6. Cinnaberry74

    Whole30 approved almond milk?

    I'm so excited because i bought raw almonds for almond milk! Soaking those bad boys tonight to make some tomorrow . Sprouts has raw almonds on sale for $4.99/lb this week. Trader Joe's has a light coconut milk with just coconut milk and water. These are canned, though. If you were looking for a coconut milk "drink"- you won't find a compliant one.
  7. Cinnaberry74

    June 23rd = Day 1, Take 2

    Check out my blog for ideas . I'm getting kinda lazy updating it now, though... but if you see something that you like, let me know and I'll give you the recipe!
  8. Cinnaberry74

    Panera... sneaky, sneaky Panera

    I looked online first, and this forum is my first stop in food planning . I found the salad on here before leaving home, and then went out to eat. Sometimes when I try to do my own homework, I overlook something (like soy in a dressing). .
  9. Cinnaberry74

    June 23rd = Day 1, Take 2

    I'm still working on my Whole30, take 3! LOL! I've been Whole24 (sabotaged at Disneyland with good planning), Whole6 (accidentally had soy in dressing) , and now on day 16 of my Whole30 restart, with hopes of completing this one! I've been Wholing a Lots of luck to you tomorrow!
  10. Cinnaberry74

    Panera... sneaky, sneaky Panera

    I followed this and got that salad without the pepperoncini, so i hope this is okay!!!!
  11. Cinnaberry74

    Starting May 1st!

    That's awesome, DJ! I'm on my restart (day 3), The week I had "off" was okay. I was paleo for the most part (Ethiopian was not paleo with the I reeled from the gluten, and had to eat the rest of my foods with a fork. Luckily for me, majority of the foods are compliant, so I can go back in this month . My husband chose not to restart. Here's to another great 30!
  12. Cinnaberry74

    Starting May 1st!

    Thank you . I feel disappointed, but I couldn't not eat. I'm breastfeeding, and it was a hot, busy, and tiring day. I probably would've passed out! I did all this planning before our trip to stay compliant, but you don't know what you get until you get there. I tasted my son's ice cream after all this, and I did not find it appealing at all. It was great to feel that way! It didn't set off a sugar craving (which was good, because I'm lactose intolerant anyways, and ice cream would've been the end of I'm so happy to be eating my apples with almond butter at home now. Even my hubby hasn't gone all out since this weekend. He was dismayed at breaking the Whole30 also. Even though he wanted funnel cake at the park and tried asking me if I wanted some, we didn't get it! My stomach turned just thinking about it. And we ALWAYS get it when we go! It's like a Disneyland tradition for
  13. Cinnaberry74

    Starting May 1st!

    I bombed at day 25. We have been in Disneyland and I got whatever I could that would be compliant, but I don't trust it. I ate my snacks and fruit for breakfast with a black Starbuck's coffee, had sliced roast beef for lunch with sauteed mushrooms and pickled carrots, and for dinner had grilled chicken with steamed veggies. It was 10 PM and we were hungry, so I took the chance and got that. It was VERY good, barring that the seasoning had sugar in the citrus au jus (I tried to take all the skin off, but it was melded into the veggies as well). I couldn't ask for anything special because the food is already all prepared. However, I was able to get double veggies (they were green beans and carrots, so I ate the carrots) instead of the smashed red skin potatoes (which looked divine, but it also doesn't help that I'm allergic to nightshades I already had a reaction to some fresh cherries!). Long story short, foods weren't cooked in compliant oils and had traces of sugar. Yesterday morning, I had a fruit only Jamba Juice smoothie, steak and eggs from IHOP, nuts and raisins for dinner. It was a long 7 hours drive home :-/. Today I plan on making a batch of paleo waffles and pancakes to freeze for my kids (I had to buy them boxed stuff while on Whole30 because I couldn't taste anything I made them). Now that we are home, I feel so good to go back to my "normal food". I'm drooling already over the balsamic beef I'm making for dinner tonight. I'll be restarting at a later date!
  14. Cinnaberry74

    Getting disappointed

    Phew.... that is quite a workout! I'm definitely not a weight trainer, for sure! Her program is 1 minute exercise, 1 minute (or 30 seconds) rest intervals. It's up to 8 exercises per session, some with warm up and cool down, up to 20 minutes.
  15. Cinnaberry74

    Getting disappointed

    Do you think that I overdid it? I thought that by combining the challenge with Whole30 would provide the best results. The challenge is for 90 days, and I grappled with doing these two at the same time before May 1st. But since the trainer was starting a few days after I started Whole30, I thought it would work. The sessions are very short - 20 minutes or less. She totes her own meal plan that participants can follow. I chose not to.