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    veromama got a reaction from GlennR in Day 20 and still bloated!!   
    Thanks! Wow, quite a list there are a lot of things I recognize from what you write and I'm working on them. The last 2 days I filled a large lemonade jar with water and a slice of lemon and put it on the table. This way I don't forget drinking. And I'm really trying to make meals as relaxed as possible, paying attention to chewing properly. This is a hard one and I won't solve it until the weekend. But I am aware of it and there's already progress.
    I had another terrible night and it already started before I hit the bed. I slept 3x half an hour before it all got better around 5:30am. Luckily baby slept very well and only woke to nurse 2x.
    I had excruciating pain and it came and went. At some point I started to panick and wanted to wake my husband, because I couldn't even find a position to ease it. I had very bad diarrhea and also had to throw up. This was really strange and thick. I was constantly thinking what changed. Than I realized it: the past days I suddenly increased my fish intake. And quite dramatically. I think my body couldn't handle the big change. So today no fish and so far I feel good.
    The strange thing is that even though I barely slept for 2 days, I feel good during the day and my mood is great. I'm patient with the kids and do every kind of things. Also my milk supply is just great, no drop.
    Another good thing: without eggs, nuts, onions and bananas, it's going great. No bloating, barely any gas. I think I will wait still a couple of days to make sure the nightly stomach disstress is gone, than I will try to add back eggs. Wish me luck