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  1. LisaLulu

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    I'm busy with my kids in the mornings so I batch cook huge amounts of paleo chili (basically regular chili but I use chunks of zuchinni instead of beans) and freeze them into meal sized portions and just pop one in the microwave most mornings. I save my dinner leftovers for lunch when I can sit down and actually enjoy the variety, but the chili works to makes sure I get fed in the morning madness. I have been doing this for years now (since my first whole 30). Sometimes I'll eat something else but there is always a huge stack of paleo something sitting in containers in my freezer for easy breakfasts, especially since I don't eat eggs. I've always hated breakfast food so this was a very welcome lifestyle change.
  2. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    At home we only eat good real food because that's what I cook. When we go to parties and such we are more lenient with treats and food choices (like cake). The kids are all for the sweet treats on special occasions, but because we only eat real food at home, they refuse to eat 'junk meat' like chicken nuggets, hot dogs and hamburgers when people offer it to them outside the home. They find it disgusting.
  3. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    Ha, the school I work at had its bbq tonight, I wonder if it was the same one It certainly sounds like the same parents who packed the lunches I saw today. I feel guilty that I send my daughter with rice and beans with mixed veggies and fruit because she's massively picky right now. But then I see the rice crispee squares, cookies, gogurt, 'fruit' gummies, juice, 'cheez' n crackers, and caramel covered rice cakes that make up other kids lunch boxes and think rice and beans for a skinny 5 year old aren't such a terrible thing. At least she eats paleo at dinner....
  4. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    I teach young kids and their lunches are awful, it's almost entirely sugar and processed junk.
  5. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    The only thing we can do is lead by example. I share healthy snack and meal recipes and ideas with friends and sometimes they use them. I don't tell them they are slowly killing their kids because people don't want to hear that. But if you post pictures of your fun healthy snacks and lunches on facebook people will emulate them a lot. Mothers are so competitive and seem to feel the need to keep up with the latest trends, and the latest trends are changing for the better.....
  6. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    I saw this documentary last year. We don't keep processed foods and sweets in our house but it's bad enough how much they are being fed at their grandma's house, at parties and at school. I can't imagine the kids who are getting it for 3 meals a day plus snacks at home too. I feel guilty sometimes that I still feed my kids rice and natural peanut butter, when my friends and neighbors are feeding their kids pop tarts, mr freezies and soda!
  7. LisaLulu

    The crazy things people say

    My husband's coworker handed my then 2 year old a frosting covered strawberry 'cereal bar' full of artificial sweeteners without asking me and said 'don't worry, it's healthy'. My mother: You need to drink milk Me: I'm lactose intolerant. Besides I don't drink coffee but the coffee you drink is stripping all the calcium and magnesium from your bones. (a while later she's diagnosed with osteoperosis after a lifetime of eating piles of yogurt, milk and cheese) Me: See, eating all that dairy doesn't help Her: It runs in the family, you better start drinking milk.