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  1. LisaLulu

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    We're a 1.2 income family of 4 (I work 1 day a week or less most weeks) so we're on a pretty strict budget. I buy a lot of whole chickens, only buy other meat on front page sales, and eat a lot of seasonal and frozen produce. I price match at the grocery store and only buy certain things at costco when they go on sale or if they are always cheaper (like salad greens). I tend to use cheap bulk spices more than expensive condiments (I make a lot of seasoning mixes out of things like paprika, garlic powder, etc rather than buy things like $11 bottles of coconut aminos). I use avocado oil from costco. I grow things in my garden to eat and trade garden produce with friends. This fall I made a huge batch of pesto with all my remaining garden basil and froze it in portions to use all winter. I also buy a giant case of red peppers in the fall every year and chop it into baggies to freeze for chili and fajitas the rest of the year. In the fall I buy 10 pound bags of onions, carrots, beets and potatoes for less than $2 each and make a bunch of fall soups to freeze. I get free apples from my neighbor's giant tree in the fall (she just throws them away). I also belong to a buy nothing project group and people are often giving away garden produce or food they don't want. Twice in the past year and a half local families has moved out of town and given us everything in their fridge, freezer and cupboards. I passed on anything we wouldn't use and kept all the meat, eggs, produce and spices. Everyone always talks about how much work it is to eat whole 30 and how expensive, but since we've always been on a budget and cooked everything from scratch it wasn't a huge deal to make the switch. Carrots, potatoes and broccoli, eggs, apples, ground beef and whole chickens are much cheaper than processed food. You have to get more creative with recipes when you can't buy whatever you want, but it's still not impossible.
  2. LisaLulu

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    I'm busy with my kids in the mornings so I batch cook huge amounts of paleo chili (basically regular chili but I use chunks of zuchinni instead of beans) and freeze them into meal sized portions and just pop one in the microwave most mornings. I save my dinner leftovers for lunch when I can sit down and actually enjoy the variety, but the chili works to makes sure I get fed in the morning madness. I have been doing this for years now (since my first whole 30). Sometimes I'll eat something else but there is always a huge stack of paleo something sitting in containers in my freezer for easy breakfasts, especially since I don't eat eggs. I've always hated breakfast food so this was a very welcome lifestyle change.
  3. I carry herbal tea bags so if I end up in a situation where everyone is enjoying a drink of some sort I can just add it to hot water.
  4. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    At home we only eat good real food because that's what I cook. When we go to parties and such we are more lenient with treats and food choices (like cake). The kids are all for the sweet treats on special occasions, but because we only eat real food at home, they refuse to eat 'junk meat' like chicken nuggets, hot dogs and hamburgers when people offer it to them outside the home. They find it disgusting.
  5. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    Ha, the school I work at had its bbq tonight, I wonder if it was the same one It certainly sounds like the same parents who packed the lunches I saw today. I feel guilty that I send my daughter with rice and beans with mixed veggies and fruit because she's massively picky right now. But then I see the rice crispee squares, cookies, gogurt, 'fruit' gummies, juice, 'cheez' n crackers, and caramel covered rice cakes that make up other kids lunch boxes and think rice and beans for a skinny 5 year old aren't such a terrible thing. At least she eats paleo at dinner....
  6. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    I teach young kids and their lunches are awful, it's almost entirely sugar and processed junk.
  7. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    The only thing we can do is lead by example. I share healthy snack and meal recipes and ideas with friends and sometimes they use them. I don't tell them they are slowly killing their kids because people don't want to hear that. But if you post pictures of your fun healthy snacks and lunches on facebook people will emulate them a lot. Mothers are so competitive and seem to feel the need to keep up with the latest trends, and the latest trends are changing for the better.....
  8. LisaLulu

    Fed Up!

    I saw this documentary last year. We don't keep processed foods and sweets in our house but it's bad enough how much they are being fed at their grandma's house, at parties and at school. I can't imagine the kids who are getting it for 3 meals a day plus snacks at home too. I feel guilty sometimes that I still feed my kids rice and natural peanut butter, when my friends and neighbors are feeding their kids pop tarts, mr freezies and soda!
  9. LisaLulu

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    We aren't able to volunteer (nobody to watch the kids), but we do get a CSA box of fruits and veggies for 20 weeks of the year which helps. We also buy the rest of our produce in season or by what's cheap (the kids eat a lot of bananas, bagged apples and bagged oranges plus bagged frozen berries). I buy potatoes for the grown ups by the 10-15 pound sack and giant sacks of white rice for the kids. We eat a lot of grass fed ground beef (because it's local and part of a co-op it doesn't cost a lot more than regular grocery store beef), fryer chickens and bagged frozen sole when they go on sale at costco. We can't eat any eggs since 2 of us are so intolerant that even the smell of them cooking make us dry heave. It's a shame because they are so cheap. I think I'm going to have to get super creative with ground beef, or cook the chickens during the day and pick them clean to make meals out of them while my husband is at work. I generally just cook it all for dinner and then he devours most of it. It works better when the meat is mixed in with other food. I'm going to be going back to work part time because I don't like living that close to the edge financially, but even so it's going to remain tight. Having the kids still eat rice and beans and cheese helps cut back on the meat costs (we only give them meat one meal a day) but I wish all 4 of us could afford to eat this way. We have zero entertainment budget right now though (free movies and books from the library!) and we get a lot of hand me down clothes for the children. I'm always fiddling with recipes to make them cheaper (I can't afford lots of expensive condiments or specialty items, so onions, garlic and salt are my main flavors...). Thanks for the links!
  10. LisaLulu

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    We don't have cell phones. Or cable. I am wearing a 7 year old pair of shoes every day. And we don't have a big screen tv, our tv was a free hand me down. We don't have any of these things because we can't afford them. I think a lot of people who eat paleo are DINK or OINK and really don't understand the cost of raising a family on one income (or even two, since daycare costs up to $2200 a month per child in this country). We've already cut ever non food corner, believe me, and all the food ones too. We're paying a mortgage, property tax, electricity, heat (in a very cold place), phone, car, house and car insurance, gas, water/sewer AND groceries on $2000 a month. When food costs start to run past $600 a month and you're already paying $1100 for your mortgage alone there isn't much wiggle room left.
  11. LisaLulu

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    Oh I hear you. I can buy a 1 pound box of regular pasta for 50 cents on sale. Gluten free pasta is $2 a box on sale. A spaghetti squash cost me $6.50. I've been subbing in white potatoes in the place of grains. I buy the cheap 10 pound bags. I wasn't allowed white potatoes on my first whole 30 so I was curious to see how they would make me feel eating them this time. I feel exactly the same and am still losing weight too. I I grated them to the cheese grater to add them to cabbage rolls instead of rice and it worked perfectly. I'm going to try it for other dishes that normally include rice.
  12. When it takes you half the time to go to costco because you no longer stop for 90% of the samples anymore.
  13. LisaLulu

    The crazy things people say

    My husband's coworker handed my then 2 year old a frosting covered strawberry 'cereal bar' full of artificial sweeteners without asking me and said 'don't worry, it's healthy'. My mother: You need to drink milk Me: I'm lactose intolerant. Besides I don't drink coffee but the coffee you drink is stripping all the calcium and magnesium from your bones. (a while later she's diagnosed with osteoperosis after a lifetime of eating piles of yogurt, milk and cheese) Me: See, eating all that dairy doesn't help Her: It runs in the family, you better start drinking milk.