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  1. LisaLulu

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    I'm busy with my kids in the mornings so I batch cook huge amounts of paleo chili (basically regular chili but I use chunks of zuchinni instead of beans) and freeze them into meal sized portions and just pop one in the microwave most mornings. I save my dinner leftovers for lunch when I can sit down and actually enjoy the variety, but the chili works to makes sure I get fed in the morning madness. I have been doing this for years now (since my first whole 30). Sometimes I'll eat something else but there is always a huge stack of paleo something sitting in containers in my freezer for easy breakfasts, especially since I don't eat eggs. I've always hated breakfast food so this was a very welcome lifestyle change.
  2. LisaLulu

    The crazy things people say

    My husband's coworker handed my then 2 year old a frosting covered strawberry 'cereal bar' full of artificial sweeteners without asking me and said 'don't worry, it's healthy'. My mother: You need to drink milk Me: I'm lactose intolerant. Besides I don't drink coffee but the coffee you drink is stripping all the calcium and magnesium from your bones. (a while later she's diagnosed with osteoperosis after a lifetime of eating piles of yogurt, milk and cheese) Me: See, eating all that dairy doesn't help Her: It runs in the family, you better start drinking milk.