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  1. It's mostly a lot of experimentation and what works for you. I cut out legumes because I reacted poorly, and non gluten grains, pasta or crackers because I just didn't care for them. I use dairy occasionally but can take it or leave it and I'm addicted to bread, so I try to only eat it outside the home. I eat sweets on special occasions like birthdays but am not a huge dessert person so I'm able to control that fine. The one thing I was able to add successfully at home was added sugars. I don't have a sugar dragon so having condiments or sauces that contain a bit of sugar aren't going to set me off but give me a lot more choices when making meals.
  2. I breast fed each of my kids for 3.5 years. Both self weaned. When the oldest weaned she never took up drinking milk, the youngest drank cow's milk for a year after weaning but has stopped asking for it recently. I night weaned them which made it possible to nurse them for that long because I was no longer waking in the night, but didn't mind nursing morning and evening on days I worked and morning, noon and evening if I was home. If you keep them on the breast until they want to stop naturally you'll know they have no need to for any other milk.
  3. LisaLulu

    What If....No Reintroduction

    I'm sure you had some favorite foods pre whole 30 that were not compliant and even if you're not craving them now you're going to want to try them again. It's worth doing reintroduction (even if slow roll) to know if they still work for you. Lots of people feel immortal at the end of their first whole 30 and swear they will never go back, but life happens and foods slip in sometimes. Reintroduction is a huge help with that. That being said I'm doing my 3rd whole 30 right now and I am only planning to reintroduce a couple foods this time because I really couldn't give a flip about non gluten grains or legumes and would be fine with never touching them again, and if I do end up ingesting them it will be such an isolated event I'll know if I have a reaction. Plus I've reintroduced them twice before. But dairy and gluten? I will want those foods again and I am going to reintro them properly to make sure nothing has changed since the first 2 times.
  4. LisaLulu


    Yes, I think the point is to eat them and see what it does to you mentally. Banancakes (as my kids call them) aren't going to cause any issues except mental, and it depends on you. Giving them a try will give you the information you need to know if they are worth it for you. If they don't cause a tailspin of eating then they can be added to your regular diet.
  5. LisaLulu


    The way I understand it is that reintroduction is about seeing how you react to foods, so SWYPO would likely have a psychological response for you. Everyone is different though. I despise pancakes and waffles. I hate larabars so much that when I used to carry them around for emergencies they would sit in my bag for months and get smooshed and then pawned off on my kids or thrown out, but get me near some bacon and I have no off switch so I have to limit it to brunches are other people's houses where my portions will be limited. If I purchase it I'll eat the whole pack. Reintroduction is for learning about what works for you.
  6. LisaLulu

    I fell off the wagon.. for 2 years!

    I feel better knowing I can't just go out and buy pizza whenever I want now. I'll see what happens when it appears at a party, but just telling myself I can't buy pizza seems to be working really well. All my other cravings are usually for things I should be eating (like grapefruit or crunchy salads).
  7. LisaLulu

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    We're a 1.2 income family of 4 (I work 1 day a week or less most weeks) so we're on a pretty strict budget. I buy a lot of whole chickens, only buy other meat on front page sales, and eat a lot of seasonal and frozen produce. I price match at the grocery store and only buy certain things at costco when they go on sale or if they are always cheaper (like salad greens). I tend to use cheap bulk spices more than expensive condiments (I make a lot of seasoning mixes out of things like paprika, garlic powder, etc rather than buy things like $11 bottles of coconut aminos). I use avocado oil from costco. I grow things in my garden to eat and trade garden produce with friends. This fall I made a huge batch of pesto with all my remaining garden basil and froze it in portions to use all winter. I also buy a giant case of red peppers in the fall every year and chop it into baggies to freeze for chili and fajitas the rest of the year. In the fall I buy 10 pound bags of onions, carrots, beets and potatoes for less than $2 each and make a bunch of fall soups to freeze. I get free apples from my neighbor's giant tree in the fall (she just throws them away). I also belong to a buy nothing project group and people are often giving away garden produce or food they don't want. Twice in the past year and a half local families has moved out of town and given us everything in their fridge, freezer and cupboards. I passed on anything we wouldn't use and kept all the meat, eggs, produce and spices. Everyone always talks about how much work it is to eat whole 30 and how expensive, but since we've always been on a budget and cooked everything from scratch it wasn't a huge deal to make the switch. Carrots, potatoes and broccoli, eggs, apples, ground beef and whole chickens are much cheaper than processed food. You have to get more creative with recipes when you can't buy whatever you want, but it's still not impossible.
  8. LisaLulu

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    I'm busy with my kids in the mornings so I batch cook huge amounts of paleo chili (basically regular chili but I use chunks of zuchinni instead of beans) and freeze them into meal sized portions and just pop one in the microwave most mornings. I save my dinner leftovers for lunch when I can sit down and actually enjoy the variety, but the chili works to makes sure I get fed in the morning madness. I have been doing this for years now (since my first whole 30). Sometimes I'll eat something else but there is always a huge stack of paleo something sitting in containers in my freezer for easy breakfasts, especially since I don't eat eggs. I've always hated breakfast food so this was a very welcome lifestyle change.
  9. LisaLulu

    I fell off the wagon.. for 2 years!

    I love the idea of a year without pizza. I am fine with sweets on special occasions, I don't drink and I can eat a bun, rice or noodles at a restaurant or party without turning into a starving monster. But pizza... oh man. I won't say never again. I'll say 'not this year'.
  10. I successfully completed 2 whole 30's in 2014 and felt great. I decided to do a 3rd one in January 2015 and failed 1/3 of the way through (My husband's birthday dinner at my MIL's house. In the 11 years I have been with my husband it was the only time she ever made a meal that wasn't some sort of roast meat and boiled veggies. It was a casserole full of rice and dairy and I couldn't avoid eating it without looking like an asshole). I thought I would just hop right back on, but somehow that meal, the previous restriction and the time of year (I get pretty bad SAD) sent me on an insane pizza eating bender that has now lasted TWO YEARS. I am now 20 pounds heavier than when I even started my first whole 30 almost 3 years ago (I was at a good weight back then). I got it in my head that I should be able to eat the things I loved that were 'worth it' and as a result I must have eaten at least 100 entire pizzas in the past 2 years. Eventually all the other food crept back as well. The only thing I really kept with me the entire time is eating a compliant breakfast, because I found it kept my blood sugar stable all day no matter what I ate for lunch or dinner. I've tried to start that 3rd whole 30 again many MANY times but never made it longer than a week. Because I did reintro twice and know how I react to foods, it was way harder to stick to. My children are older now too so my social life has really expanded and there is rarely a week between outings or events that will have non compliant food at them. Last year my youngest daughter also stopped napping and for a year I had almost no free time to cook (she's extremely demanding). I would take her out all morning and come home exhausted and eat whatever I could. Once I had gained the weight I found myself hungry all the time as well. I feel like I really need to complete that 3rd whole 30 and get myself back on track. My kids are both in full time school now (and I work part time) so I have plenty of time to cook. I recently bought the new whole 30 book and cookbook that came out during my hiatus and refollowed the whole 30 pages and people on instagram (I had to unfollow for a while because it was making me feel bad). I can finally admit to myself that I am not 'okay' with gluten. It doesn't bother my stomach at all or give me any health problems, but I find bread and pizza very addictive. I can eat an entire pizza as a bed time snack. I can do every other food in moderation, but not pizza. But the thought of saying goodbye to pizza is hard too. The only book I don't have is 'food freedom forever' but I'm getting it soon. Do you think it will help at all? I also started eating compliant today, but my husband's birthday dinner at my MIL's is happening again this weekend and I have no idea what she's going to make. I am wondering if I should just keep going or start that 3rd round (and finally slay it) the next day, or decide that day. Has anyone else taken a very long break and been able to come back to it?
  11. LisaLulu

    low estrogen

    Maybe because I was eating such a massively high carb diet pre whole 30's my metabolism is thinking that eating fruit and starchy veggies IS very low carb but over time my body will realize it isn't starving. I really don't want to go back to eating poorly so I guess I'll just eat lots of fruit and root veggies and hopefully it will even out. I'm pretty sure nature never intended for us to be filling up on pizza and dairy milk bars.
  12. LisaLulu

    low estrogen

    I think part of my problem is I just can't stomach eating protein 4 meals a day so I might have to toss the template out for the 4th meal and just carb it up with some fruit or other snack at the time I would either be eating pizza/chocolate. I don't like nuts or dried fruits but I love plantain chips with guacamole.
  13. LisaLulu

    low estrogen

    I guess it's because I can't stomach more than 3 compliant meals a day if it makes sense, but I can stomach crap. I have also been pregnant, breastfeeding or both continuously since October 2008 so I don't even know what it's like to have a normal appetite/calorie needs anymore. I'm going to keep playing with compliant foods and see what I can do to eat more. My body fat must have just dipped too low.
  14. LisaLulu

    low estrogen

    When I'm compliant I'm eating high fat, high calorie and even high carb (plenty of fruit, sweet potato, squash, ect). The only difference is I'm not eating an entire pizza or 100 grams of milk chocolate every night on top of everything else.
  15. LisaLulu

    low estrogen

    I've done 2 whole 30's (april and september) and loved the results. Tons of energy, looked great, good sleep, ect. The only concern was it completely crashed my estrogen levels. (Zero sex drive, no mid month cervical mucous, super short cycles, dry limp hair and night sweats before my period). I was worried I was in perimenopause. I am thin and lost about 8 pounds on my whole 30's. After the second one I kept eating compliant at meals but started eating either pizza or chocolate every night (The only foods I deem 'worth it' after 2 whole 30's). I gained the weight back and my hormones went back to normal, but I didn't feel as 'good' during the day as I do whole 30. Then for the past few days I ate compliant again (but with lots of calories, fat, ect, I did not go hungry). Last night I had massive night sweats and even though I should be ovulating in a few days my EWCM completely dried up. I really don't know what to think. I really want to keep my estrogen levels up (I might want another baby... and I really want my hair to shine like it normally does) but I like the energy levels and less body fat from whole 30. If I continue on for a few more months will my estrogen come back or will my hormones be completely messed up??