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  1. amandagrace

    Looking for a granola recipe!

    That was very judgy! I was using this site because I though it was a safe and helpful place to come for advice! Your comment will be the end of my using this site
  2. amandagrace

    Looking for a granola recipe!

    I recently made a Paleo granola, but it had a little mapple syrup in it. Not much, so I am not restarting. Does anyone have a recipe without honey or maple syrup?
  3. amandagrace

    Body image and reasons for the Whole30?

    It is inspiring to read these quotes!! 2 years ago I was at my heaviest weight ever at 160lbs, in just 3 months of healthy eating I was back to a some what normal weight of 140lbs - but since then nothing has been helping and I have been hating myself for it. I work out religiously, I change up my work outs frequently to avoid plateau's and my body will not change. At the end of my first whole30 I was down to 135lbs but my goal is 125. I am desperately trying to get their before my wedding in July. I am so disappointed with myself, and how little change I have seen after that drop of 20lbs. I am five days in to my second whole30 and hoping that I will find someway to make a difference in 2013. Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated!! Xo, God bless.
  4. amandagrace

    Bloat. HELP.

    I am on day 5 of my second whole30 and I am BLOATED. I feel incredibly ill and look like I'm hiding a beach ball under my shirt. I don't remember this happening the first time. Any suggestions or similar problems?
  5. amandagrace

    Starting my second Whole30 January 7th 2013

    Wow!! Your fifth W30! So inspirational! Glad to have the support and experience!
  6. Looking to see if anyone else is beginning a Whole30 around my same start date - Would love to build a support group as this is something I didn't do this first time around and should have!! Responses to this post are appreciated! Cheers all and happy new year!
  7. amandagrace

    Starting my first W30 on 8/24

    Congrats on starting your jouney! It is so nice that you have the support of someone close to you & a "buddy" to complete the challenge with you! In terms of your energy, it probabaly depends on your past. I found that I had VERY low energy, and was extremely irritable.. that being said I am extremely anemic and have dealt with low energy my whole life. So your energy will probably decrease somewhat, but it may not affect you as much as you'd think. And don't be nervous!! You're changing your life!! Be exctied!!
  8. amandagrace

    1/3 of the way through!!

    Thanks DJ! Have you found a way to expand your support network?
  9. amandagrace

    1/3 of the way through!!

    I will officially be 1/3 of the way through my Whole30 after today!! Woohoo!! Despite the lack of support I have had from my family (who are coming around) I am sooo pleased with myself and feeling much better. I am still having trouble with dreaming or "fantasizing" about foods that are no good for me. This has certainly been a psychological struggle this far. I suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and am still feeling some effects of the disease, although not as many before. For other sufferers out there, did you find it took longer than the 7 days listed in the book? What about specific foods that are allowed but bothered you? I haven't been eating nuts and it seems to be helping somewhat. My next problem is becoming creative with veggies? Any suggestions? I would love any support or comments!