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    Alix B. reacted to bpaitsel in The crazy things people say   
    A co-worker and I did W30 together in January and she did great - multiple NSVs and lost 12 lbs.  Two weeks ago she got really sick with some sort of intestinal issue - originally diagnosed as diverticulitis then said not divert. but maybe a virus... not really sure.  Anyway, another coworker who has multiple medical issues including celiac and RA told her that maybe it was the way she was eating on W30... seriously!  Maybe, just maybe it was the corn she had re-intro'd!
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    Alix B. reacted to Cbg84 in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    When they go into target to buy a birthday present and almost forget about said present because, frozen veggies are crazy on sale (ooh an excuse to make well fed spinach and meat muffins), and have you seen their selection of la croix?
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    Alix B. reacted to praxisproject in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    ....they pull faces when reading labels at the supermarket  
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    Alix B. reacted to rhed in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    They read a label then heave a big sigh and put it back on the shelf, then grab the next brand or variety and read that label.
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    Alix B. reacted to ThyPeace in Very bad reaction after reintroducing dairy...   
    All it takes is a tablespoon of half & half to send me into fits of agony.  Cheese is only slightly better.  
    ThyPeace, grew up in Wisconsin and misses dairy more than she can say.  But doesn't miss the 3-month stomach ache she had before figuring it out.
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    Alix B. reacted to Rebe_J in The crazy things people say   
    Being the smart-a$$ that I am, I like to ask these people this question. "Have you priced a heart attack lately? How about a stroke? The daily rate in ICU?"
    Husband and I have had NO medical bills (other than preventative & exams) since 2008. We take no prescription medicines. I'm 62 and he's 71. A big part is genetic, I know, but IMO, lifestyle often trumps genes.
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    Alix B. reacted to ericaa in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    You've used literally ALL of the Tupperware in your apartment at the end of prep day ... And still have more food to store!!
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    Alix B. reacted to jmcbn in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    He's a great guy - he knows his meat, and he knows how to cook it too.... Once you have a good relationship with your butcher you know he's always gonna give you the best cuts of meat. I trust him, I know the meat is locally sourced, and no way would I even entertain the thought of buying from a supermarket! Plus he has a cracking sense of humour 
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    Alix B. reacted to jmcbn in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    When you call into the butchers to pick up your pork shoulder and the owner shouts to his apprentice from the back 'She'll want the big one!'     
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    Alix B. reacted to Eetzurbrainzz in The crazy things people say   
    I just saw an Atkins commercial that really ticked me was advertising "candies" so that people who "missed indulging" on their sweets could satisfy (fall victim to) their cravings.  The commercial ended with some stupid slogan like "Cut carbs...lose weight."  Really????  I guess it's just after all I've learned about being healthy from Whole30, stuff like this just really gets under my skin.  First of all, they're wrong about cutting carbs altogether, but it's also horrible that they're pushing these sugar-alcohol laden, chemically formulated balls of garbage on these poor misguided people.  Oh, sure, you'll lose some weight, but you'll be spending some "quality" time with your toilet!  Those rotten things wreck your system.  I'd rather be pudgy than be sick from eating fake "diet" candy.  People need to wake up and educate themselves about what they're doing to their bodies. 
    End rant.  Thanks for reading.
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    Alix B. got a reaction from MeadowLily in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    This is hilarious, and so true! Someone should photoshop a food pyramid with guacamole as the base as a graphic for promoting Whole 30
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    Alix B. reacted to clairechapman in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    ...when you have to buy a bigger purse to fit all of your tupperware
    ...when the base of your new food pyramid is made out of guacamole
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    Alix B. reacted to drtracyb in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    Parents send their kids to your house for a play date with a lunch and snack bag because "there's no food in your house."
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    Alix B. reacted to hoodieruns in The crazy things people say   
    Mom: "If you aren't eating an dairy, how will you get enough calcium?"
    Me, after a dinner with both spinach and chard: "Um..."
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    Alix B. reacted to Ellie_G in The crazy things people say   
    Colleague, eating some kind of cheese-flavoured snack 'I can't stop eating these. I can't even taste them any more. I just can't stop eating them.'
    Another colleague bragged about the fact that the tub of soup he had for lunch had only 210 calories in it. I didn't tell him that in my opinion, 200-ish cals of veggies is a great side-dish and he just needs to add some fat and protein and he'll be set!
    Both thin men, for the record!
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    Alix B. reacted to Britishgal in The crazy things people say   
    Me: We aren't buying that ham it is full of cr*p
    Mother: Don't be ridiculous, its not for you, its for the children

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    Alix B. reacted to Twilightfirefly in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    ...when all they have to offer you at their house is: cold water, mineral water, fruit infused water, fruit infused sparkling water, or coconut water.  Oh, and unsweetened iced tea. (because kombucha is too expensive to share...)   
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    Alix B. reacted to MeadowLily in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    "reading the Forums"      They are a sweet treat.   I have neighbors who are paying $300.00/month to attend a local diet center.  That's for the encouragement.  Your food is above and way beyond that.  
    They have to buy so much of these instant protein drinks, bars, puddings and other garbola.   It's loaded to the gills with artificial sweeteners.   They can drink diet pops,  "arti" lemonades and arti fruit drinks.   You should see what they look like after a year.
    Oh, they're thin as rails.   Their hair looks like twigs and their skin ... a dead leaf.   
    No thank you.    I've used these blogs and they've catapulted me into the universe of the living and not the walking dead.
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    Alix B. reacted to Cate B. in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    When you check your refrigerator before heading to the farmers market and think, "wow I didn't eat that many eggs this week. I still have 6 left from the two dozen I bought last weekend."
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    Alix B. reacted to b.c. in The crazy things people say   
    DH and I are 30, but we lead a college aged group at church.
    When we started the year, DH had about 50 lbs to lose (per his doctor's request... and I know, I know, it's just a number) and I had about 70 to lose.  We are both doing really well with our whole food/real food lifestyle changes and have each lost more than 30 lbs.  However, we don't really talk about this - it's just been our private thing.
    Last week, a lot of people seemed to be taking notice of our weight loss.  We thanked them for the compliments and went on with our discussion, but the kids proceeded to try and make recommendations for us - we should try biking, have we thought about joining a gym, why have we cut this out, etc. etc.
    We just let them talk.
    When we were in college, we were skinny minis, too.  We ate take out and pizza and all kinds of junk food, sodas all day every day...  and we thought we were healthy because we weren't overweight, too.  What we have learned is that the S.A.D. catches up with you eventually, and that just because you are thin doesn't mean you are healthy...
    We are healthier now, still being overweight, than we have been in years.  DH and I just smile and, after the kids have left, we say to each other that you can't argue with our results... and we are doing just fine.
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    Alix B. reacted to theheywhohaa in The crazy things people say   
    My teenage daughter last night after dinner-
    "I really don't think those cave people had salt. You are totally cheating".
    I have done something wrong here if my child thinks salt is a non-natural substance. I pointed out that we have a couple or ten oceans of the stuff and she had the sense to feel ashamed. Also, what's with this cave people stuff? I never said anything about neanderthal cuisine. Yeesh.
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    Alix B. reacted to Coffeeandshoes in The crazy things people say   
    My mom and I were driving around. She wanted a Dairy Queen Blizzard, she's 78 and never had one. I said sure, and we drove to Dairy Queen. When we drove up I said. "Now I can't have one, I can't have dairy or sugar right now I'm doing an allergy testing thing and I have three more days." She sighed and said, "well is it working?" and gave me "the look." (the "are you losing weight" look) I said as cheerful as I could, "YES, just look at my skin and I don't hurt when I wake up in the morning." She paused and looked confused. --- we are never too old to learn that the size of our butt isn't the most important thing in the world..
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    Alix B. reacted to Cassie C in The crazy things people say   
    My family thinks that it's funny to "tempt" me right now.  My sister just waved around her piece of strawberry rhubarb pie on FaceTime like it was a gold olympic medal.  Guess what!?  I feel good right now!  I don't want it!!!  Enjoy your sugar crash!  Ughhh!
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    Alix B. reacted to MrsStick in The crazy things people say   
    Yeah, my hubby is just starting to understand that I *can* say no to sweets because I 100% really, truly don't want them. In the last week, I've turned down peanut butter M&Ms twice, Brookstone chocolates once, and actually didn't want them. I'm not on a W30, but my body seriously does not want sweets. Part of that might be that I bike to and from work twice a day (20 minutes to, 10 back - hooray hills!) and it's in the upper 70s here. We haven't turned our AC on yet, either, so the sweetest things I want are fruit and/or sparkling juice (100% juice + sparkling water, no added sugars).
    Did anyone else get SUPER pissed when watching the Nightline clip on the W30 where the certified dietician or whoever she was said how unhealthy it was to cut out whole food groups like dairy or grains or legumes? I just wanted to scream at her - you don't think it's crazy for someone with lactose intolerance to cut out dairy, do you? So why is it that I can't cut it out to see if I am intolerant? Or to find out that I have Celiac's (which I did thanks to W30)? I will say, they did let Melissa say that you don't miss any nutrition on a W30...but I wish they could've shown the side-by-side day out of ISWF. You know, where it has the whole rundown of how you get MORE nutrition from W30 than the SAD?
    Edited to add:
    Vent time!
    Dear person who joked with my boss about seeing me "walk my bike instead of riding it,"
    I am recovering from my 2nd shoulder surgery in a year. I bike everywhere, everyday. That hill I walk my bike up? It SUCKS. It sucks to walk up, let alone push my 39 lb commuter bike up. So please, when you're driving your air-conditioned car up a hill that causes cars to bottom out on, think for a second about me working every day to get one inch closer to the top before having to walk. Or the fact that I arrive at work, every time, disgustingly sweaty and out of breath. My entire bike commute (15-20 minutes) is uphill, and that last segment is straight up. As in leaning forward while walking up it. It's terrifying to bike down, and I've already had to get my brakes inspected because I have to granny brake the whole way down to not die. Oh, and I've worked here for a month and a half.
    My coworkers are supportive, they ask if I set any new records to get closer to the top. Even my boss has told me that one day he'll see me bike up the hill, and he is certainly not the nicest guy (a bit of a jerk, really). I downshift 6 times just to make it halfway up the hill. So thanks for not treating me like a person. I'm sorry I don't fit your definition of what I should look like or be able to do. No, wait, I'm not sorry. Screw you!
    I know the rant isn't technically related, but I don't care. I'm seething today.