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    If you are hungry, you probably aren't getting enough fat. Try adding some more fat to each of your meals. If you have eggs, add an egg yolk. Cook your veggies in fats. Add some avocado or guacamole. Put some olives on your plate. Don't be afraid of the fat!
  2. Kmlynne

    Whole30: Cheapskate edition

    Kirkor - I am really enjoying your posts - they give me lots of "food" for thought. Here I was stressing about going to the ex-in-laws for Tgiving dinner (I will get read the royal act for not partaking in EVERYTHING)..... I have had success with travel, but only by taking all my meals pre-prepared. Never thought about a GF grill!
  3. Kmlynne

    Whole30: Cheapskate edition

    unassuming - meek or timid
  4. Kmlynne

    Whole30: Cheapskate edition

    Just curious - but do you get 3 meals in during that 8 hour period? or are you only eating 2 meals?
  5. Kmlynne

    Whole30: Cheapskate edition

    I do IF just by going to work
  6. Kmlynne

    Whole30: Cheapskate edition

    What is IF?
  7. Kmlynne


    I have had Haggis - and enjoyed it. I suppose it would depend on what the brains look like. Prepared like haggis, or sausage, or whatever, probably not a problem. However, if it was sitting chilled in the skull (a-la Indian Jones), Im not sure...... Same with bugs - cooked in a casserole - ok. On there own, not so much. All that being said - I must admit I have eaten some pretty interesting things in my life (fish eyeball, jellyfish tentacles, just to name a couple).
  8. Kmlynne

    Need help with non refrigerate meals

    Spinspin - sorry to hear about your daughter's surgeries! What an ordeal! I will keep her in my prayers Hopefully this will be a one time (although extensive) surgery. If it were in the hospital where I work (I'm a nurse), I would feel so much better and know the ins and outs. When the hospital called for her pre-registration, I asked about a pt/family fridge and was told "no", but got the distinct impression that they really weren't sure. I won't even know what floor she will be staying on until the evening when she gets out of the OR. Thanks for the offer of bringing me food I just love the support we find in this group!
  9. Kmlynne

    Need help with non refrigerate meals

    Thank you all for your help! Somehow, canned fish or chicken never even crossed my mind! Tom - I hope your mom is feeling better!
  10. I need help! Next week my DD has her surgery and I am sudden,y realizing that I will need to pack at least 6-8 "meals". Here is the catch... Kinda hard to walk into a hospital and sit in waiting rooms all day with a cooler. I have no idea if the hospital has covered parking (probably not) so keeping a cooler in the car really isn't a viable option. I have a large lunch bag that will hold three meals on ice, but the ice packs probably won't last more than a day. I really don't want to visit the cafeteria and risk that. Leaving the hospital for a meal is not an option (it's my baby after all) and the hospital is too far away for friends or family to bring me anything. The only things that I can think of taking to eat that can stay at room temp for two+days are raw veggies. Now, I don't mind eating raw veg for all those meals, but what about PROTEINS? What's a girl to do?
  11. Kmlynne

    Any night shifters out there?

    Don't be sorry! It is a really hard adjustment to make. I have been doing nights for 18 years now. I can never say that it is "easy", but you do get used to it. Give yourself some time. You won't need to stay on every other forever. Once your body realizes it should sleep when given the opportunity, you can play around and see how it helps. Believe me, you really don't want to work 24 hour shifts! I just did a 20 hour one and it really, really wiped me out
  12. Kmlynne

    Any night shifters out there?

    First - and I know that it is easier said than done - don't stress about it! When you are worried about not sleeping, you aren't going to sleep well. For that matter, when you start night shifts, you are not going to sleep well. Sometimes, two hours of sleep is all I'm going to get. You just push through the next night. The times that I have resorted to caffeine (of any kind) during my night shift, I have not been able to sleep at all when I get home. So I really, really try not to have any. Eat well also. I know it is not ideal. Do what you have been doing. wind down. have a hot bath. then just lay in the bed. Sometimes you will sleep, sometimes you will just doze. Be kind to yourself and don't panic. As far as the sleep walking - do you do this on a regular basis? Find a way to make you bedroom a safe place (lock the door, hide the key). It may be that you were already keyed up and that is why your body got up and moving. Also, you might have to do every other kind of schedule for a while. That way, if you don't sleep well during the day, you will be able to "catch back up" the next night - although there never really is catching up and keeping this type of schedule will be hard for long periods of time. And yes, you are right - some people just can't do night shifts. There does come a time when you have to weigh keeping that job with your health. You don't say what type of job it is? Nursing? I know it is very difficult to get into an entry level nursing job without starting on nights, depending on your specialty. Good luck to you!
  13. Kmlynne

    Any night shifters out there?

    My suggestion to you is to not jump immediately to the magnesium and/or the ambien - unless you normally use them. Your plan for Tuesday sounds great. Don't be surprised if you don't nap well - just turn everything off, make the room as dark as you can and close your eyes. On Wednesday, you will probably sleep ok in the morning, but you may not sleep all day. It's ok. Get up in the afternoon and have a quiet day. Go to bed Wednesday night and sleep. On Thursday, get up when you wake up, then take a nap in the afternoon. When you have a night off inbetween two nights working, be kind to yourself and sleep as much as you can. On Friday, sleep as long as you can. If you wake up early, have a quiet afternoon to rest. Let yourself fall back to sleep (at least a doze) if you can. When you are working, try not to rely on caffeine or other stimulants - especially after say men or 2 am. Even if you are "used" to caffeine, it can affect you when you are trying to sleep during the day. If you find that you just can't sleep, then try magnesium or ambien. If you have a chance to play with your schedule, try different combinations. I found that it is easiest for me to work all my nights in a row, even if it means I work 5-6 together. However, when my kids were small, I needed to split my shifts up sinc I was up with them all day after working all night. Good luck to you!
  14. Kmlynne

    Food for hiking trip

    precooked sausage.... any way you can freeze some of your food (the things you will eat the next day. That way, it will keep everything else cook, but thaw by the next day to be eaten.
  15. Kmlynne

    Living "Whole" for a Whole Year

    What a great success story in so many ways. You have given me even more inspiration and motivation to keep going! Thank you!