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  1. Kmlynne


    I have had Haggis - and enjoyed it. I suppose it would depend on what the brains look like. Prepared like haggis, or sausage, or whatever, probably not a problem. However, if it was sitting chilled in the skull (a-la Indian Jones), Im not sure...... Same with bugs - cooked in a casserole - ok. On there own, not so much. All that being said - I must admit I have eaten some pretty interesting things in my life (fish eyeball, jellyfish tentacles, just to name a couple).
  2. Kmlynne

    Filipino Whole30 Eats

    Glenn - your recipes look delicious!
  3. Kmlynne

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    My dream vacation.... doesn't really matter where it is. I don't mind cooking for myself, but having someone to cook for me and clean up the kitchen would be ideal. A massage each day and time to relax would be great. The biggest part of the dream is that I would be able to do anything that I wanted (zip-line, rope obstacle in trees, parasailing, horseback riding, helicopter rides, etc) without being told I can't because of my weight. One day.....
  4. Kmlynne

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I have found this thread - and the information in it very informative! I had just posted on my log how my tiger blood has gone away - I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon, and my workout had no energy. I have never been regular, and my periods were so heavy (going though a maxi pad and a super tampon in less than an hour) that I had a uterine ablation several years ago (the best thing I ever did for myself.... with the exception of w30 of course). Between the ablation (no bleeding) and all the GI problems I had from my diet, I was rarely sure if I was on my period or not. (ie - is the bloating and feeling bad period related or food related). I am fairly certain I had my period the first week of w30. I am now on my last week, and am wondering if my lack of energy could be from an early period... I would certainly answer my questions of "what am I doing wrong"