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    Kmlynne got a reaction from Fernsk in Faith, Fasting and Whole 30   
    If one looks at the calendar, the season of Lent comes to 46 days.  You are correct in that Sundays traditionally do not count.  Lent also does not go until Easter, it finishes on Holy Thursday.  Traditionally, Lent was a 40 day fast.  Fasting is not completely abstaining from food.  It is an abstinence of meat.  Also, three meals are allowed, but the first two meals should be small and not equal in size the third meal.  Traditionally, every Friday throughout the year was a day of abstinence.  US Bishops changed that, allowing for regular meals on Fridays, which in turn changed Lent from being an obligatory 40 day fast, to fasting (or abstaining) on Ash Wednesday and Fridays  (These Fridays never ceased to be a day of penance and self-denial, and abstaining from meat, because it was on a Friday that our Lord died for our sins).  US Catholics are encouraged to voluntarily make the entire Lenten season a period of special penitential observance.
    This all being said, Lent is not about food.  Pope Francis himself asked us to reconsideer the heart of this activity this Lenten season.  "Fasting must never become superficial".  He quoted John Chrysostom, saying, "No act of virture can be great if it is not followed by advantage for others.  So, no matter how much time you spend fasting, no matter how much you sleep on a hard floor and eat ashes and sigh continually, if you do no good to others, you do nothing great."
    "But this isn't to downplay the role of sacrifice during the Lenten season.  Lent is a good time for penance and self-denial.  But once again, Francis reminds us that these activities must truly enrich others:  'I distrust a charity that costs nothing and does not hurt'." -Time Magazine
    Please dont think that any of us that have responded do not want you to do this W30.  I think that we are all asking you to examine the reason for doing the w30 at this particular time.  
    Are you doing it as a form of sacrifice?  That is not what the whole 30 is about.  It is not a sacrifice, a fast, a diet.  
    Are you using this time frame to help you focus?  It may help you focus.
    Sundays in Lent are not days of fasting, or abstaining.  However, if you are following the w30, Sundays can still be a day of "glorious rejoicing in the LORD".  Have your coffee with a little coconut cream (to make it compliant).  Have a big roast, or that burger (sans bread) if that is what you have been missing.  Make all three meals overflowing the plate if that is what you desire.  But stay compliant!  After all, Having wine "joyfully and with thanksgiving" can mean so much more if you wait an entire 40 days to have it!
    A whole 30 does not have to be for just thirty days.  Many people on the forum do w28s, w40s, w90s - even w360s.  It is up to you to determine how long you are planning to do this journey.  However, if you throw in a "day that doesn't count" every week, you are not doing a whole thirty.  You are not using this program for what it is intended.  Which is fine, if that is what you want to do.  However, think about what Lent is all about.  Will "not counting Sundays" hurt someone else who is just finding this topic and who doesnt' understand what w30 is about?  
    If you truly want to follow w30, with the exception of Sundays, PLEASE DO!  I would suggest, however, that you blog in the "post w30" section instead.  
    Best of luck to you on your journey - and I hope you find what you are seeking this Lenten season.
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    Kmlynne got a reaction from VVfit in 2 year old's birthday   
    Seriously consider what Tom has said.  If you are doing Whole30 to feel better or to just be healthier, don't we owe it to our kids to teach them how to eat healthy?  If the food is not good for our bodies, it is not good for theirs.
    I have two teenagers and wish that I had know more about nutrition when they were younger.  Now, they are both overweight (mildly) and don't like to eat good healthy whole foods.  I struggle with feeling like a bit of a failure as a mom where their diet is concerned.  I have a rule in my house now - only healthy foods!  It doesn't help when they are at their dads half the week being served hot dogs and soda along with other processed stuff. 
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    Kmlynne got a reaction from Rebe_J in One last swing at a Whole30   
    That is the best part of this way of eating - no weighing, no measuring, no counting points.  Just protein (check), fat (check) and veg (check) on my plate.  (Oh, and don't forget a little fruit here and there!)
    I still find myself reaching for the scales now and then (how many meatballs in 1/4 pound - oh, who cares).  Old habits are hard to break!
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    Kmlynne reacted to tinman57 in One last swing at a Whole30   
    A few hours later with some caffeine in me and getting some work stresses out of the way:  we are having hot dogs tonight for dinner.  While I try to avoid processed food, sometimes you just need to have it.  So I gently asked my husband if, while he was out, he would get me some W30 compliant hot dogs.  I'm not going to go crazy here, mind you.  But where I can be compliant to this template of eating I shall be. 
    It's quite do-able, and, as I said in a 2014 post, it's almost just as easy to eat this way as not to eat this way and, God help me, I am so tired of overthinking this.
    I turned 59 last Friday.  I'd like my 60th year to be one of evenness, pursuit of things that make sense without belaboring the point that I'm not perfect.  And I still want to be the oldest person in North America not on meds.
    So, while I'm not declaring WHOLE 30 here, I am still going to hang out here and there, help where I can, comment where it's relevant or joke as much as possible.
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    Kmlynne reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Hahaha.... I do have a pic from the restaurant. I will have to post it later from my computer. The good news: You will see vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables. The bad news: I brought them home with me, because I wasn't sure my stomach could handle them today!
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    Kmlynne reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    I know I have not been around much, but if you know how to get ahold of me ~ I am happy to hear from you anytime! I think of you all often, as well. Some good friendships made here, for sure.
    Karen went out of her way to visit me today, and for that I am forever thankful. I said long ago that this day would come, and we would have to post pics! Grateful for this forum where we have gotten to know each other over the years.
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    Kmlynne reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    <----- Oh yes we did!
    What a GREAT day.
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    Kmlynne got a reaction from CurvesAhead in I have a complaint...   
    ...and my old clothes in my closet fit me again - no excuses for buying new clothes (ie, nothing I have fits)....
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    Kmlynne reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Everyone knows this is my favorite link ever, and I promised I would continue to randomly throw it out here for all to see.  She does such a great job of summing things up in just 18 minutes of your life:

    I also wanted to share this link I got from kirkor today (thank you, sir).    She goes into even more detail, for those who want or need it.  This one is 46 minutes.  Have a listen!

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    Kmlynne got a reaction from cottagequeen in Whole30: Cheapskate edition   
    unassuming - meek or timid
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    Kmlynne reacted to kirkor in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Speaking of walking, my new job makes me take an hour lunch. At my previous job I didn't take a lunch break and just ate when I could fit it in. Well, with the hour, now I don't really know what to do with the time. So I've started walking outside around the office (it's in one of those corporate park-type areas, with the nondescript buildings) ... it's been pretty great so far! I haven't wanted to do a full weights or cardio workout and deal with the changing clothes and/or sweat factor, and so walking gets me some activity but still fits well with the office environment.
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    Kmlynne reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    To the ladies in the 2016 miles group:
    I'm sorry to have to say this, but ~ I'm out.
    I got this fitbit back in July, mainly to see how much I was actually moving ... and to see what was going on with my sleep.
    It showed me that, while I was very active with my lifting -- I was not so active beyond that.  It motivated me to get moving around more, for sure.  We've been on more walks.  I've been more step-conscious.  
    It showed me that my sleep is good!  I was averaging 7-8 hours per night, with 98-100% efficiency.  Great!  
    It showed me that my sleep went to crap when we got Rocket.  ...Umm, hello?  I did not need a fitbit to tell me that!      

    ...And it has shown me that my sleep is gradually getting back to "normal".  Last week, I averaged 7:15 ~ the most I've had since October.
    But here's the thing:
    It has also caused me stress.  I have had steps in the back of my mind ~ lurking there ~ for 2 months straight now.  I have said all along, that I would keep up with this as long as it was a positive thing... but February is my SAD month, and it has not been a positive thing.  It has not motivated me to get on the treadmill, walk around at the art center, or to get outside any more than I already would have.

    Sure, I could bump up my daily goal and try to "catch up" -- but I've decided I don't want to.
    I've been reading Jack Kruse's book, hanging around his website, and learning quite a bit.  I had already decided to stop wearing my fitbit to sleep ~ due to what I am learning about EMF exposure.  But then I realized I don't feel right about having it on my body all day long, either.  This pretty much sums up how I feel about it.
    I have felt bad about leaving the group, especially since I was the one who suggested it!  But I would feel worse to try to continue something for another 10 months that I don't really have my heart into anymore.  I will still be here to cheer on and congratulate anyone who decides to continue all year.
    I've got other big things going on ~ this is not a "drop out due to depression" post -- I promise!     I am learning and applying so much right now, and it is taking me in a really good direction.  It just happens to be a direction away from fitbit.  Last night, I shut it down completely and put it with its charger in the bottom of a drawer.  ...And you know what?  It felt really good.
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    Kmlynne reacted to kirkor in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Well, I'll just natter on then ---
    Got frozen spinach this weekend, and darn, that is super convenient!
    I've typically gotten the regular leaves in the plastic bins, and then there's the whole worry about finishing before they get too slimy (and also, sometimes the raw leaves taste a little woody) ...
    But the frozen is perfect for adding to eggs, stirring in to ground beef, etc.
    I might be a convert!
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    Kmlynne reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Yeah, me too.  
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    Kmlynne got a reaction from Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    I like it
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    Kmlynne reacted to Brewer5 in Karen's Whole30 Life   
    I thought you'd gotten sort of quiet, friend.      
    February, I've decided I can do without.  My nutrition has been on-track ~ still feeling good in that department...  But winter is just not kind to me overall.  I hate it.  Right now, I am in the process of learning a lot more about that than I already knew.  
    I made myself get out in the snow yesterday and drive to the tanning place for a few minutes of light (which made a HUGE difference in the rest of my day) ...  Fell down on the ice / in the slushy mess of their parking lot, and busted my butt!      Man... that sucked.  I felt so dumb... but what can you do?  I got back up and went on with my day.  haha
    Here's to hoping you can pick yourself up out of the "slushy mess" soon, too!
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    Kmlynne got a reaction from ThyPeace in Karen's Whole30 Life   
    I can't believe that it has been a whole week since I have been on here.  It's good to be back.
    So, just to prove that I am human....
    1)  I have not stayed keto - w30 - or anything else this last week.
    2)  I gained weight this last week
    3)  I did not get my steps in this last week
    4)  My spirit is much calmer
    After the snow, when the airports opened, I traveled to St Louis to spend some time with my aunt.  With all that has been happening in my life lately, I just needed time to chill.  I spent three days thinking of nothing.  I had insisted to my aunt not to cancel any of her normal meetings, functions, etc.  We went to a card making class, to her gym for a workout, lunch with her friends, and a small group bible study.  Of course, I also visited with family.  It took two days of being snowed in at home, a day of travel and two days of visiting before I felt ready to face the world again.  And I have faced it with a vengeance
    I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I am a planner.  I like to know what is happening and when - even on vacation.  It can be a detailed schedule or as simple as "beach day followed by dinner out".  When I got to IL, my aunt and I were talking about the "schedule" (or plan) for the next day or so.  Each day we would talk about the next day.  I suddenly realized that almost all of our plans revolved around food.  Where we were eating dinner, whose house we were going to for dessert, etc.  We did have a meal in one day and I made WF West African Chicken Stew.  Anyway, I mentioned this one evening as I was at my cousins (eating dessert).  We laughed about it at the time, but the next morning my aunt told me how much it had struck her - that everything we did was around and about food.  We both agreed that we needed to change that.  What I began to realize was that even though I had gone with good intentions, I had NO willpower.  Maybe it was the people, maybe it was the place, maybe it was because, for a few days, I just couldn't fight anymore.  So, there it is.
    Now here is the weirder thing.  As soon as I got back home - no cravings.  No desires.  I am back to my usual meals.  I don't miss it.
    I would love to tell you that I have finally had a week where there was no bad news, where nothing went wrong....  but I can't.  What I can tell you is that it isn't derailing me.  I am so glad that I took the time to "run away" for a bit - and I don't regret any part of it.  But now it is time to refocus
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    Kmlynne reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    kirkor ~  It really is okay.  We've all been there with the butt getting bigger...  I mean, especially since you are doing squats.  It happens.  It's natural.  Don't be embarrassed... man, it's just us.

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    Kmlynne got a reaction from Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Each person is different.  Try starting with what things like the sweet potato and winter squashes.  Try not to have the carrots and onions every day, but try them once in a while.  Don't stress over it.  If you feel better without the "heavier" carbs, think about cutting back on the "midweight" carbs.....  
    Pay attention to how you feel....  don't worry about the rest
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    Kmlynne got a reaction from littleg in Karen's Whole30 Life   
    So, I know that I haven't been here for a few days...  things have just been coasting along.  I am still eating from my grocery run from the beginning of the week.  I did hit the grocery store for a few more veggies - and to get the kids some things that they "had" to have.  (i.e. bread  ).  Grand total for the week:  100.00, for three of us.
    I keep up with Brewer5's log about "a Fresh Start", and in answer to someone's question about eating w30 and remaining SAD, as well as counting carbs on keto, I wrote this (and thought as I was writing that I wanted to get it on my own log for posterity  ):
    If you are staying on the higher end with your carbs (and you don't have to count) - yes, you are basically staying in the SAD realm.
    Let me see if I can explain how to know if you are still SAD without having to count carbs.  Do you still have cravings for sweets?  Do you still walk through the grocery store eyeballing the candy/chip aisle.  Do you see the box of chocolates/cookies/etc in the break room at work and have to tell yourself you don't want them?  Then, you are still feeding you body carbs and causing it to want to use carbs as fuel.  I did several w30s.  Many of them much longer than 30 days.  I still struggled with that sugar dragon, although it did get better over time.  I followed advise received on the forum - "have a sweet potato", "eat starchy veg".  I felt good.  I had cleaned up my diet.  I wasn't eat in the processed foods anymore.  Aches and pains had gone away, I lost weight.  
    However, over time, I realized that the sugar dragon was still there.  When I exerted myself (i.e. - all day hike), I HAD to take fuel with me - in the form of nuts and dried fruit - to have the energy to finish my day.  
    When I began seeing posts about keto - my first thoughts were that I wasn't ready to "count" carbs.  I read the book Keto-clarity.  Finally, I decided that the benefits outweighed the negatives of counting and I started keto in the fall of last year (nov).  The biggest lesson that I learned - after one week of counting - is that you DONT HAVE TO COUNT!!!!!
    Eat your whole 30 template:  some protein, veggies (stay with the low carb veggies - Brewer5 has posted the veggies list several times in this thread, but you can google it too), and fat.  Then, add more fat!  Cook with fat, eat the fat, don't be afraid of the fat!!!!!
    I started counting to "make sure" I was staying under a number - there are lots of different people saying what the magic number is - and it is different for each of them.   Then I gave up counting because I just couldn't keep up with it.  I started tracking my ketones with a meter....  then gave up on that too.  I know how I FEEL when I am eating what my body wants - fat as fuel.  I can hike all day without a snack - and feel just as strong at the end as I did at the beginning.  I am mentally clear (when I don't have to work a night shift).  I sleep better.  I feel healthier.  I cope with stress better (i.e., i don't fall back into the bad eating habits as easily).  The best part?  I have NO DESIRE for the cookies, candies, cakes, pastas, etc that are all around me.  I rarely get Hungry, and don't get Hangry.  
    Don't sweat the small stuff.  If you want to try keto - start small.  Stop eating fruit (have one occasionally if you really, really want it), stop eating the starchy veg.  See how you feel.  Don't be surprised if you have a touch of the carb flu, but it shouldn't be as bad as when you started w30    See how your body reacts.  See what feels G.O.O.D. for you.  Maybe, keto isn't for you - but maybe it is!
    I was talking to someone at work this week and had another epiphany:  It's not that I CAN'T eat the things that are in the break room - it's that I DON'T WANT TO.  And I have also come to a point where I will have and enjoy foods that don't necessarily fit into my "diet" when I decide that I really want to - knowing that I don't have to "fall off the wagon" and start all over.  During this conversation/revelation, we were talking about all the "hidden" places that our food industry (and I use the term food loosely) puts sugar.  We are addicted to it.  I know - this is not new news.  But it is to some people.  I still tell my story of buying salt for my salt grinder.  I looked at the ingredient list and it read "salt, dextrose".  Why in the world put sugar in the salt?  Because we think it tastes better that way.  I watch the people in the cafeteria in the morning, getting fruit from the bar, then sprinkling sugar or sweeter on it.  The waffle bar was an instant hit - but do you know what was even bigger - the chocolate and strawberry waffles (and believe me, you knew when there were strawberry waffles because that sweet chemical scent filled the cafeteria).  There is sugar everywhere!!!!!  
    Overall, it is not difficult to eat healthy.  Eat meats/eggs/cheeses with plenty of veggies.  Have a little fruit.  Enjoy the healthy, unprocessed fats.  However, when you go out to eat, it is not so easy.  Food is processed to make it easier to cook and serve at restaurants.  Sugar is added to almost everything to make sure that you will want to come back for more.  Tell me the last time you went to a restaurant and the dessert menu wasn't already on the table before you could even think about an entree.  Ask about the ingredients in the appetizers - bet it contains sugar.  Look at the portion sizes - when was the last time a restaurant  served a 4-6 ounce portion of protein?  When was the last time a vegetable serving was greater than 1/2 cup?
    I don't know how to fix it.  When I think about it, the problem seems so big.  I try with my kids, but I didn't get to them early enough, they are already addicted and have no desire to stop.  I watch new parents who say they know what is healthy and have great plans to make their own baby food, etc, and a few months later, they are feeding kraft mac and cheese and mcdonalds.  In the hustle and bustle of this world, we find it so much faster and easier to have convenience "food".  
    There is a post on Facebook that I see once in a while of a cabin in the woods.  It is captioned: would you live here for 1 month with no electricity, no internet, etc for $100,000.  Most people says yes.  a few say no.  I'll bet if you asked the same question, but instead of internet, it was replaced with "processed/fast food", or said:  stay here with only food that you could hunt/raise - Ill bet most people would be saying "no way".  I have to admit that the older I get, and the more stresses I am finding in my life - I would love to run away and find myself in a cabin in the woods "off the grid", living "off the land".
    OK.... rant over.....  guess I just needed to get that off my chest 
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    Kmlynne got a reaction from Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Each person is different.  Try starting with what things like the sweet potato and winter squashes.  Try not to have the carrots and onions every day, but try them once in a while.  Don't stress over it.  If you feel better without the "heavier" carbs, think about cutting back on the "midweight" carbs.....  
    Pay attention to how you feel....  don't worry about the rest
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    Kmlynne reacted to Brewer5 in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    Too much junk in the trunk....

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    Kmlynne reacted to SugarcubeOD in Brewer5: A Fresh Start   
    How about instead of trying to get into ketosis, you just concentrate on eating the vegetables that make you feel good and not eating the vegetables that don't make you feel good. I have tried not eating starches and fruits for the last month and I feel more stable... I may be one of the people that starches don't agree with... altho I ate blueberries on my eggs one day and I have to have a slosh of juice to take a medication a few times a week. Am I in Ketosis? clue... don't care... I just know that right now I've felt better not eating starchy carbs and fruit and my cravings and hysterical sugar thoughts are way down... It's not either Keto or nothing... so no, you don't need to weigh your food and you don't need to have a green light list of foods... if you think it's starches that bother you, then stop eating them for a while and monitor how you feel... eat the rest of the vegetables, protein and fats in the quantities that make you feel good and see what happens.
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    Kmlynne got a reaction from Brewer5 in Karen's Whole30 Life   
    Big Wins:
    Yesterday - went to the grocery store.  Regular price amount:  82$.  After rebates, coupons, and markdowns:  56$ spent!
    Today:  9 mile hike (yes it was cold outside).  Felt good
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    Kmlynne got a reaction from Tina Marie in Karen's Whole30 Life   
    Missed posting last night - mostly because of work.
    Tues, the furnace guys come bright and early and finished up the job that the storm cut short.  While they were here, I was able to get some things cooked up.  They left just in time for me to get DS to work and head to the gym.  Then I headed home for a nap since I had to work night shift.  Work shift was crazy.  I wasn't actually on the daily schedule, although my managers both knew I was working (I had the email they sent me last week to work tues night).  Since I wasn't needed, I was sent to our sister hospital where I started the night in one unit, and finished in another unit.  I went home exhausted and went right to bed.  Slept about 4 hours and woke up (just can't sleep during the day anymore I guess).  I got up and headed to the gym.  I ended up leaving my workout early just because I was so tired.  I left there and went to the church to get some work done there.  I couldn't go home to bed because I need to sleep tonight so that I can work tomorrow.  
    Anyway, my cook up has stocked:  venison meatloaf muffins, brats, pulled pork, chicken breasts, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and spinach, boiled eggs, and bean sprout salad.  All this (except for the venison) for 66$ from the grocery store.  Hopefully will last through the weekend.
    I have been eating well since returning home, after my week of indulgences.  I have been fighting a vicious headache for the last couple of days.  I was trying to blow it off to lack of sleep or not enough water.....  I broke today and bought a snack bag of potato chips at the gas station.  I don't know if it was the salt, or the carbs, but the headache has really, really backed off.  I remember getting this same headache when I started keto in November.  I know that it will go away if I wait it out, but I not upset that the chips helped
    It has been raining all day today.  I am off work on friday, so am hoping to get a hike in if the weather is good.  Probably won't go far afield, since I won't have time.  I have a meeting with one of the ladies of the church who is considering taking over the church books.  Please pray that this happens.  As much as I have enjoyed my service to the church - it is time to hand it over and decrease a little more stress in my life - especially as I am working more hours at the hospital
    As far as my goal for 2016 miles in 2016, I finished Jan 17.25 miles behind where I "should" be to remain on track.  However, I had 8 more miles during Jan 2016 than I did in Jan 2015 - so I am ahead of the game!  I am hoping that by the time april/may/june roll around, I will be able to get out to the mountains a bit more