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  1. Hi Jmcbn, It's definitely the Low Histamine I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I've noticed since starting the LHD that some of the allowed veggies and fruits are FODMAPS, which I'm not allowed either. Hence the highlighter for the good Low Histamine AND Low FODMAP stuff. Sorry if I wasn't clear about that earlier.
  2. LadyShanny, THANK YOU so much. I was hunting for it in the specialist diet section and couldn't find it! Off I trot with my highlighter for the naughty FODMAPS...
  3. Hi there, I've been searching all over the site and in the forums for the Whole30 Low Histamine shopping list. Does this still exist? I've recently been diagnosed with a Mast Cell Disorder and told that I need to follow the Low Histamine diet for at least a year. Prior to all this hullabaloo, a few years back, I did a Whole30 and felt fantastic. My immunologist is currently discussing effectively carpet bombing my immune system with low level chemotherapy - which is something I obviously want to avoid! I think doing a Whole 30 now, in tandem with the Low Histamine Diet could give me a fighting chance to stabilise any inflammation before they consider throwing chemo at me. I also have to follow a low FODMAP diet for IBS, so am trying to find the Low Histamine approved Whole 30 list for some proper guidance. I understand it's different for different people but some of the histamine lists out there are so conflicting! Thanks in advance for any pointers in the right direction x
  4. Starting December 1st

    Starting today, 1st December, as well! I did a Whole30 back in May and felt incredible. Then life happened, lots of attempted Whole30s since, more stress and woah, here we are again, feeling cruddy! Breakfast: Beef hash with spinach and guacamole. Jessica - one friend suggested I did 10 push ups every time I thought about eating something unsupportive! Whatever it is always seems a little less interesting after you've pushed through that lot!
  5. Arrrgh! It is so dang hard to see the light at the tunnel when all that laundry is blocking out the light! ;-) I know where you're coming from, at least partially - I have Hypermobility Syndrome (EDS), IBS and POTS, too. There are lots of similarities between chronic fatigue and POTS, with the Hypermobility Syndrome being a nasty old link between them. Something to maybe ask your doctors about... get 'em to work! I'm also working on my very own Mount Laundry, hoping that the moths don't eat all of my child's clothes before I can get to them! I'm on Day 15 of my first Whole 30 and can see myself just about turning the corner...ish. With all these health conditions plus all the crud that's been in my system, I am beginning to see that a simple 30 days just isn't going to do it. However, as I said, I am beginning to see some changes. It's not that I spring out of bed, ready for action like some Crossfit Ninja but I do feel something is changing...I have a smidgeon more energy, my attitude towards my self care is changing (at last!) and I'm developing a much better relationship with food. All those things you mention - laundry, little ones, washing, cleaning - don't quite seem like such an insurmountable task, like they used to. I'm trying to tackle these things in little bursts of 10 minutes but at least now I feel like I can stand up for 10 minutes straight and move my backside long enough to get something done! I hope you can get to this point soon, too! I can certainly vouch for the improvement in my IBS symptoms after going on a Low FODMAP diet last summer. Honestly - try it, you have nothing to lose apart from all those LOVELY IBS symptoms...! I too shuddered at the thought of the AIP and no eggs but maybe just start with one protocol at a time? I could kick myself for the 17 yrs of high fibre diet I followed at my doctor's instruction to see off the IBS but lo-and-behold, most of these foods were high in FODMAPS. One thing I've also found since being low FODMAP is that the pain in my joints and muscles has considerably reduced... it might be worth a shot for you. I hope it helps... Best of luck with it, keep going with this for you. Deep breaths and one step/meal at a time :-)
  6. Whoot, whoot! Thanks for the advice, Chris. I had nightmares about evil Peanut Lectin Man taking a pickaxe to my gut lining, but apart from that, all seems okay... Onwards and upwards, pressing on!
  7. I've just come back from dinner at my best friend's house. Being adorable and lovely, she said she would cook us a meal for my birthday, even though I'm on Day 14 of my Whole 30. She asked for a list of stuff I was avoiding, what I could eat, etc. So far, so good, right? We had a lovely meal, I didn't drink, heck, I didn't even stuff my face with sugar-laden birthday cake! Go me! It was great to be able to chill out with friends and celebrate my birthday without being in a bar, answering 7,000 questions about why I'm not drinking/eating this, that or the other... The thing is, when I went into the kitchen to help with clearing up, I noticed the opened packet of peanuts. Dun-dun-derrrrrrrrrr! :-/ I casually asked if she had used them and she said she'd ground them up in the sauce (which was oh-so-tasty, OF COURSE...cue me eating shedloads). I just didn't have the heart to tell her, as she had tried so very hard. My heart just sank, as I have been so happy with how my Whole 30 has gone so far. I've been feeling so much better in myself - physically, mentally, emotionally, the works! What should I do? Bearing in mind that the main reason for doing this Whole 30 was to really work with my gut and to nail the sugar dragon to the wall, too. Pre-whole 30, I was already dairy, gluten, soya and FODMAP free due to allergies and a connective tissue disorder. I'm just wondering if eating a meal with a sauce containing peanuts will be enough to complete set my gut back to square one??? Do I need to restart at Day 1 or could I just hold off on reintroducing legumes until day 45, if you know what I mean? The thing that really bugs me - I don't even like eating peanuts! ARGH! Many thanks in advance for any advice!
  8. Aura Migraines

    Hi there Coco! I'm also on Day 3 of my Whole 30, also in the UK and also developed a humdinger of an aura migraine this morning! Hurrah - you're not alone! I've had these since childhood and have only ever really previously handled them with nurofen (if I can catch it early enough) or sleep. The migraine I had this morning was different to the usual ones, though. It was a visual one - 15 minutes of thinking I was going blind in my left eye and then felt as if someone had buried an axe in my head. Nice...slightly more intense than the usual ones I get. Just out of interest, did yours feel different in any way to the ones you're used to? Of course nurofen seems to be a no-no during the Whole 30... Luckily I'm working from home today, so went back to bed and napped solidly for 30 minutes. When I woke up, the worst of the migraine seemed to have gone. Definitely still a vice-like headache there but I'm suspecting this is more to do with me not drinking enough and also the toxins stamping their collective feet, wondering when sugar mountain will come back ;-) Obviously if you're at work or mega busy, having a nap might not be practical, though... I did read in ISWF that we can take tylenol (paracetamol in UK) rather than nurofen. I'm hoping the headaches will shift but guessing we need to ride the storm out... Migraines are clearly the way that my body communicates with me when I've fed it rubbish or I'm not feeding it what it's clearly gotten addicted to. I was already dairy, soya and gluten free (due to Ehlers-Danlos fun) so was hoping I wouldn't have such a hideous hangover on day 3 but I'm starting to think my sugar demon is pretty hefty and peeved with me right now. They can't stay angry for too long, right? RIGHT?! I hope you feel better soon and best of luck with the next 27 days!