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  1. i do but PWO, i eat whites only for the protein.
  2. ha, idk what it is but i find that many americans are very sensitive to the smell/sight of sardines. i can never bring them to lunch because people act like i just pulled out uranium to eat. i'm so glad to hear a few people say this whole muscle fatigue issue is temporary!
  3. it's very reassuring to hear that other people experienced the same thing with their workouts and that it does, indeed, pass. thank you!
  4. nothing wrong with it per se. i just fear the repetitiveness of eggs and sweet potatoes. tuna was my first thought; unfortunately i already had tuna/avocado salad premade for lunch! i wonder if sardines are a good idea or too high in fat for PWO.
  5. I thought this might be part of the problem, but I don't eat breakfast (not much of a food at 7am person) and didn't have the terrible issues he's having. I'll make a frittata for him to grab a slice of in the mornings and see if that helps. Thanks much.
  6. I was very surprised to find that I had absolutely no issues adjusting to W30. Sure, I'd love some brie sitting in my fridge and dark chocolate sounds good, but the cravings are very minor and I feel good overall. I am on day 9. My husband is starting Day 4 and he is really having a difficult time. I want to help him but he's cranky, irritable, and very difficult to talk to. He also says he's hungry almost all the time. I wouldn't say his diet pre-starting was SAD as he didn't eat an enormous amount of processed foods, but it involved lots of refined carbs daily + lots of beer w/an entire container of peanuts every evening. Now he has a banana for breakfast or skipping on the breakfast all together because he said the banana actually makes him hungrier (makes sense to me!), a huge salad with a protein for lunch (tons of veggies, avocado, chicken breast, evoo), and whatever Whole 30 compliant dinner* I make. On his second day he was so hungry that an hour after dinner, he made what he called a "dessert omelet". He's usually not very into eggs, so this is genuine hunger, I think. *Yesterday was roasted artichokes and tuna/avocado salad served on a mixed veggie salad. I would appreciate any feedback on how to help him get through this!
  7. I am on day 9 and while I've had no issues adjusting and feel great, I'm noticing a big difference in my workouts. I now can't get through the 1.5 hour workout that was extremely difficult but manageable before. The muscle fatigue is intense! I don't eat before working out and I'm trying to do the recommended protein/carb within 15-30 minutes of my workout but I'm not sure what qualifies as a good carb in this instance. I can't eat sweet potatoes/squash 2 times a day, every day. Today I had an egg white and a carrot. Are there other carb options? Is fruit not okay? Thanks!