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    Sourcing food in Australia

    Evening everyone! About to start my next Whole 30 tomorrow morning, and finally got my husband to join in! I buy my coconut aminos and coconut oil from the Paleo Cafe, good price, but make sure you pick up the aminos and not the syrup, as my husband accidentally picked up the wrong one for me a few weeks ago, and had to exchange it. I often use it as a bit of dressing on a roast veg salad, which is what I usually have for lunch with some roasted meat. I also use it in Nom Nom's Asian Meatballs recipe, or if I need to marinate anything. I'm still having trouble getting W30 fish sauce though.... Will be down in Melbourne next month, might need to sniff it out then.... I've used anchovies in place of the fish sauce in recipes, obviously a different taste, but still unami. Aldi's prosciutto is just pork and salt, and crisps very nicely. As far as I can tell, none of their other hams etc are W30 ok. Their smoked salmon was though, which is very nice on eggs for breakfast, or with salad too. Good luck!