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  1. mollimel

    Mental and physical health

    I hear you on the headache!! My snacking was difficult to control for the first few days but has eased up now at least!
  2. mollimel

    I eat a lot of cashews

    I'm also a cashew addict and have had to stop buying them, like I was, just in case I needed a snack!
  3. mollimel

    Nori Sheets - Vegetable?

    I found a recipe about making sushi with cauliflower rice, inspired to give it a try!
  4. mollimel

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Evening everyone! About to start my next Whole 30 tomorrow morning, and finally got my husband to join in! I buy my coconut aminos and coconut oil from the Paleo Cafe, good price, but make sure you pick up the aminos and not the syrup, as my husband accidentally picked up the wrong one for me a few weeks ago, and had to exchange it. I often use it as a bit of dressing on a roast veg salad, which is what I usually have for lunch with some roasted meat. I also use it in Nom Nom's Asian Meatballs recipe, or if I need to marinate anything. I'm still having trouble getting W30 fish sauce though.... Will be down in Melbourne next month, might need to sniff it out then.... I've used anchovies in place of the fish sauce in recipes, obviously a different taste, but still unami. Aldi's prosciutto is just pork and salt, and crisps very nicely. As far as I can tell, none of their other hams etc are W30 ok. Their smoked salmon was though, which is very nice on eggs for breakfast, or with salad too. Good luck!
  5. mollimel

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    I fought the snack dragon today, exhausted but won at least. My depression has been rearing its ugly head the last couple of weeks, and is currently demanding snacks to be assuaged... Can't wait until the kill all the things stage NOT! Day 4 had usual veg and eggs for breakfast, lettuce wraps for lunch, and my husband is cooking me garlic and lime fish with sweet potato wedges and asparagus for dinner at the moment. Keep it up all of you!
  6. mollimel

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Day three is now done and dusted for me, feeling good, although the snack dragon was on my shoulder this afternoon while I was sitting at my desk at work! Kept drinking water and put my earphones in to listen to a podcast to distract me... It worked! I had my usually egg and veggie breakfast, leftover chicken and mushroom with broccoli for lunch, and my husband made me some nommy meatballs with roast cauliflower and broccoli and home mayonnaise for dinner. Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup, locally (in Australia anyway lol) it's a bit of a celebration, so I've organised a special lunch at work to make your own rice paper rolls. I've got some lettuce leaves to put the fillings in and will be making all the fillings Whole30 friendly... Except the sweet chilli sauce, but I'll just take some chilli flakes instead. Will try to take some photos to show you all. Also baking brownies for a friends birthday, but won't be eating any, I feel like I'm usually pretty good with the sweet stuff now! Hope you all have a great day 3!
  7. mollimel

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Hi everyone, I'm Mel, I'm 34 and live in Australia, so like Cath J, will be a little ahead of you all. This is my 3rd Whole30, my first one was completed in May, lost 7kgs and brought my blood sugar levels that my next A1C test was 6.2, after the previous one was 7.5! I attempted another on from mid July, but ended up with the flu on day 25 and crashed. I'm lucky that I don't have too much of a sugar dragon, but the savoury dragon and the chip dragon seems to constantly be on my shoulders. I'm hoping to lose some more weight this month, but mainly I want to feel as good as I did back in May, with my mental health improved, and having so much more energy. I usually have the same thing for breakfast everyday, stir fried zucchini, capsicum (sweet pepper), mushrooms and baby spinach. At the moment I'm getting fresh asparagus from my dad, so that is also going in the stir fry. I also have 4 eggs cooked in ghee with the veggies, and I sometimes add a little home made Mayo or aioli if I feel like it. Lunch is usually leftovers, or I will roast some sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower and a couple of chicken thighs to take for lunch. Dinner is mostly meat and veg, lots of great ideas on the clothes make the girl, Nom nom paleo etc, plus I've pinned some i want to try on Pinterest... Need to make a new board for the ones I've tried and approve on so I can find them more easily! Anyway, good luck, see you all everyday!
  8. mollimel

    Starting on Nov 1

    Hi everyone, I'm also starting today, but it's my 3rd one, loved it the first time, second time I came down with the flu on the 25th day... Bleurgh! Day one has started well so far (yes I'm in Australia so my days start before yours!) hope to keep in touch with you all through this month. I don't have to deal with thanksgiving unlike some of you, but Christmas parties are starting up, so I want to be well prepared before they do!
  9. mollimel

    New...40 something and a bit nervous

    Hi Deanne, I've recently started my 2nd Whole30 on the 17th July, and I'm in Australia too! Great to see another Aussie on here!
  10. mollimel

    Starting May 1st!

    Hi everyone, I'm back for my 2nd whole 30, after completing this one, loved the way my body was feeling! I lost 7kgs, and my blood sugars are stabilising, but then after I reintroduced other foods, I found it got out of control again, so back again, hoping to make it more permanent if I can. You have all done great, Kariann, DJ, and Whole38, I hope you are all still going well
  11. mollimel

    Starting July 12th

    Welcome Magritte, I've just started my 2nd whole 30 on Thursday, after completing my first one in May. I'm just up the road from you in Albury, good to see more Aussies joining in on this!
  12. mollimel

    Starting May 1st!

    Hi everyone, I'm now on day 6! I had caffeine headaches the first two days as I've given up coffee as being in the too hard basket with no milk, I thought I might as well do it at the same time, then I attended a weekend training with meals provided, but I stayed up late Friday night and prepped meals for the whole weekend so I would be ok. Thank goodness I did, or I wouldn't have eaten most of the weekend, and because I had eaten well for breakfast, I wasn't tempted by the morning tea of biscuits and cakes. Herbal teas are really being my saviours at the moment, especially as it is getting colder here in Australia. Good luck!
  13. mollimel

    Any other Australians?

    Hello fellow Aussies I started on May 1st and am on Day 6! So far so good, I wasn't well yesterday, and had some comfort food cravings, but made it through with some yummy ginger tea. Hope you are all going well!
  14. mollimel

    Starting May 1st!

    I'm also hoping to work on my relationship with food, lots of emotional eating for a very long time. I was diagnosed with diabetes almost 2 years ago, I'm hoping that the Whole30 will help lower my blood sugars and stabilise them so I don't need to go on medication, and that my husband and I can have children... It's a powerful motivator, that's for sure. I haven't told my 10yr old daughter that we are doing this, I'm hoping she won't notice it, she loved cauliflower rice. My husband is a chef and not home much, he usually eats at work, so don't have to worry too much about him, just feed him on his days off, he is usually happy with whatever I cook anyway as long as he doesn't need to cook!
  15. mollimel

    My Start Date is May 1st

    I'm also starting May 1st, I think my biggest goal is to change my relationship with food! I haven't told my 10 year old daughter yet that we are doing this, when I made cauliflower rice, she didn't even notice and was quite happy to eat it, so hoping that continues! Good luck everyone