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    VerucaSalt reacted to Twilightfirefly in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    ...when all they have to offer you at their house is: cold water, mineral water, fruit infused water, fruit infused sparkling water, or coconut water.  Oh, and unsweetened iced tea. (because kombucha is too expensive to share...)   
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    VerucaSalt reacted to missmary in The crazy things people say   
    This is a tricky question. I'm someone who eats pretty darn close to the whole30 every single day, but I am not "on" a whole30. It took a while, but basically, I had to get to the point where I make my own decisions. I own them. I can't say: I don't eat that because Dallas and Melissa say I shouldn't. I say: I don't eat that because I don't want to (because I know it makes me feel like crap afterwards). This was an important distinction for me. Doing a true whole30 requires careful vigilance about minute quantities of ingredients that can feel a little out of balance. Now that I'm post-whole30, I'm willing to continue to be careful and read labels and avoid soy like the plague, for example, but I give a tiny spec of sugar a pass because I know my body can handle that quantity. I give baby red potatoes a pass when they appear on my plate at a restaurant. The way I'm eating just feels more natural and sustainable that way.
    Now, you may find post whole30 that you don't want to reintroduce anything ever. But even if you don't, you are now doing meadowlilly's plan, which just so happens to be exactly the same as the whole30. It's your choice, and you can continue to make that choice for as long as you want.
    Or another perspective, which I've seen play out on the boards: sometimes when people don't take these choices on as their own, they may do a whole30 or a whole60 or a whole100 or whatever and then once it is "done" the rebel takes over and they go right back to SAD. Not being "on" something means I'm never "done" I just make choices one by one as they present themselves, using my whole30 experiences to guide me.
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    VerucaSalt reacted to megmac in You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...   
    "Grocery shopping" takes place at more than 3 locations.
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    VerucaSalt reacted to gardnermer in The crazy things people say   
    Yesterday I had a friend tell me the way I was eating "wasn't sustainable" and I would "have" to splurge. We were going to a friend's birthday that night that was at an ice cream parlor...Apparently I was just going to "have to have" sugar.
    I went later that afternoon and saw Fed Up! (documentary about sugar and our food industry). After seeing it I wanted to ask my friend if a diet without cocaine also "wasn't sustainable."
    Apparently sugar is 5x more addictive than cocaine.
    I've also had my mom tell me that she "protected" me from eating beets for 18 years and it was a shame I wasn't "protecting" myself now...She was just joking but still funny.
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    VerucaSalt reacted to Physibeth in The crazy things people say   
    Does this make anyone else start quoting the Princess Bride or am I the only weird one?
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    VerucaSalt reacted to Austin in The crazy things people say   
    A co-worker overheard me talking about Paleo and reeled off a hundred "can you eat...." questions at me. Afterwards, she came out with this beauty:
    "I think my son is Paleo, all he eats is hamburger helper"!!!