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  1. @Amy_Michigan ~ Happy New Year! Life happens. A big part of Whole 30 is identifying "triggers" - whether that be a certain food item, going too long without eating, stress, emotions - whatever. This is all part of the process. If you're determined to proceed ~ lady ~ hold your head high, and march on. I wish you all the best, either way.
  2. @Amy_Michigan ~ I hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration of 2021 ~ no matter what time it occurs. There is much to celebrate.
  3. Mama gets her chicken first ... that's what I always say. (No I don't - but perhaps that should be a rule.) Tuna salad sounds good. I like to put frozen blueberries and chopped nuts in mine, too. Might sound weird ~ but it's tasty.
  4. @Amy_Michigan ~ I actually just managed that one day in November ... Lol. But I am glad you appreciate my posts. I also know that (for me) it can be really motivating to know that even one other person in this world actually cares how you are doing with this, and is out there "listening". It's interesting that your first, perfect, by-the-book Whole 30 was in 2014. Maybe we've talked about that before. Mine was also. Clearly there's something about this way of eating ... since we both keep coming back to it, even if we don't manage a full 30 days. I might be around more and tryi
  5. Hello @Amy_Michigan ~ good to see you! I wish you all the best on your 30 day journey. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you need/want the support. And ... hey ... let's toast some virtual sparkling water to welcoming 2021!