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  1. Geminimik

    9 June Start

    Home of the 69ers.
  2. Geminimik

    9 June Start

    Life just runs away with itself but I sure miss the sanity of this group. I miss the emotional ties and support. I often think of each and everyone of you our bond will never evaporate I still want to meet you all and spend time with you I would love to run across deb. I don't know how it all works, but it does. Eating for me has been a tough issue. I would love to focus for 30 days, but don't even have the confidence that i could keep my word to myself, sadly. I continue to work on it. Had a great hike with my darling dog and will do some gardening (after polishing off, chemically laden leftover chinese...sigh. If ever a couple of you want to go on a small, authentic, Dave crazed journed through cleaning up our mind, body and household, let me know... I hope you are all well. Hugs MamaMiki
  3. Geminimik

    9 June Start

    Hello Kids, Just can't resist a chance to catch up with my darling Meadow, Laurie and anyone of the crew. I keep up with Rosann, Dave and Cassandra on FB. Meadow, please tell me about your reunion, that was July right? Are you stilll W30? Laurie, I am so sorry to hear about Steve, I thought you had just ridden off into the sunset. I pray this is simply a setback and that they figure out what is going on and get it fixed. Be kind to yourself Laurie. Darling Dave had another something or other done to his something or other but he seems to be bouncing back in fair style. I took my Mediterranean Cruise...time of a lifetime, but am moving back into serious health mode. I haven't caught up with debbie in forever and a day...but hopefully soon - does she still hang out in these parts? Okay, have a lot on my daily planner but you kids hang in there and let me know if you ever start a small, intimate W30 again. I do miss our original group terribly. hugs mix
  4. Geminimik

    Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!

    Hey Kids, Just checkin in to say you're all amazing. Just knowing how great you feel with real food is a great gift. Once you make your own may, you never like the otherstuff again. Sweet Pots become a comfortable old shoe and veggies make the body work. Living food and wholesome protein. You guys rock. Keep up the good work. Miss Meadow, you are a trooper. Dave I cleaned out drawers this week without reading your post...I think you're in my head for good. Higs, think of you everytime I spend time with a goat (not always four-legged). CC - you and Rick love Barcelona. I'll be there in August, Can't wait. Dr. Tracy, Cot Q, and all the others I've failed to list...keep up the great work, maybe I'll join you on the next roundup. hugs mix
  5. Geminimik

    Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!

    ground chicken (found a good free range, etc at Ralphs in CA) two bags of chopped cruciferous 1 bag of spinach, a little onion a little garlic from Trader joes and all done. cook her up, serve her over cauli rice (a fav of all time), spag squash, with or without a little coconut milk and thai seasoning,...or my fav, Tessamae buffalo wing sauce.
  6. Geminimik

    Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!

    Love and Miss you too Meadow!
  7. Geminimik

    Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!

    GOOD MORNING KIDS, I heard y'all were back for another rodeo and just wanted to check in. Meadow, can't tell you how much I've missed your words of wisdom, Laurie, hope you and Steve are doing well, Someone sent me an email, was it Higs? Where is she, I didn't see her in my scan of the people. Cottage Queen I recognized...and some other guy - I forget his name going on about this, that and the other thing, in some sort of bossy, Drill Sargeant tone - anywho. I'm not on right now, but I will lurk and do all I can. Everything is coming up roses. I have kept some of my habits, but would like to perfect them. Indeed they are such a logical way to live and the health and well-being derived is off the charts. I still make mayo (prefer it to the regular). I still use my tessamae hot sauce. I still love my ground chicken & kale. Missing our Debs, Rosann, what does Cassandra go by? Meadow, are you out hiking now or is it still too cold? Good luck and may you endure "you know whos" cranky, bra-wearing, boat-driving, chore-assigning, car-refurbishing, -duck-making ways. Hugs, MamaMiki
  8. Dearest Dirty Darlings, Having a rough spell this year but hanging in. lost my fffoontsssss aand colorssss and my keys are acting upppppp.....sigh....... thinking of you all. will wwwwwwwwwrite mmmoorre laaater frommmm aaa differrrrrent commpppputtter..... seriously
  9. Hi Gang, Glad to see you on, focused and happy. Still recovering from an rough week. Focusing on lots of greens, nutrition up. I thought of all of you as I declined the chocolate chip, oatmeal walnut and triple ginger cookies, indeed not special. Today had sweet potato, kale crunch mix and a little bacon, with egg...a stellar combo (although, I'm not sure anything with bacon would be bad). I'm way behind and things keep getting busier. Have a friend coming out next week from Wisconsin to thaw. Always thinking good thoughts about all of you.!
  10. Grannie, we must be twins. Sick Manchild...homemade chicken soup on the horizon.
  11. Morning Grannie, Laurie, Meadow, Queenie, Dave and everyone I'm missing. Having a tough week, but powering through. Boredom seems to be an issue, will try to look for something to excite me this weekend...maybe at the farmer's market. I'm ready for summer fruit! Miki
  12. Peace in the brain, such a lofty goal indeed. One of my fav lines from a book I can't remember said "Help, I'm running around in my own head without adult supervision", I resemble that remark. Long day at work. Feeling satisfied, much less snacking. GOOD DAY. Sleep well my darling dirties. m
  13. Meadow, Your wisdom far exceeds your years. I sadly have created the same ...pattern for me kids, food is when we bond and spend time together. Over the years we've done other things, but food is a big deal. Anthony Robbins has you go to lunch with friends and not eat. It is super difficult, but it reminds's not about the food. I need to learn to do that with my kids. Make them dinner and then drink my tea. I don't have to be left out. Unlike Grannie, my kids don't like many of my dishes. I can get away with steak sweet potato and brocolli... Okay, it's a busy couple of weeks. I have my bone broth, my chicken & cruciferous and my brussels sprouts and purple cabbage. REMINDER...cook them seperately...that's how I use to do it, otherwise, you're eating a purple grey melange ...tasty, but certainly not aesthetically pleasing. In honor of ...who was it...anyway you know who you are I had it with eggs on the charts. Bone Broth it is, to the wilds of ...where is it, Colorado? doing What show? anyways - she is really busy with a group who eats AIP and she is really happy with her life and Deb.
  14. Always enjoy Meadow's Morning Meandering Melting Memories Making Merrily Moving Music, Musing Measly Mistakes Morphing Magical Marveling Mist. Now I want coffee.. Lots of errands today. While riding the eliptical, I remembered a dish I used to make with purple cabbage, brussels sprouts, garlic, bonebroth, sweet onions, and fresh sage. Then I saw Grannie's cabbage. In honor of our ALWAYs compliant Deb - our IOD is Cabbage...Stuffed Cabbage, maybe that too....pork roast with cabbage, Coleslaw. Off to errands
  15. Meadow, you are so are my inspiration! I love the rainbow trout. I made my bonebroth finally (chicken...yes I am). I want a dog, but don't have Dr. T's energy. I am enjoying my chicken & veggies. Need to buy fish, just not there yet. For some reason it just doesn't appeal to me. only ground chicken, VERY STRANGE. If someone would cook for me it would be appealing. Off to the gym, a little late, but it is a holiday for me.