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    Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Reiki practitioner. Former professional pastry chef. I eat AIP, all day, every day. An honest, highly informed human being, no ass kissing or propaganda comes from this source. Biohacking my way to optimum health. Seek truth and the healing will follow.

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  1. Deb.

    Dirty 30 "Best Group on W30"

    Nanny I am so glad you are feeling better, and so sorry you had such a rough ride. Higs, I hope your W30 is going well! My WD 30 friends: I've spent six intense months on this forum, reading, writing, and answering lots of questions. I hope I've changed some people's lives. My own has certainly changed. I've also uncovered the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the innards of the program, and the forum. I'm feeling a little disillusioned about it at the moment and am going to step away for now to continue to research the best way to achieve optimum health - physical emotional, spiritual. You can always contact me via private message on here (which forwards to my e mail). I wish everyone an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness in their lives. We are all the most beautiful works in progress, and remember, life is always unfolding exactly as it was intended. Seek truth, and the healing will follow.
  2. Deb.

    Punkin donut

    LadyShanny your point is well taken, and as I said to Melissa herself in this post, that should probably be made clearer when posting the recipes. And if all these things (fruit pizza, cauli muffin) are ok, then @punkin56 should simply be reminded about the template, not told she is making SWYPO food because she named her sweet potato a donut. Again, I think consistency and clarity across the board in this regard is all we can hope for.
  3. Deb.

    Punkin donut

    Yes Kirkor and if I take watermelon and top it with banana and coconut, call it a pizza, and eat with no protein, that's the same thing Yet fruit pizza was posted on Whole30's Instagram feed as an approved recipe. I would think moderators and Whole 30 management would be horrified to know that Whole 30's Instagram feed was "considered unreliable in terms of containing 100% approved stuff" (I am quoting Kirkor, this is not a quote from me). It is very different to quoting Wiki on your term paper as it is not crowd sourced, as is Wiki, it's created and run by Whole 30 with guest posters and recipes that have been approved and endorsed by Whole 30. A very different thing. If Whole 30's recipe Instagram feed is unreliable, as Kirkor says, then that would seem to be a HUGE problem and would mean that 72,969 people are getting the wrong message about what is approved on Whole 30. HELLO! And yes, Lady Shanny, Tom did tell someone they could make cauliflower muffins or cauliflower crust here. A cauliflower muffin, a fruit pizza, a sweet potato donut, I'm just wondering what the difference is. My point is that I think we're getting mixed messages left and right. People are struggling, and there definitely needs to be consistency and clarification. Otherwise the Whole 30 folk are just the authors of confusion. I am just trying to set the record straight here, for the people. Pursuing truth and clarity, for everyone's benefit.
  4. Deb.

    Punkin donut

    GF Chris I find this confusing. She didn't bake a donut using pumpkin and arrowroot flour or whatever. She simply shaped half of a soft sweet potato into a donut shape and added pumpkin coconut and almond butter. You guys have a fruit pizza posted on your Whole 30 Instagram account. If shaping my evening sweet potato into a donut shape for fun is not ok, then why is fruit pizza ok? If she made the shape and added the toppings and didn't call it a donut, seems like it would be ok. So that's about semantics not compliance. She specifically said she doesn't eat donuts IRL. I think its important to be super clear about this. Can you clarify the difference between a sweet potato "donut" and a fruit "pizza"? Thanks.
  5. I agree with Meadow this is a definite symptom of jaw clamping and stress. Try a little self massage in the jaw joint and temples with some oil (olive or coconut is fine) mixed with any essential oils you have (lavender would be great, or peppermint for your temples) We hold an amazing amount of stress in there. Karmically I've been told by an energy worker that its where we hold the energy from smack talk and gossip!! Gotta release that!
  6. Have a look at this article from Chris Kresser's website:
  7. Deb.

    books about sugar

    Have you seen Fed Up? Its all about sugar. For the non book worms.
  8. Deb.

    Flu shot??

    Here's Dr Mark Hyman's take on it. He's a legit and trustworthy source. He says NO - with some exceptions. I have an auto immune diagnosis and other folks with the same diagnosis have had a serious flare be triggered by the flu shot. So, not for me.
  9. Deb.

    Traveling for a week

    Bringing the George Foreman - BRILLIANT!
  10. Deb.

    Day 12 - things only worse, want to quit

    Yes, omg where is the protein I also see a very heavy fruit/fructose load and you're very heavy on the nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes) which are definitely not auto immune friendly. I know its so hard when its your face (I have been there) but if you can I would stick out the 30 days. I think being gluten and dairy free will really help you. I would also eliminate nightshades, cut down on fruit (I would eliminate it altogether but that may be too hard for you) - maybe stick to low fructose fruits like berries - and SIGNIFICANTLY increase your proteins and additional veggies. I knew a gal who lived in Wanaka for the summer (I am also a Kiwi). She worked at a fruit stand. And she couldn't figure out why her skin got so bad. Until she stopped working at the fruit stand and it cleared up..... Its so hard to know what the triggers are until you cut them all out and reintroduce. Good luck, I have much empathy for you.
  11. Deb.

    Day 12 - things only worse, want to quit

    I would just say that no one eating plan works for everyone. I know people who have cured their fibromyalgia and acne and many other conditions with a raw vegan diet. I'm not advocating giving up, but do remember that it is possible that this way of eating does not work for your body. It is possible that you are having a healing crisis and it will get better. See the links in my signature for information on the Auto Immune Protocol if that is of interest.
  12. Deb.

    How can I add a photo

    E mail the picture to yourself. Download it. Now try. It usually gets compressed in that process.
  13. Deb.

    GERD, pregnancy & Whole30

    I have had some issues with this that have completely disappeared with W30. The triggers for me are sugar and caffeine. Caffeine does it every time. If you still drink coffee, I would stop for now. No chocolate or cocoa or tea or green tea. Eliminate. 100% . I also recommend sleeping with your head elevated. I was sleeping basically sitting up. I know it sounds grim but you get used to it and it helps a lot. Like A LOT. I've never heard anyone in this smart food community say to eat bread and yoghurt - those would be the worst things you can eat. Chris Kresser has a great series of articles about GERD if you can Google them. Well worth reading. I would say keep eating W30 paleo. No gluten or dairy. Avoid deep fried foods. Stick with the healthy fats recommended by W30. Avoid sugar even in the form of high sugar fruits. Avoid anything spicy. Eliminate caffeine completely. Can you post a few days of meals here?
  14. Deb.

    Account deletion

    We'll be sad to lose all your great comments and input
  15. Deb.

    Red wine vinegar?

    And that's a very good call. Unless you go on the company's website and write to them and ask them to tell you what type of RWV and if it has NOS - there's no way of knowing. But you could certainly do that; I often write to companies to ask for additional info on ingredients. E.g. Aidells sausages who would not give me the list of ingredients because it would give away their secret recipe but they could confirm that there were no nightshade or nightshade spices.