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    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    AmyS- I think it's so much harder in the winter! I'm joining a CSA this spring and since I'll have a newborn in May, I'm thinking about splurging on having it DELIVERED! It's definitely not easy to go from place to place, especially when the smaller privately owned stores sometimes have funky hours... but when it's warmer the farmer's market will start carrying more of what I need. I think it's awesome to work in advance like you do, that takes dedication and serious planning. I just think I thrive under last minute pressure .
  2. abbyn

    Affording Whole30 on a Budget

    One thing I want to add is to look outside the grocery store. We just have a Walmart and Sav-a-lot in my town so if I want a very specific grocery item I have to drive 20 minutes to the nearest grocery store. In the last few years a local meat store has opened (it started out super inexpensive and has now gone up quite a bit in price, but I can still get really inexpensive ground pork and affordable pork butt that isn't factory farmed.) A produce place also opened last summer and is open year round, in the summer they carry local produce. Every town I've lived in has had some kind of international grocery store where I could find a good price on olive oil, bulk tea, canned goods, unsweetened coconut, olives and sometimes they even carry cheap produce. When I was visiting my grandma in PA I went to an Amish bulk food store and stocked up on coconut oil, ghee, and nut butters. Stop into stores you've never been in and see what they have to offer! I would love to someday get everything I need right here in town between the meat and produce store, local cream and eggs from my own backyard.