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    abbyn reacted to Suzy in The crazy things people say   
    Good lord. People come through my line all the time at Trader Joe's, trying to impress me (I guess because I look "natural" and work at TJ's) by telling me they're vegetarians. I also think they do it to see who is in their "tribe" of veggies. And when I say I eat grass fed meats a lot of times they say, "Oh, I do too, sometimes." What? Pick a team, you anemic flip-flopper.
    People are always trying to make other people's eating habits their business. I'm no exception, but I try to wait to be invited before I critique . . . unless they make personal comments about my food choices first, then I do my best to defend my choices and Whole9. There are tons of people who think I'm crazy, but they're mostly fat girls. Ha. Sorry, that was mean.
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    abbyn reacted to RVT in The crazy things people say   
    I just find the whole concept of ANYONE commenting on my food, life choices or decisions ALWAYS just plain rude.
    I do not, HAVE NOT, and WILL NOT ever feel the need to make a comment about a person's decisions - food or otherwise
    What is it with people who don't have a "basic courtesy valve" in their mouth..there are plenty of them
    I actually see it as more a case of them feeling attacked for what I have chosen to put on my plate - like it somehow reflects badly on them, therefore they feel the need to lash out with a statement that backs up their position.
    If anything, it makes me more determined - I sit there silently losing weight, gaining control over my eating while they plunge headfirst into the abyss..enjoy the trip, peeps!!!