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  1. Cassie C

    What Hot Sauces are okay?

    You are SO RIGHT, jtee, when I tell coworkers about Whole30 and explain the part about cutting out all sugar many will say "Oh yeah, I"ve done that too, I don't eat any sweets anymore." Uhhh.... did you know that your oatmeal and potato chips and dressing and tea and probably most everything else in your house right now if you're a typical American has sugar in it, too!?? It's really beginning to make me angry how altered and souped-up food is these days and people have no idea!
  2. Cassie C

    What Hot Sauces are okay?

    I recently bought Frank's original and it was fine, but YES, always check the label!
  3. You need to carry floss because you're eating so much meat and, well.... Eww.
  4. Cassie C

    The crazy things people say

    My family thinks that it's funny to "tempt" me right now. My sister just waved around her piece of strawberry rhubarb pie on FaceTime like it was a gold olympic medal. Guess what!? I feel good right now! I don't want it!!! Enjoy your sugar crash! Ughhh!