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  1. I have to say...your relationship with food sounds a lot like mine. I am currently on day 24, and have been so tired that I havent woken up to eat chocolate since the first week. I never gave in, but I did snack a little on watermellon at night. I am an emotional eater also, and it is always sugar or bread with honey and butter....etc. I find that food now consumes my mind almost all day, it never did. I think about what I would rather eat and am never really satisfied, because I want pizza and a snapple. I have noticed results and I get happy and proud....but then emotional again thinking about what I am missing. I dont like fast food, I am not upset about that....but a nice summer pasta dish or some pizza and a piece of chocolate once in a while is all I want. HOWEVER, I am all or nothing so I cant have a piece of chocolate....I need the whole bar, or better yet 2 to 3. All I can say is to just hang on and keep pushing through. I am hoping this will change my thought pattern also, but I am wondering if a little therapy wouldnt help me. This is obviously behavioral at this point. I feel your pain, its like I know the benefits but my brain wont let me just switch and be happy with the switch.
  2. Ok. Off to shop for the week. Going to try the almond flour and hot sause recipe. And hopfully get a bunch of chopping done today/tomorrow. Maybe this week will be better. Summer is coming and the kids will be out of school soon....so we wont be on a schedule at all. That will help me greatly! Maybe I can continue as compliant as possible without schedules. That woukd be great.
  3. Yes, I have to say. No one really enjoys the food but me. They hate the chicken without breadcrumbs...so at least after this I can use the gluten free bread crumbs, they like that. My littelest one refussed veggies, so protein is not enough. He will eat fruit more now, so thats good. My 16 yr old son is sick of the food. But he is sticking to it to lose a bit more belly fat and then he can just eat gluten and dairy free. And no one ever liked red meat, so that is difficult. Ughhhhhhhh. However, I have seen benefits like I said in my other post...no more headaches!
  4. Thanks everyone for the input. I am going to stick it out, but I feel its for the wrong reasons. I want to lose more weight and I dont have headaches anymore!! I also, despite all my complaining about cooking...like the affect on my children. While the little ones are not on whole30, they do make better food choices...although my daughter is away this weekend with a friend so I am sure she will not eat so well But she notices that when she eats poorly her stomach hurts. She has been eating well, no more dunkin donuts and bagel store daily, etc. I think I will take the advice of tweaking the whole30 a bit to fit my needs, emotionally. No dairy, gluten and sugar. I can deal with that. That way I can have oatmeal in a crunch in the morning. I am glad I am doing this, really I am. I havent been headache free in years! So I know it was poor food choices. I do think, however that building my life around eating and food prep is something I cant do with 3 children and a husband and 2 dogs. It wont be enjoyable for me...and right now my family life is pretty damn enjoyable! Camping was successful in terms of keeping on track and the meals were good. But I found that since I am not filling on rice or some other grain...I need more meat and veggies there for my meals took longer. The trader joes compliant hotdogs were great...and all my kids loved them. The best was eggs with sweet potatoe hash in the morning. But ohhhhhh how I would of loved a bowl of oatmeal, plain old oatmeal. So, really its time managment. I learned alot about myself, I got back on track which is all I needed really. Prior to this about 3-4 yrs ago, we were gluten and dairy free and it worked well. So.....thank you to the whole30 team and forum for that.
  5. Hi, I am on day 19 and I am over the sweet cravings, for now. I am totally sick of packing lunch and making every meal a production! Even with meall prep on the weekend it is an exhausting thing. I never enjoyed cooking so I would cook 3 times a week, a pizza night, 2 left over nights. But there are no leftovers because we eat sooooooo much more meat. The rice and pasta was a nice fill for us...especially being on a budget. I feel like in todays society with a family it is impossible! Thats of course if you want to spend time with you family also. When I am home I am cooking or prepping. We are out almost all weekend, literally, so it is very hard to prep. I am doing it at 9 pm on Sunday night....by then I usually give up. Going out to dinner or a bbq gives me such anxiety that I dont want to go! Camping went well but I was never eating with the rest of the group. So that was difficult. And I just want to sit in my backyard with friends and family on a Saturday night and bbq and have a glass of wine! I probably used to have 1 a week.....thats all I want. On a whole my body is learning to live with out sugar and dairy and gluten, so that is great! My son is learning better eating habits and thats wonderful! He doesn't go fo bread or pasta in a pinch. But that brings me back to time. It is soooooo time consuming. I have lost weight, I can feel it (I need to lose aboit 40). So that is wonderful. I am just frustrated. Gonna try buying precut vegfies and maybe a buying club for meats. I dont want to buy meat there becaise it probably wont be grass fed but, it will be the only way to keep up a paleo lifestyle with my son and I consuming more meat and chicken and eggs. The positive is that the protein replaces the breads and pastas and sugars. So this has been a benefit for us....I am just frustrated. Anyone else out there relate? Or am I just a brat?
  6. jaskylu3

    Food Repulsion

    I am having a hard time with getting certain foods down. And it changes daily. One day the thought or site of any veggies makes me sick, the next day its a protein source. Ughhhhhh. I am also not very hungry at times. I am not sure if I am really craving breads, pastas, and sugars or if its behavioral????? But all I think is I just want one bowl of pasta for the day and I'll be fine. Anyone else have these issues?
  7. ODAAT, I am on day 10 today and the headache is starting to ease up. Although I am going to the chiropractor again also. My extreme fatigue is fading. Yesterday I was good. A little tired but not the horrid feeling I have had. Anyone noticing a reduction in appetite? Or a repulsion of certain foods? I find one day the sight of veggies make me feel sick, and the next day veggies are fine but proteins are the problem. Ughhhhh. And NO I am not pregnant...lol.
  8. Feeling the same things on Day 8 today. So we are right on track with each other. I am also trying to cut the coffee down to one cup as oppossed to 4-5 a day. I am hanging on to the idea that it took my body 3 years to create this awful habit of constant coffee, sugar rushes, and carbs, and little water intake. So it wont take a week or 2 to fix it. Right? It just sucks and I guess thats why I have given up on so many "diets". I like that this is a challenge and I can see already that I want to continue this after the 30 days are done! I agree with GlennR, start writing in everymeal...I do, and I get wonderful feedback. However, it doesnt help with the physical withdrawal aspects of this..LOL Keep it up!!!!!!
  9. jaskylu3

    Our Familiy's Different needs - Advice needed

    Where is the section that I can og my food? I cant seem to find it.
  10. jaskylu3

    Our Familiy's Different needs - Advice needed

    Should I have him cut the workouts down a bit at first?
  11. jaskylu3

    Our Familiy's Different needs - Advice needed

    This is helpful!!! I did not prepare enough on Sunday...thought I did. I am preparing each night and it is not working out well with kids activities! I will take the advice of cutting everything up and having it at their fingertips! Thank you!
  12. Hi, I am one month away from turning 39 and feeling horrible! For the past 2 1/2 years I have been on a downward spiral of eating poorly. When mama eats poorly, so do her children! In my household we have: my husband (overweight), me (overweight), 16 year old son, 13 year old daughter, and 10 year old son. Believe it or not, prior to this past 2 1/2 years our family ate very healthy, and I was able to get rid of stomach issues as well as headaches and allergies. My daughter's allergies are back, as well as her headaches; my headaches are horrible, and I feel nauseous most mornings; my older son (16) is working out and gaining muscle, but he is not eating well at all....mostly carbs! So, I took the plunge to guide us back to a healthy lifestyle...We started May 12, 2014. Here are some issues right now: 16 yr old feels week while working out at gym...should I add more protein???? He is used to mostly a refined carb and protein diet since he started working out. He could lose some body fat, he is not able to though...I think it was the carb intake. 13 year old is super active, almost no body fat and a lot of muscle. She tumbles, cheers, plays soccer. She does not like meat or eggs very much...she is getting lightheaded. What should I add? She's eating fruits, veggies, cashews, almond butter...a lot of these foods! I have a problem getting meat into her...she gags! I am tired!!!!! But I know this is like a withdrawal effect. I am excited...but worried about the kids energy needs! I haven't started my 10 yr old yet....well I have incorporated more fresh fruits. There are no more processed anything ( I hate the stuff anyway). But I have not taken the bread and rice and pasta away yet....Not sure how to handle this. He is allergic to eggs....so I am thinking duck eggs will work for him. My husband is away this week for work. Thank god! Or I may bite his head off....I am very moody right now! He has not started....having trouble with motivating him. The GREAT aspects: We have been planning every meal together (for the past 3 days...lol) We have been talking about the foods as we pack lunches for the next day. The 10 year old is a part of it and is asking more questions about the foods he eats. We are all in this together!!! I am happy to get back to what I enjoy and believe in....clean eating!