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  1. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and today was day 23. I am not hungry outside of my 3 meals though it takes me a long time to eat those cause I'm not too interested in food at all these days so I have to force myself (mentally not physically) to eat them . I'm so tired I go to bed pretty early and then the mornings are hard cause it's been like 13 hours since my dinner the previous day. I did wake up at 1am the other day and had to eat some olives so the hunger pain would go away but I was so tired I didn't want to. I'm concerned with my total aversion to food while pregnant . Many people are concerned I didn't stop this Whole30 when I found out I'm pregnant but I'm sure this is better for me and my baby than my regular way of eating. Has anyone else been pregnant and just not wanted to eat? I'm not throwing up or anything so it's not like that is the issue. I also haven't experienced any cravings. I didn't even go through withdraw the first week. And I ate terrible. I think my body is confused and since both pregnancy and Whole30 are new I don't know how to hear from my body to guide me. My mind is basically never telling me to eat, I start feeling a discomfort in my stomach and make myself.